Gallade/Gardevoir for Regionals

Discussion in 'Deck Help and Strategy' started by armaldo_delta, Mar 18, 2008.

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  1. armaldo_delta

    armaldo_delta New Member

    I need some help to spice up my G/G deck and make it better.

    POKEMON: 19
    4-3 Furret, SW
    4-2-3-2-1 3Gallade/2Gardevoir/1Gardevoir Lv.X

    TRAINERS: 24
    Trainers: 11
    2 : Night Maintenance, SW
    2 : Warp Point, CG
    3 : PlusPower, SW
    4 : Rare Candy, HP
    Supporters: 12
    4 : Celio's Network, CG
    3 : Professor Oak's Visit, SW
    3 : Roseanne's Research, SW
    2 : Team Galactic's Wager, MT
    Stadiums: 1
    1 : Lake Boundary, MT

    ENERGY: 17
    Special Energy: 8
    2 : Cyclone Energy, PK
    2 : Scramble Energy, DF
    4 : Double Rainbow Energy, CG
    Basic Energy: 9
    6 : Psychic Energy
    3 : Fighting Energy

    Stratagy: Your basic Gallade/Gardevoir with Furret as the starter.

    Any and all help needed.:thumb:
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  2. AnimeDDR110

    AnimeDDR110 New Member

    Play a 1-1 Weavile SW And 2 Basic Dark Or Special dark energy as a tech for the annoying bannette/mismagius.
  3. BloodDraek

    BloodDraek New Member

    don't use dark energy it makes the deck less consistant. The weavile is ok

    Think about possible techs such as 1-0-1 Omastar or 1-0-1 dusknoir
  4. AnimeDDR110

    AnimeDDR110 New Member

    yeah listen to Jason, don't play dark energy. It won't keep up.
    Either Duskinoir or Weavile are the best choices for techs on a G&G deck. Omastar is for later game, but it works just as fine.

    EDIT: DO NOT PLAY Cessation Crystal! If you do you lock out Telepass and Teleportation Poke-Powers. You need those in G&G.
  5. armaldo_delta

    armaldo_delta New Member

    Ok I did this to the deck:
    -1 Celio's network
    -1 Cess. crystal

    +1-0-1 Dusknoir

    Still need more help.
  6. DoctorBLACK

    DoctorBLACK New Member

    what u need to do is play 3 gardevoirs and 1 gallade it's better
  7. armaldo_delta

    armaldo_delta New Member

    What?Why?That seems sort of usless to me.
  8. Pokeric

    Pokeric New Member

    Actucally try 3 Gardy and 2 gallade
  9. shiftrymaster68

    shiftrymaster68 Active Member

    I agree with Jordan (doctorBLACK). As time goes on, Gallade is becoming less and less of a necessity to the deck's function. Having 2-3 Gardevoir up against nearly any deck is horribly crippling to their setup, and Gallade is mainly there to just push big targets out of the way, either into the discard pile or into Gardy's KO range.

    Also, the Pluspowers are really not needed. Usually you'll want 1-2 Strength Charms and 1 Castaway for accessibility. Roseanne's is also more versatile than Mr. Stone's, especially for a late-game Night Maintenance.
  10. Prize_Card

    Prize_Card New Member

    3 gallade and 2 gardiovoir is fine.. 3 gallade is simply so that you can get him up early came possibly turn 2 to start owning.. You could add in another gardivoir depending on how you want to play the deck. Lock powers (3 gardivoir) Early beatdown (3gallade 2 gardivoir.) As for the deck, the deck really doesn't need a 1-0-1 duskinior line because your oppoenents can work around it, and it wastes a rare candy which is supposed to be used for t2 gallade/gardivoir. If you still want to run the duskinior tech, it would be smart to add in an extra kirlia. The plus powers in the deck aren't a must.. I would just run 1 strength charm, (so if your opponent runs castaway which a lot of people do, you can search it with gardi.) Then use the other 2 spots for trainer space.. like another celios and another roseanes.. Also if you want to be pulling of t2 more often I would run a 4th double rainbow too. Windstorms aren't really needed in GG, i don't run it in my deck.. GG can play around cessation and since you run warp point you can just switch cessation out.. it kinda has a hard time against crystal beach but can still run around it.. I would take out the 2 windstorm for 2 energy, possibly a cyclone energy its a great disruptive tech! Mr. stones project isn't needed as long as you take out the windstorm for energy.

    I hope this helps and good luck!
  11. garlade 07

    garlade 07 New Member

    o.k i play 2 gallade and 2 gardi sw and 1 pk also gardi x it works magic maybe take out a sentrent for something there is no need for a fourth sentrent take it from someone who won a citys with your basic g and g with furret and still play a version right now
  12. DoctorBLACK

    DoctorBLACK New Member

    why run a pk gardevoir why would you want to put damage on your pokemon when magmorters are out already sniping your pokemon and puting gardevoir into mag lv x range it's not like you need the energy anyway
  13. Ho Megas Alexandros

    Ho Megas Alexandros New Member

    What do you do against Plox?
  14. armaldo_delta

    armaldo_delta New Member

    Ok I did this
    Took out:
    1-0-1 Dusknoir
    1 mr. stones project
    2 windstorm

    Put in:
    2 Cyclone Energy
    1 Celio's
    1 Roseanne's
    1 DRE

    @Ho Megas Alexandros
    I have herd of Plox but have no idea what it is, please explain.

    @garlade 07
    The fourth Sentrent is needed or I will be starting with ralts to much.

    I agree with almost everything you have said except the thing about the pluspowers, for me they work better then Strength charm.
  15. elekid_957

    elekid_957 New Member

    take out:
    1 furret (unless your unlucky and they are in your prizes they will just become annoying to you later game)
    2 cyclone
    1 fighting
    1 pluspower
    add in:
    2 phychic
    2 castaway
    1 strength charm
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