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  1. Lord_Voldy

    Lord_Voldy New Member

    Here is my deck for states. Suggestions and ratings are welcomed.

    2-Gardevoir Lv. X SW
    2-Gardevoir SW
    2-Gallade SW
    2-Kirlia SW
    3-Ralts DF(Hypnosis)
    1-Ralts d DF
    2-Stantler SW
    2-Corsola SW

    2-Battle Frontier PK
    3-Celio's Network CG
    3-Steven's Advice PK
    2-Roseanne's Research-SW
    2-Copycat DF
    4-Rare Candy HP
    1-Windstorm CG
    3-Super Scoop Up DP
    2-Night Maintenance SW
    3-Energy Removal 2 PK
    3-Quick Ball MT

    2-Scramble Energy DF
    4-Double Rainbow Energy CG
    2-Multi Energy PK
    8-Basic Psychic Energy DP

    Strategy: Well I think there is kinda two;
    1. Gallade uses Sonic Blade to reduce Pokemon to 50 HP, and then get Gardy X up to use bring down, most likely KO'ing the victim of Sonic Blade.
    2. Just straight out damage with Galllade's Psychic Cut.
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  2. Mew*

    Mew* Active Member

    Sorry, I really don't know the strategy. Could you explain it since it is a forum rule :wink:.

    I suggest that you go with only one starter Pokemon. Corsola doesn't really fit in very well in a deck with few Basic Pokemon. It seems that you like Stantler, so you would replace the Corsola with those. Then obviously you could replace the fire Ralts for a better psychic one.

    In your upcoming strategy :wink:, could you please explain why you play the Energy Removal 2 and Quick Ball? Thanks!
  3. Lord_Voldy

    Lord_Voldy New Member

    Energy Reamoval 2 is mainly for getting rid of all the DRE's and mainly Scrambles which are what they usually use after I have a killing spree. Quick Ball is a nice addition that my Team Leader on Pokebeach said that it can get a vital Gallade/Gardevoir Pokemon.(Say like I need a Ralts or a Gadrevoir, it is likely I will get a Pokemon in their line.)

    P.S. I am still deciding whether to use Furret or the Corsola/Stantler combo. Corsola can get 3 basics and Stantler can get a supporter. But Furret can get two of any cards at once, but the bad thing is he is a Stage 1...:frown::pokeball:
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