Game Matrix League - Thanksgiving 2 on 2 Clash - Wednesday November 17, 2004

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  1. This Wednesday, our League Players get a special treat for Thanksgiving. A special holiday themed tournament, sanctioned with one of the new Fun formats, 2 on 2, and a new Thanksgiving Holiday battle challenge- All battles played this day must be played by 2 on 2 format to count. But everyone will get a POP series one booster just for playing the challenge. Here are the details for the tournament.

    Tournament Name: Thanksgiving 2 on 2 Clash
    Tournament ID: 04-11-000553
    Organizer Name: Lorn Stacy
    Organizer Phone:
    Category: Fun - 2-on-2 Battle - Constructed
    Sanctioned On: 11/11/2004 11:54:00 PM
    Shipped On: Not Shipped
    Date/Time: 11/17/2004 6:00 PM
    Location: The Game Matrix
    Address: 8610 So. Tacoma Way
    City: Lakewood
    State: WA
    Country: United States
    Status: Pending
    Admission: $0.00
    Details: Prizes will be extra POP series one booster laying around. All battles will be played in a 2 actives on 2 actives format, using only cards from Ruby and Sapphire on. Basically HAVE FUN!

    Holidays is a time for getting together, with friends and family, and having a HootHoot of a time, that is why I have brought you the Thanksgiving 2 on 2 Clash this week. The overall theme of this week, is to have fun! Remember guys, new players are always welcome! You will find the address of the Game Matrix in my signature as well. Any questions please post here, or PM me. I want to try to make this week the most fun for everyone! Happy Thanksgiving and hope to see you all there for the Clash!
  2. Sounds fun sadly since it is on a Wednsday and is in Tacoma I have a %1 chance of making it...
  3. Well if you can make it cool, if you can't, oh well, better luck with Christmas, or better luck next year. Let me say one thing though a little off topic. Root beer and pokemon DOES NOT mix. Let's just say, 4 liters of root beer may be a little excessive.
  4. HoennAsh

    HoennAsh New Member

    OK Seth. What is that all about. Are we gonna use modified cards or unlimited but just a specific set-on or just overall. This information will be important. Thanks Seth. U host some great tournaments here at the Game Matrix and never forget Terry about his tournaments.
  5. pokeMATHter

    pokeMATHter New Member

    His post says RS on. I guess that is Modified.

    Sound's like fun. Depending on work and Turkey plans, we might come down! It depends if Grandma is expecting us to bake the pumpkin pies.
  6. *Sighs*I don't celabrate chrismas...I'm jewish.(And budish)Well hopefully everybody there has a great time!
  7. HoennAsh

    HoennAsh New Member

    Oh, I probably didn't see it, too lazy. LOL. Hope to see u guys come David, it will be fun. The tournament is tomorrow and thanksgiving isn't until next week so why would u bake pumpkin pies or something early or unless u will get the ingredients. Too bad Jeremy that u don't celebrate Christmas, oh I have a friend that doesn't celebrate christmas but don't know and forgot her religion. Well hope to see you guys down here.
  8. pokeMATHter

    pokeMATHter New Member

    Oops! I just saw that it is 11/17. We won't make it. :mad: My first impression was 11/24, which is more of a possibility. Are you running league that night? (Turkey day is 11/25.)
  9. I might be able to. It depends. Some players might be leaving town for Turkey day. So I don't know at this time. I'm glad you all like what I do for you guys. I love doing it for you guys. Thanks Paul for your compliments, it means alot. Wait till you guys see what I have in store for Christmas, hehehe. (Still in the planning stages.) You can thank Mike though too, he's the one that gave me the idea for holiday themed events. And thank you Jeremy and Micheal Chin, you guys gave me the idea for holiday themed challenges. Hope to see you all there. Dave, too bad you won't be able to make it tomorrow. It's a shame, but as you know I already sanctioned the event, but maybe if I can get overall great votes on there being a league next week, maybe I can do another one then. That depends though. Happy holidays guys!
    (And yes a whole lot of thanks can go to Terry. I'll be there this Saturday guys, I'm helping judge the CC. And Happy Birthday Terry, I know that one is a little late, but whatever, you know. )

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