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    I've seen a lot of GG question threads, and thought that maybe if we just combined them all into one, this forum wouldn't be so cluttered. So if you have a question or something that you would like ot be added to the thread, PM me and I will add it in the first post. Just an idea. Now-onto the topic...

    Which version of GG is best to play in today's metagame?

    GG with Absol-This was the first version that I played, but I think that it might have a TINY but of trouble setting up quickly enough. Even with the release of Claydol, discarding valuable trainers can hurt any deck, and what if you baleful wind there claydol? Good for disruption. Absol is a good attacker in some cases.

    GG with Furrett- This was the version that I played at states. I find it easier to setup with this list, but your opponent sets up quickly as well. I found it easier to get techs setup. The main strong point is being able to get everthing you need out, but you have no disruption.

    PLOX-This deck revolves more around gardy than gallade, but IMO all of the decks should play 3 gardy with 2 gallade, but w/e. Pachi helps you get out your basics, and claydol helps setup as well as gardy. The 4 wager make this deck disruptive as well as a setup deck from claydol. The thing that I don't like is how much there is to setup and that Pachi is pretty useless after you CFF once or twice.

    Another Question is what techs to run. I have seen all of the following be quite successful:
    1-1 Palkia X (I ran this in the GFG deck at MS states and it was amazing in some matches, but not all)
    1-1 Cresselia X
    1-0-1 Dusknoir
    1-0-1 Blastoise d
    1-0-1 Feraligatr

    I have also heard of these, but I'm not sure how effective they are:
    1-1 Weavile
    1-0-1 Empoleon
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    i have try the 3 versions and the better is absol beacuse all the supporter that you discard with bealeful wind you can use it witth telepass furrtet is good as absol but PLOX lose easely against rougues and mag PLOX only is graet angainst mirror or G&G so PLOX sucks absol or furret is the same only that i prefer absol.
    Dusknoir is the best tech for the moment and phine would be a good starter and claydol is exellent for this deck wager is the best supporter in the deck
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    You forgot the Omastar MD tech. Its questionable on how exactly it should be used, but there's still that obvious possibility.

    I personally like Furret the best of the various options, just because Furret's [del]never gonna give you up~[/del] never gonna let you down [del]and desert you~[/del]. The ability to get Gallade or Garde out REALLY reliably, as well as any tech lines seems hard to best.
    I don't think it'd work as well with the Omastar tech, because Furret's an early game searcher while Omastar's a mid-late game trick (certainly not early game), but Furret itself is a VERY stable trick.

    So really, I guess the difference between the three versions is this: What do you want to play with Gardevoir? 1-0-1 techs? Furret time. Lock oriented tricks (Omastar <_<)? Claydol. Pure Gardevoir? ...Absol... Works. I hate how it doesn't help you set up (Your opponent probably will end up playing the supporters anyway, Absol or not), but the extra room for trainers ought to help. You miss out on specific search (Furret) and mass draw (Claydol), but its definately got the potential for making the opponent's recovery impossible (I'll discard Rare candy AND the DRE. Thank you so much~).

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