Garden City (Detroit), MI R/S Challenge 8/24/03 Info & Roll Call

Discussion in 'Archive' started by DaytonGymLeader, Aug 11, 2003.

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  1. DaytonGymLeader

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    When: Sunday, August 24, 2003, Registration from 10-11AM
    Where: Pandemonium, 1858 Middlebelt Road, Garden City, MI
    Costs: $15 for 6 packs of R/S
    Age Groups: 10 & Under, 11-14, 15 & Over

    More info from PES can be found at

    More info on the R/S Challenge Series can be found at and

    Prizes can be found at

    Enjoy and hope to see you there!
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    Bump-o-licious as this happens this weekend.

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