Garner, NC Battle Road

Discussion in 'Battle Roads' started by Dark_Mewtwo, May 13, 2008.

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  1. Dark_Mewtwo

    Dark_Mewtwo New Member

    The first Battle Road tournament in NC is in Garner, NC.

    Please join us for a day of great Pokemon play!

    Time Sink Games
    74 Son Lan Pkwy
    Garner, NC 27529

    Date: 5/24/2008
    Registration @ 10:00 am
    Round One @ 11:00 am
    Late players will be given losses for the rounds they missed- no exceptions. Show up, even if you will be late- remember, Premier events are free; you have nothing to lose! Late entry does not affect your Premier Rating.

    Randy Miller

    Format: Modified-Constructed (Holon Phantom on)
    There will be deck checks. Make sure your deck is Modified-legal the first time.
    Click here to see what sets you may use for your deck.

    If you don't have enough Modified-Legal cards, remember, this is a retail venue: buy some! If you are having trouble, please talk with tournament staff. They will be make sure you're good to go.

    Tournament Style: Age Modified Swiss

    Admission: Free!

    -Battle Road Promo Card++
    -Door prizes. You could get prizes just for being there.
    -This is a Premier Event so you will be playing for a Premier Rating.

    Make sure you come with:
    -Legal deck (modified format)
    -Damage counters and coins (or dice) for coin-flipping

    Additional Info: Don’t forget to be there on time and don’t forget your POP ID#. If you haven’t become a POP member yet, come early so we can sign you up and give you a POP ID#. Membership is free. If you have any questions about this tournament, post in this thread or PM me.
  2. headsrcool

    headsrcool New Member

    Should be there! Hope it's a big turnout.
  3. Dark_Mewtwo

    Dark_Mewtwo New Member

    We usually have a pretty good turn out. The triangle area has several really good players and some aspiring talented ones. Expect to see some good competition!

  4. ncpicachufan2000

    ncpicachufan2000 New Member

    results please? How many did you have?
  5. Dark_Mewtwo

    Dark_Mewtwo New Member

    24 People
    Results --
    Junior Div
    1) Taylor G.
    2) Kayla H.

    Senior Div
    1) Curran H.
    2) Mason C.

    Masters Div
    1) Tatiana M.
    2) Vincent B.

    Thanks to everyone who came out and made this really special! Thanks to Denise for helping out!

  6. charchar

    charchar New Member

    what about tad?....... is he gone?
  7. Lawman

    Lawman Active Member

    ^Perhaps Tad didnt play. He isnt gone, but maybe he wasnt feeling well or decided to skip this event. Who knows, other than the family, but he hasnt left the TCG.


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