Gastrodons....i need help.

Discussion in 'Deck Help and Strategy' started by NHRA619, Nov 5, 2007.

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  1. NHRA619

    NHRA619 New Member

    shellos e x4
    gastrodon e x4
    shellos w x4
    gastrodon w x4
    mantyke x1
    mantine x1

    TV x 3
    stevens x4
    lake boundary x1
    scott x1
    night maintenance x2
    roseanne's research x3
    warp point x3
    celio x3
    handy910 x3

    Scramble x2
    water x7
    fighting x6
    holon WP x2

    I need help with this deck. I'm trying to make it so it can do well against those popular decks....blissey I will get you.... Anyway, I like the gastrodons and how they work together but finding good trainers and tech cards is hard. I am open for suggestions!!!
  2. Black Mamba

    Black Mamba New Member

    You don't need 3 TV 4 Stevens, Jake. :thumb:

    Try and fit in another lake boundary, maybe ssu's could work in here, IDK. And this is the sort of deck that Handy tends to work less in... but I'm not sure how to change it right now. I'll work on it with ya tomorrow.
  3. NHRA619

    NHRA619 New Member

    that is true.
  4. master of puppets

    master of puppets New Member

    my gastrodon deck is 13-3 and i learned to not play the mantyke mantine combo, just play 4 warp point/switch, it gives the east one 2 less which is still 2, which is still a lot.
    and do what black mamba said. (+1 lake boundry)
    so i would
    -2 mantyke/mantine
    +1 switch
    +1 lake boundry
  5. NHRA619

    NHRA619 New Member

    I made some changes with the help of friends!

    4-4 gastrodon E
    4-4 gastrodon W

    lake boundary x2
    scott x1
    time space x1
    roseanne's research x4
    warp point x3
    TV x4
    Celio x4
    wind storm x3
    wager x2
    handy x3

    DRE x3
    Scramble x2
    water x5
    fighting x5
    holon WP x2
  6. Logion

    Logion New Member

    Just a couple quick things:

    First, you really don't need the space-time distortion, pretty as it is. You have 8 pokes that you'll want to be switching between anyway. Consider taking it out to add a fourth warp point or a switch.
    Second, this should be a T2 deck. As such, scott is less useful, and draw is infinitely more useful. A T2 deck should run between 8-10 draw cards, you're running 6 plus dexes. Take out the scott and at least one roseanne for more draw, possibly maxing the dexes as well. The roseannes should help keep your energy mix effective, though.
    Finally, you might want to reconsider the scrambles or WPs for boosts, since this is a T2 deck which shouldn't get behind, but that you'll have to metagame.
  7. NHRA619

    NHRA619 New Member

    that sounds good! i'll probably put in some boosts and prof. oaks visit...or somtin.
  8. NHRA619

    NHRA619 New Member

    Alright folks here's the deal! I'm trying to make this deck faster, so i made a few changes. Please help! This is going to be the deck i use for cities.

    4-4 gastrodon e
    4-4 gastrodon w

    2 TV
    2 Oak's visit
    2 windstorm
    3 roseanne
    2 celio
    4 warp points
    3 quik ball
    4 handys
    2 lake boundary
    1 time space( i like the card!)
    2 wager

    5 water
    5 fighting
    4 boost
    2 holon wp
    1 scramble

    I have seen different versions of this deck but I am not sure about them...I'm not sure about mine either! The trainers have been the hardest part. Some people play buffers and pluse powers but to me they do not seem necessary. I am open for suggestions!!!
  9. freakysmiley

    freakysmiley New Member

    take out TV reporter add stevens also WP isn't neccesarily needed as the effect with water doesn't really help much

    i'd say take it out and add 1 plusle and 1 minun or 1 vaporeon* and 1 minun
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