Gengar + jumpluff

Discussion in 'Deck Help and Strategy' started by icetalker, Feb 9, 2008.

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  1. icetalker

    icetalker New Member

    This is probably most annoying deck ever bet I like it.Please help me to improve it.:grass::psychic:

    Plusle {Get discarded enegy}
    Minun {Draw more cards after knockout}
    Hoppip x3
    Jumpluff x3 {wall for gengar}
    unown z {Protection From decking my self that is hyghly possible}
    Gastly x3
    Haunter x2
    Gengar x3 {4demage counter and retreat.Knockout bench.
    Mawile {get trainers}
    Pokemon : 19
    Rare Candy x4
    Speed stadium x2
    Night Maintenance x2
    Roseanne's Research x2
    Scott x2
    Professor Rowan
    Celio x4
    Steven's Advice
    Bebe's search x2
    Buffer piece x3
    Wager x2
    Supporter: 25
    Grass x6
    Psy x4
    double rainbow x2
    Energy: 14

    So that's it. Really need your help.Tomorrow Pokemon battles are starting so I really want to win something. Would be nice.
    P.s. It's not 60 cards so if have any ideas..You know.
  2. tyranitarpownzor

    tyranitarpownzor New Member

    drop plusle minun..for maybe claydol 2-2 line....i dont know about mawhile..drop him for maybe some pachis to get some of your hard hitters out quicker...or since ur running bannette...drop wager for...mars..put in felecitys drawings..2 more bebes..since ur running moonlight stadium??get basically free screw ur opponent up while u use jumpluff and gengar... hypno may be a thought...add some quickballs so itll run faster
  3. pokeball S

    pokeball S New Member

    you need rare candy
  4. KAZUTO!!!

    KAZUTO!!! New Member

    1. Please seperate the Trainers, the Pokemon, and the Energy.

    2.What is your strategy? You say it's annoying, but nothing else.
  5. icetalker

    icetalker New Member

    I won 1st place.Awesome deck.
    Strategy: gengar hit 4 and retreat with jumpluff.
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