Gengar Level X

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  1. Reader1237

    Reader1237 New Member

    Don't know exactly where this is supposed to go so feel free to move it

    I was lucky enough to pull a Gengar Level X at the AoA Prerelease :smile:
    does it work well in the normal gengar build with say nidoqueen?
    I was thinking of trying it with ampharos Pop 7 to spread damage with jamming
    what do you guys think?

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  2. mewbreon

    mewbreon New Member

    gengar X is amazing.
    nuff said.
    ampharos will not work with it for a few reason, the most important reason is flygon. (they force out your amphy whos retreat is 3, attack costs 3, and flygon resists him... big problem)

    generally (from what ive been testing)
    gengar lv x doesnt really get to use his attack... ever (except under very lucky circumstances)
    he just has a broken power, and more hp.
  3. Reader1237

    Reader1237 New Member

    so what should i play him with?
  4. mewbreon

    mewbreon New Member

    well the original and obvious choices would be either
    1. nidoqueen (heals gengar making sure that your opponent can NEVER avoid fainting spell via poison or crobats---my personal favorite. and now that gengar has even MORE hp from the level x, this becomes imo completely brilliant)
    2. machamp (makes the deck extremely aggressive and has amazing matchups against other big decks in the format. as well as raises its success of a T1 or T2 donk)
    3. metagross (my least favorite. lowers HP making shadow rooms/ miasma valley kill things with much ease. however... this decks doesnt seems to work very well in MY experience)

    but if your looking for spread damage to combo with the level X-- here are definately some ideas:
    gallade 4 lv. X and poketurns <--so far seems to be (for me) the most consistant and has the most synergy
    crobat G and poketurns
    spiritomb LA
  5. Reader1237

    Reader1237 New Member

    so like a 2-1-2 Nidoqueen line

    and for the Machamp like a 3-2-3 line
  6. Deoxys Cool Form

    Deoxys Cool Form New Member

    Machamp should be a 2-1-2-1 line.

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