Genosect & Genosect Lv.X

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  1. Shadowmaster

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    I never planned on posting any of my Pokemon themed card ideas here, but I'm thinking about posting my card spoilers for Genosect, one of my favourite 5th Gen Pokemon. I even plan on making the actual cards of them for my Smash cards in future too (Though the stats will be different to fit that game's stat build more).

    I don't know HGSS's stat builds that very well, so these ones are just based on the D&P stat builds.

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  2. Porii Sames

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    Eh, 50 for 3 is a bit pricey, but otherwise, great work again Shadowwmaster!

    P.S. on the SSBB cards, I've been using an Ivysaur FS and Lucario FS deck that is pretty nice. It's like Luxchomp...only it's not :lol:.

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    And about this one thing I found on the Battle Cards...

    Smoke Ball + Brinstar Escape Shaft = Auto Scoop Up every turn, not sure if you want to change that.
  3. Shadowmaster

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    Thanks. I was tempted to make it [M][M][C] for 60, but I thought being able to swap Energy cards easily and being able to hit for super effective damage most of the time would of made it too cheap (Especially if used in HGSS where all Pokemon have a 2x Weakness anyways). But if you think what I said above would be better then I'll change it to that.

    And about that Smash cards combo, I assume it's because you could choose to discard the Smasher with the Smoke Ball attached to it, but the Smoke Ball would make it unaffected from being discarded right?

    Meh, Brinstar Escape Shaft was always the bane of my existance XD, originally it had a completely different but more complicated effect that I think didn't even work. Plus it was annoying trying to come up with an effect for Smoke Ball too. I'm gonna try coming up with more different effects for BES.
  4. Porii Sames

    Porii Sames New Member

    Right, you discard the Smoke Ball smasher, prevents the discard, and pick up whatever you want.

    P.S. You should make, like, 5 Brinstar Escape Shafts!

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