Gliscor's fakes: Fourteen cards added (6/25)

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  1. Gliscor

    Gliscor New Member

    Ancient Lights set logo

    (1/82) Celebi
    (2/82) Masquerain
    (3/82) Cacnea
    (4/82) Mow Rotom
    (5/82) Sewaddle
    (6/82) Swadloon
    (7/82) Leavanny
    (8/82) Slugma
    (9/82) Magcargo
    (10/82) Heat Rotom
    (11/82) Heatran-EX
    (12/82) Horsea
    (13/82) Seadra
    (14/82) Mantine
    (15/82) Surskit
    (16/82) Buizel
    (17/82) Floatzel
    (18/82) Frost Rotom
    (19/82) Wash Rotom
    (20/82) Elektrike
    (21/82) Manectric
    (22/82) Plusle
    (23/82) Minun
    (24/82) Rotom
    (25/82) Thundurus-EX
    (26/82) Abra
    (27/82) Alakazam
    (28/82) Gastly
    (29/82) Haunter
    (30/82) Gengar
    (31/82) Cresselia-EX
    (32/82) Munna
    (33/82) Musharna
    (34/82) Sandshrew
    (35/82) Sandslash
    (36/82) Heracross
    (37/82) Baltoy
    (38/82) Claydol
    (39/82) Dwebble
    (40/82) Crustle
    (41/82) Landorus-EX
    (42/82) Cacturne
    (43/82) Absol
    (44/82) Spiritomb
    (45/82) Darkrai
    (46/82) Magnemite
    (47/82) Magneton
    (48/82) Magnezone
    (49/82) Skarmory
    (50/82) Kingdra
    (51/82) Altaria
    (52/82) Latias
    (53/82) Latios
    (54/82) Rayquaza-EX
    (55/82) Rattata
    (56/82) Raticate
    (57/82) Porygon
    (58/82) Porygon2
    (59/82) Porygon-Z
    (60/82) Swablu
    (61/82) Fan Rotom
    (62/82) Ecruteak City
    (63/82) Elesa
    (64/82) Ghetsis
    (65/82) Iris’s Dreams
    (66/82) Last Battle
    (67/82) Quick Claw
    (68/82) Poké Ball Collection
    (69/82) PokéDex+
    (70/82) Repeat Ball
    (71/82) Route 23
    (72/82) Seafoam Islands
    (73/82) Armor Energy
    (74/82) Call Energy
    (75/82) Halt Energy
    (76/82) Shield Energy
    (77/82) Substitute Energy
    (78/82) Cresselia-EX
    (79/82) Heatran-EX
    (80/82) Thundurus-EX
    (81/82) Landorus-EX
    (82/82) Rayquaza-EX
    (83/82) Kyurem
    (84/82) Eelektrik
    (85/82) Durant
    (86/82) Druddigon

    Electrode (Reverse) (11/30)
    Electrode (Holo) (11/30)
    Bronzong (Reverse) (11/30)
    Bronzong (Holo) (11/30)
    Eelektross (12/2)
    Kyurem LEGEND (12/14)
    Beedrill (Reverse) (12/17)
    Beedrill (Holo) (12/17)
    Volcarona (Reverse) (12/17)
    Volcarona (Holo) (12/17)
    Seafoam Islands (1/8)
    Ilex Forest (1/8)
    Delta Porygon-Z (1/14)
    Swalot (2/6)
    Articuno (3/25)
    Zapdos (3/25)
    Yanmega 5/10
    Houndoom 5/10
    Emboar 5/10
    Giratina 6/19
    Serperior 6/19
    Ho-Oh 6/19

    Wow, I actually forgot this part of the forum existed >.< Anyways, here are technically two cards. I've been toying around with the Black and White holofoil and reverse foil a bit. Are these playable? They aren't exactly meant to be, but if they are then go figure.
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  2. JimboPro

    JimboPro New Member

    The electrode would be so much fun in a yanmega deck... and bronzong is cool period, love the picture on it as well ! Very nice job!
  3. Juxtapoz

    Juxtapoz New Member

    these look top notch.
  4. Shino Bug Master

    Shino Bug Master Front Page News Editor

    If you made a Rattata, it would be in the top percentage of Rattata.

    Good stuff.
  5. Dragonflames1994

    Dragonflames1994 New Member

    Yeah, awesome looking cards. :D
  6. King Piplup

    King Piplup New Member

    Nice looking cards! Electrode would be soooo fun in Yanmega...
  7. Gliscor

    Gliscor New Member


    Here's Eelektross. Despite experimenting with the BW foils, nothing is going to stop me from saying I hate the way the BW cards look, and think the DP cards look the best.
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  8. baby mario

    baby mario Front Page Article Editor<br><a href="http://pokeg

    I love graphical fakes, and these are top quality - interesting cards with beautiful pictures.

    Thank you.

    More please.
  9. StoryMaker

    StoryMaker New Member

    Allow me to second this post.

    These are fabulous and I love the pictures. Eelektross is my favorite - I LOVE the picture. I pretty much have to agree with you about the DP vs BW design, though it does look kind of weird to have a new card with this design. Also, I personally prefer Abilities to Poke-Powers and Poke-Bodies...but I don't really care that much. I see advantages to both.

    Whatever. These cards are great. :wink:

    Keep up the good work!!:biggrin:
  10. Gliscor

    Gliscor New Member

    Kyurem LEGEND

    Sadly, due to businesses, I haven't been able to make so many fakes, so I figured I can post an older fake to prevent this from being deleted.
  11. StoryMaker

    StoryMaker New Member


    Buhahaha another one!! It is so shiny!! XD

    As a card, it doesn't exactly blow me away - it doesn't seem like it would be very useful, considering how much it hurts your own bench. But the card itself is beautiful. If it had a more useful I would die.

    Wait, I already did, didn't I? XD

    It's too bad you're busy. I do hope you manage to do more, because these cards are really excellent.
  12. Dragonflames1994

    Dragonflames1994 New Member

    Kyurem is epicness!
  13. Shino Bug Master

    Shino Bug Master Front Page News Editor

    Cool card, a little broken though. I dislike status mechanics like that, but thats just me xD
  14. SpTrainer

    SpTrainer New Member

    Nice stuff Gliscor! Keep em coming!
  15. funmonkey54

    funmonkey54 New Member

    I like your fake cards more than most real cards.
    I hate Legend pieces aesthetically, but the Kyurem is magnificent.
  16. Gliscor

    Gliscor New Member

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  17. baby mario

    baby mario Front Page Article Editor<br><a href="http://pokeg

    The art on the Volcarona is beautiful.
  18. StoryMaker

    StoryMaker New Member

    You made moar! <3 Real cool cards, as always!!

    Not only are they practically PERFECT graphically (I could be fooled into thinking they were real cards easily), they have beautiful pictures and are more than decent on a textual basis.


    Keep it up. :thumb:
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  19. Gliscor

    Gliscor New Member

    Seafoam Islands
    Ilex Forest

    It's been a while since I've uploaded, but business, the holidays, and deck testing got in the way. But here's Seafoam Islands and Ilex Forest.
  20. baby mario

    baby mario Front Page Article Editor<br><a href="http://pokeg

    Seafoam Islands is the best C-a-C anti donk card I've seen.

    Please keep making these.

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