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  1. what animes are good to watch?
    ive seen avatar, azumanga daioh blackcat, bleach, chronocrusade, codegeass, deathnote, elfen lied, fm/brotherhood, fruit baskets, gantz, generator gawl, green green, gurren lagan, high school of the dead, ichigo 100%, infinte stratos, kissxsis, kore wa zombie desuka love hina, ladies vs butlers, mahou shoj magika, my little sister cant be this cute, naruto/shippuden, negima!/!?, onegai sensei, onegai twins, one piece, ohhc, onii chan ,paranoia agent, poptan, rumbling hearts kimonzo, school rumble, sonic x, soul eater, suzuka, toradora, to-love-ru/motto,When they Cry - Higurashi, yakitate japan
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    You should try to watch Paranoia Agent. It is a 13 episode anime and is easily marathonable. It is very creepy and requires only a little bit of analysis. Just remember that it is entirely stream of conscious. There are many odd and creepy visuals... just don't take everything as truth. That's as far as I'm going to go. Read anything else, and you will completely ruin it for you. Try watching a few episodes and then decide to watch it or not. It is just a really good anime. You cannot go wrong with dub vs sub. When they are about equal, I recommend you go for dub.

    Next, you are missing trigun on your list. This is one of the best animes evar... I hope that you just forgot it. Watch the dub easily. This is Johnnie Yong Bosch's first role as a anime voice over... and it is one of his best. The anime blends drama and comedy in such an amazing way... it should be on any anime fan's shelf without a question. The comedy is very dry... but a lot of people like it. Even if you dislike the comedy, the second half of the series more than makes up for it. You just can't pass this one up.

    Next, you seem to be into shonen type animes. Soul Eater is one of my top Shonen anime... evar. It follows 3 students in a school and their weapons. The students and weapons (actually characters) team up to fight random enemies at first, but they eventually focus on one evil, the embodiment of fear. The fight scenes are VERY Shonen, but also good. The main characters are all very fun to follow even if you cannot relate to them. The main team is a "cool guy" partnered with a girl who is actually somewhat realistic (only one of those you'll find). She has her own problems, and fights through them. She is actually a very good replacement from the normal Shonen main characters who can do what they want without actually worrying (Naruto). Next, you have Naruto and the exact opposite of Naruto. Except this time, Naruto actually learns something instead of going the entire series being hot headed and stupid. Finally, you have Death's son who NEEDS everything to be perfectly symmetrical to function. He is partnered with two girls who are perfectly asymmetrical (one is a "girly girl" while the other is a book worm). The entire cast is just a lot of fun. Even the side characters are a lot of fun. The bad guys are all pretty interesting and you genuinely want to know more about the characters that you only see for a few episodes (Justin Law deserves his own episode IMO... such an interesting character). The story is not terribly deep and the fight scenes are actually unique and fun. More than that, however, the characters actually change during the anime. I cannot stand anime like Naruto where kids can do whatever they want including rushing into battles without consequences. Everything in Soul Eater has a consequence. I would say the sub is a bit stronger than the dub... but only a tiny bit.

    To cap off my list of animes, it would be a crime for me not to recommend LuckyStar. BE warned, this anime is incredibly cutsey and is very lulzwut. You know that when the first episode is dedicated to discussing how to properly eat foods, the anime will not take itself seriously. DO NOT watch this more than 2 episodes at a time. It is purely for lulz and does a very good job at doing so.

    If I had to give an order as to what to watch on this list, I'd say go Trigun-Paranoia Agent-Soul Eater-LuckyStar. Once again, though, just make sure you watch what you want to. IF you are in a depressed mood, watch Paranoia Agent. If you want to have some lulz, watch Luckystar. If you want Shonen, go for Soul Eater. If you want anime at its best, go for Trigun. :)
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    No Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann?

    Definitely a must watch. A great epic mecha from Gainax. Easily one of my favorite shows. Its on Hulu(dubbed, but its not terrible). If you like over-the-top action, this is definitely the show for you.

    Ghost in the Shell, 1st season, is a fantastic show as well. An in depth look into cyberization and how humanity deals with increasing mechanization. Also the dub is surprisingly good compared to most dubs. (and its on Netflix) (I can't recommend the second season because I haven't seen >2episodes of it yet, but I expect it to be of equal greatness.)
  4. bullados

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    About Soul Eater, I'd recommend the manga over the anime. They ended the anime very early, and the last 5 episodes (approximately) aren't particularly good...

    And, as far as some "out there" animes, I've got a couple...

    Ouran High School Host Club. A girl accidentally joins a boy's host club in the posh, invite-only high school she's attending on a scholarship. Gender-bending insanity ensues. I believe the tag line for the Host Club is thus: A club where rich boys with time entertain rich girls with time, all for the sake of money. I'm probably horribly misquoting that, but that's the jest of it.

    Yakitate!!! Japan. This is sorta a faux shonen. A kid tries to create a bread unique to Japan. His only character flaw? He's more dense than syrup. This one includes a lactose-intolerant giagantic black guy with an afro, a samurai-turned-breadmaker, and an insane clown. Watch with caution, preferably with a few friends.
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    I haven't seen the entirety of this one, but I started it, and it's absolutely amazing. Hilarious and fresh and kind of adorable.
  6. Yoshi-

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    For both Chrno Crusade and Negima READ THE MANGAS!!! Both mangas are easily my favorites and the animes are suboptimal til horrible. With Chrno they changed the villain with a backstory and reasnable motives into something that resembles a certain someone from bleach (avoiding spoilers) and Negima anime doesnt have anything to do with the manga at all. Through Ill warn you that the first few volumes of negima are pretty bad because theyre kinda overloaded with fanservice(but youve seen to-love ru so that shouldnt shock you), bad writing and feel like a worse version of your typical harem. Its not until volume 5/6 that the manga starts getting better but then it really turns into something awesome with an awesome plotline, some really thought out characters / villains, lots of backstory and tons of awesomeness xxD

    Negima is my top shounen ever!

    For animes:

    TTGL, definitly, agree with sandslash, Ive just finished Toradora which I absolutly loved but its a love story with no action, dunno if you like this kind of stuff. Another one of my favorites is When they Cry - Higurashi, through this is absolutly not for children and IMO far worse then gantz.
    I absolutly love "Nana" but its like the very definition of girly.
    And the last of my favorite animes is "Welcome to the NHK" which is a both a rather bitter/sarcastic take on japanese pop-culture and a story about characters fighting their fears and demons, it can be very funny but often leaves you confused if you should laugh or cry cause it can be really bitter/dark at times. Definitly not an easy show but I absolutly loved it. Still not really kid friendly with topics like drug abuse, suicide, computer-addiction and some off the more odd aspects of otaku-culture.

    Really depends what youre looking for I guess^^
  7. Azure Kite

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    ^This. Right here. One of the funniest animes I've ever seen. (granted I don't watch a LOT of animes)

    Most of the good ones have been said, but I will echo that Soul Eater is good from what I hear, Trigun is a must watch, and if you call yourself an anime fan, I understand you're obligated to see Neon Genesis Evangelion. I think it's considered one of the 'greats'? Didn't like it myself, but it's pretty deep.

    And I'm just gonna say this right now....I do not recommend TTGL. I thought it was stupid after a few episodes. Maybe that's just me though...

    My favorites though, are the Gundam SEED series. DON'T HATE, PEOPLE. I understand the dislike with Destiny....but Gundam SEED is an EXCELLENT anime imo, and one of my favorites.
  8. Blitzer

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    1. Ghost In the shell
    2. Code Geass
    3. RahXehphon
    4. Eureka 7

  9. EricDent

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    It really depends on what you like. Personally I tend to stick with shorter than 50 episode shows (with a couple of exceptions) so I don't spend tons of $ on the DVDs.

    I allways suggest pretty much these shows/movies every time though.

    School Rumble
    Azumanga Daioh
    Read Or Die (OVA)
    Outlaw Star
    Cowboy Bebop
    Any Studio Ghibli/Miyazaki movie
  10. bullados

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    I can't believe I completely forgot about this one. I've been absolutely in love with this thing ever since I first saw it, and I seriously can't get enough of it.

    SoulTaker -- Essentially, superpowered vampires that don't know they're vampires. The plot at times is utterly incoherent, and many things don't make sense on the first viewing (or even the third). It doesn't matter. The visuals are what drive this thing. This anime is an acid trip. I have never taken acid in my life, but I'm fairly certain based on all reports that I can find that it feels almost exactly like this anime is presented. The creators do some very trippy things with light, colors, camera placement, and even subject. In one shot, it seems like they covered the camera with green saran wrap, turned it upside down, and placed it at the subject's feet, looking upward. Another time, during a major fight scene, they focus on a flower in silhouette while the fight goes on in the background, also in silhouette, with a bright red background. Don't watch this one all the way through, you will not be able to function for the next couple of days. Spread it out over a few days for the first viewing. But watch this thing.

    If you can handle the extremely odd and (at times) busy art and inconsistent animation, One Piece has an incredible story.

    And if Miyazaki made it, it is good. His nickname as the Disney of Japan is well deserved, and I believe that he does lots of things far better than Disney ever could.
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  11. Kayle

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    I'm gonna throw Baccano out there. It's pretty short, 13 episodes and 3 OVAs, but it's amazing - a beautiful interweaving of three stories, set in the 1930s US; it follows the tales of some robbers, some gangsters, the usual anime-esque eccentric character crew - oh, and also century-old alchemists who were able to make a deal with a devil to get an immortality elixir. It's VERY well thought-out, very well told, all around amazing anime and definitely one of my favorites.

    Edit: Warning about Baccano though. Can't believe I didn't think to mention this outright, but - it is intense and VERY gory. So... view at your own risk.
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  12. Karate_Guy

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    I have recently Been watching Digimon Xros Wars and I seriously think that it is just as Good as every Season before it (except 4 that was quite blegh)
  13. AyameHikaru

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    I My Me Strawberry Eggs is a fun series. ^^; It's about a guy who crossdresses in order to fulfill his dream of become a teacher. I'd HIGHLY recommend watching it subbed, though, because the female lead's voice grates in English.

    And I'm seconding/thirding/whatever Ouran. :) Great series.

    Reborn is an interesting series, too. It's more shonen, with action and powers and fighting and stuff. ^^;

    Fairy Tail's another shonen/fighting series, about a guy who trained with a dragon... to learn to be a dragon slayer. o_O And now he has power over flames. But not motion sickness. -_-; Anyway. It's kind of.... fan-servicy, though.
  14. bullados

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    There's a new one out there? Kool! They're usually pretty decent (if mindless) entertainment. The last one was utterly fantastic. Hopefully the subbing group that did the last one is doing this one. That'll be fun ^_^.
  15. Karate_Guy

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    Well the version that i have been watching is a Fan-Sub on Youtube but all the same it has been fantastic I definitely think that it is better than Savers
  16. MrSmileyPants

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    Based on what you've seen, I'd say
    Soul Eater (See first reply),

    Pani Poni Dash (10 year old super genius goes to teach High School + Insanity Level >9000),

    Full Metal Panic (All three seasons, preferably in order, but I saved season 2 for last when I first watched the series, basically a young military sergeant enrolls in a high school to guard one of the students),

    Chobits (Alternate Universe where Computers look like people),

    The World Only God Knows (The World's Greatest Dating Sim player is Enlisted by an adorable demon (my opinion, just sayin') to capture runaway spirits that hide in girls, despite the main character's hatred of the real world),

    Mayoi Neko Overrun (Same author as Black Cat and to-LOVE-ru, two childhood friends run a cat-themed bakery together, includes cameo appearances by to-LOVE-ru characters from time to time),

    Motto To-LOVE-ru Trouble (side series of To-LOVE-ru that covers some parts that were in the manga that got left out in the first series),

    Hayate no Gotoku (a 16-year-old is left a 150000000 yen debt to the Mafia, and becomes the butler of a little rich girl who pays off his debt in exchange)

    Lucky Star (Similar to Pani Poni Dash, minus the insanity, follows four main characters and a large cast of side characters through three years of high school, also, Konata Nyamo are win)

    This is what I can come up with off the top of my head, I'm sure there are others.
  17. bullados

    bullados <a href="

    Another one I can't believe I missed...

    The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya -- Another weird one. I can't even explain the plot without spoiling basically the entire series. There are two ways to watch this thing. The first is in Release Order, which is the order of which they put the series on TV. Then, there's Chronological Order, which is the order in which events actually happen in the anime. I'd suggest watching it once through in Release Order for the mindblow. Then watch it again in Chronological Order to understand the story. There's a lot of Japanese culture that basically happened because of this anime. Watch this thing. Seriously.
  18. desufnoc

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    You could watch Yu-Yu Hakusho
  19. chomper

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    Cowboy Bebop - Awesome soundtrack, amazing characters, and just amazing series altogether.

    Super Milk Chan - Why not? You know?
  20. MetaKnight

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    Panty & Stocking with Garterbelt

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