Good/Bad Trader List. Good list frozen for posterity. BAD list updated

Discussion in 'Trading Post' started by Da Gym's Tribunal, Feb 14, 2004.

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  1. Catbus

    Catbus New Member

    My experience with traders:

    Good Traders:

    Bad trades:

    Ninjask_161...don't know what to say...his cards are over two weeks late and I've written this off as a lost trade....the cards could have been lost in the mail I guess, and he has resumed PM contact, but...I'm out my 5 cards and never got my Lv X & rare. After reading Rogue Archetype's account of his trade with Ninjask_161:

    "Well... We traded... traders.

    Ninjask_161- He got his in 2 days. I got mine 3 Weeks later. Got the Mesprit LvX. I was really worried."

    ...I think clearly Ninjask_161 should have to send 1st on future trades.

    UPDATE: After Pming yesterday to ask whether the cards maybe got returned to Ninjask_161 he replied that in fact they had come back that very day. So...he's resending. Not sure what to think. Happy I may actually be getting the cards and really hate to disparage a trader if he's just had two bad experiences with the post office, so...I will confirm when I get cards and then hopefully Ninjask_161 can send first for a bit and this all goes away. I know it's one of my biggest fears in this trading game that something I send will get lost in the mail and the recipient will be hung out there thinking I ripped them.

    2nd Update: Two weeks later and no cards..looks like Ninjask_161 can officially be labeled a ripper. I've filed a formal complaint. For now, avoid Ninjask_161, aka Steven Boram II of Williamstown, WV.
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  2. Dark Umbreon

    Dark Umbreon New Member

    Good Trader:

    Traded some cards with Ditto. The cards arrived in time and in mint condition as promised. Would like to add Ditto to the good trader list based on this experience.
  3. calisupra2nr

    calisupra2nr New Member

    Good trader:
    XxChasexX- received cards in timely fashion! Good ref
  4. thegreengiant426

    thegreengiant426 New Member

    Good sellers, good refs:
  5. slayer_chaos

    slayer_chaos New Member

    My trade refs.

    Good Traders:
    SnorlaxDude - Fast and easy
    Politoed666 - Great trader
    Dragonblood21 - Everything went through
    Pajamas - Everything done quick
    ben273 - As fast as a Canada/America trade can be
    yoyofsho16 - First lv x trade, everything went perfect
    Rogue Archetype - Fast and sent in registered mail
    tyranitar42 - There were problems and he sent extra cards. Very good Trader.
    Rashad - Everything went fast.

    Bad Traders:

    Trades in progress:
    DodoBrain56 - Sent, waiting to hear if he's recieved.
    Flygon999 - Recieved, waiting to hear if he's recieved.
    Maguschild - Sent, waiting to hear if she's recieved.
    LilBandit - Sent, waiting to hear if she's recieved.
    Jaron - Waiting to recieve
    Dragonblood21 - Sending out soon.
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  6. Guitar9263

    Guitar9263 New Member


  7. American Dream

    American Dream New Member

    people ive traded with

    cheetot586 x1 (good trade)

    american dream
  8. Crazar

    Crazar New Member

    Hopefully, I do this

    My Trades-

    Pending Trades-

    I have refs on other sites, but I will not count those on this site. Thanks for looking, everyone!
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  9. Elekid-kid

    Elekid-kid New Member

    Elekid-kids good nd bad traders


    MewMew (did not send his cards he said he would and ripped me)

    As you can see, i have not traded that much. But that does not make me a bad trader. Everyone's gotta start somewhere right?
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  10. Paperfairy

    Paperfairy New Member

    Paperfairy's References

    Positive Trades

    Rogue Archetype's Buck's Training for my Premier Ball
    Crazar's 4x Horsea, 2x Seadra, Buck's Training, TM-TS1, and Chatot for my Battle Pyramid Badge
    Gabrieeeel's 2x Quick Ball, PokéRadar, and Cynthia's Feelings for my Furret
    Dragonblood21's Cynthia's Feelings for my Bebe's Search
    LilBandit's Pachirisu, Bronzong, Call Energy, 2x Multi Energy, Phione, and Dusknoir for my POP 6 Set

    Pending Trades

    darkoni's Kyogre, Regice, Mewtwo, 2x Jirachi, Claydol, Pachirisu, Night Maintenence, and Duskull for my Volcano and Thunder Badge.
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  11. MrGinerik

    MrGinerik New Member

    MrGinerik's References

    :smile: Positive Trades :thumb:
    EeveeLover [Status : Completed]

    Pending Trades
    None At The moment

    Negative Trades
    None, Which is Good
  12. ben273

    ben273 New Member


    My Ref:

    Good Ref:
    slayer_chaos <-- really good trader

    Bad Ref:

    Trades in progress:
    chanman50 (waiting to get the cards)
    Frogg Head (waiting to get the cards)
    The King Of Magikarps (wait for is addy to send)
    Maguschild (wait for is addy to send)
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  13. The Collector

    The Collector Member

    pokemonforever x 2

    Bad traders:
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  14. Akira

    Akira New Member

    Akira's References:

    Unique Trades: 1
    Total Trades: 1

    1 DrewDioxin

    -None Yet!!! -
  15. doomsday24

    doomsday24 Member

    Now that I have my first trade completed, here is my list. :smile:

    Good Traders
    1. Grinning_Gengar = Excellent communication and shipping.

    Bad Traders

    Pending Trades
    1. Rainbowgym = Everything sent, just awaiting international shipping.
  16. blazing_monkey101

    blazing_monkey101 New Member

    good traders
    secretof:came on time great deal A++

    pending trade

    dodobrain:he has got mine but have not got his


    good trader:
    dodobrain56 came a little slow but great trade mint condition A+
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  17. n00bmuffin

    n00bmuffin New Member

    trade Refs:
  18. bulbasnore

    bulbasnore Administrator Staff Member Trader Feedback Mod

    Sorry this is so lame, I'm new to trading and didn't get this. I'll try to add you all in, but if you need a ref sooner, PM me.

    Good Traders

    King of Magikarps
  19. PokemanMaster

    PokemanMaster New Member

    Good traders:

    empoleonperson- great trader and sent cards fast. Still needs to add me.
    Rashad- fast shipping and easily communicable.
  20. Streamline

    Streamline New Member

    My trade refs.

    Good Traders:

    Bad Traders:

    Trades in progress:
    empoleonperson - Sent, waiting to recive
    DodoBrain56 - Sent, waiting to recive
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