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Discussion in 'Collecting and Card Price Discussion' started by MetalGearFan, Jul 11, 2007.

  1. MetalGearFan

    MetalGearFan New Member

    Okay, I'm a huge collector, so those of you who only play, may think this is a waste

    Here is what I bought and the prices, please tell me if they are good dealS(I'm still paying for them, just wondering:

    Darkrai Player Promo: $100.00
    Complete Pokemon Vending Series 1,2, and 3: $147.00
    Grand Party: $50.00
    GBA Lugia Promo: $30.00
    Shining Mew(neo) Sealed: $72.00

    Palkia PLayer Promo: $36.00
    "Special" Trainer: $54.00

    Does anybody have a resonable price for a Gameboy promo Mewtwo?

    If you need links, lmk :)

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  2. ShawofMordor

    ShawofMordor New Member

    Shining Mew is high the others are good. If you get outbid on the Shining Mew don't rebid.

    Palkia was a very good deal by the way.
  3. Pkmnrulz240

    Pkmnrulz240 New Member

    Shining Mew is horribly high. o__O I've seen it go for $30 and less recently.

    Vending 1, 2, and 3 is horribly high too, IMO. Hard to say, though, as I don't recall any others that have been sold as long as I've been looking at this kind of stuff.

    Grand Party is probably right, but there isn't much demand for it, so... *shrug*

    GBA Lugia is probably high.

    No clue on the others.
  4. dogma

    dogma New Member

    You're the one who outbid me in the last few seconds of the Vending cards 1,2 and 3 auction. Why on earth did you go so high? I mean, I considered $100 to be a fairer price...

    I hate to say it, but some of those prices you paid are just way high... though the Grand Party was a pretty good buy (I reckon that price will continue to rise)
  5. Pkmnrulz240

    Pkmnrulz240 New Member

    Yeah, kind of a catch 22. If you ask about something unique here on the Pokegym, plenty of people immediately rush to ebay to see if what you're asking about is there, as it may be something they are interested in. :p But if you don't ask, you'll end up paying too much many times.

    But, still... You should have definitely asked about the prices here before deciding to pay that much for all of that. You definitely got ripped on a few of those.
  6. MetalGearFan

    MetalGearFan New Member

    Thanks for the advise Pkmrulez, I'll ask before, I just ciuldn't help it, lol :)

    Sorry Dogma, I did pay way to high on them, I oridanally was willing to pay $150 for the vending series, but I didn't think it would go all the way up in 30 seconds. :'(

    ShawofMorder: LOL, I thought that the Shining Mew was the only good deal, :p Well there goes $530 :/

    Also, I know all of you say The Mew and Vending series, I got ripped.... I can except that, but do any of you know if $100 for the dARKRAI pLAYER pROMO was fair? I'd say know, seeing as its only 10,000 points, and there are still player promo Jolteon*'s going for $30....

    Thanks again
  7. dogma

    dogma New Member

    I think you paid a premium on the Darkrai since it is so new... all in all, I know a few people who would be happy with that price, but some (like me) will just wait for that price to come down.
  8. homeofmew

    homeofmew New Member

    You definitely paid the high end for those pro mos.
    I have gotten Grand Party for $35
  9. MetalGearFan

    MetalGearFan New Member

    Thanks dogma, I usually wait too, but as soon as I get money, I get the urge to spend it
    :( :( :(

    Also, I now know I spent overbord on them all except palkia...
    But, wouldn't the deal for shining mew be slightly good, seeing as it is sealed?

    Anywho, what about a complete jungle set, does anyone have a resonable price for that, I just saw a complete 1st edition jungle set sell for $70.00
  10. taylor2007

    taylor2007 New Member

    i need a link
  11. Pkmnrulz240

    Pkmnrulz240 New Member

    For the Shining Mew, not really.

    Complete Jungle, just look it up on the completed ebay listings. One went awhile ago for $36, but one didn't go at all more recently with some 1st edition holos and some holos without the jungle symbol for $32 shipped. So... yeah, maybe $30/$35? :|
  12. Phazon Elite

    Phazon Elite New Member



    I personally wouldn't even bid on it, but my point of view IS slanted, as I'm not a collector yet I probably have two or more complete jungle sets. lol
  13. MetalGearFan

    MetalGearFan New Member

    Taylor: Can you be more specific please?

    Pkmonrulez: Hmm, I got a complete Fossil set for that price a while back it had an error Zapdos in it to :)
    Thanks for the prices though

    Phazon Elite: Lol, I was never a fan of the jungle set either, its just I completed the other 2 first sets and need to finish Jungle. Are your jungle sets mint though?
  14. Pkmnrulz240

    Pkmnrulz240 New Member

    Eh, don't expect the error Zapdos to inflate the value of the set too dramatically. It seems most people don't know about the error, and just sell it as a normal Zapdos. Because of that, there are fewer listings of the error that actually list it as an error card, and then people think the card is worth tons. I can't recall seeing one go for too high of a price lately. If you search and look at the scans, you can usually find someone selling the error Zapdos that doesn't know anything about it, and you can usually get it for the price of the non-error one.

    That's how I got one of my Dark Dragonite errors. :biggrin:
  15. MetalGearFan

    MetalGearFan New Member

    yes, that is how I got it, he didn't list it as an error, same way as how I hot the error Flareon. Someone said it was a base set Flareon XD

    But, sheesh, you probably saved $70.00 on the Dark Dragonite. that was lucky

    Also, do you have a round price on the promo porygon, its worth like 700 points? I saw one with a buy it now of 110.00? is that a good price?
  16. Dangerblade

    Dangerblade New Member

    Porygon is probably worth about $75 or so. It will go up in time.
  17. PokePop

    PokePop Administrator

    Aren't all the 1st ed Fossil Zapdos error?
  18. Pkmnrulz240

    Pkmnrulz240 New Member

    Yeah, I got a pair of Clefables that way awhile ago. Poor sap didn't realize they were worth a bit more than $3. :rolleyes: And I got the Flareon and a Scyther at a card shop a little drive away for $5 together.

    And I didn't save $70 on the Dragonite. Probably more like $40. Guy had a buy-it-now for two of the things, listed as "Non-holo 5/82." :lol: Unfortunately, only one was the error. But, oh well. :D
  19. MetalGearFan

    MetalGearFan New Member

    Dangerblader: Hmmm, I thoght they were worth much more than that, lol, good thing, thanks fort the headsup.

    Pokepop:No, mine isn't 1st edition, so I guess thay can't.

    Pkmrulez: Lol, yep, those poor saps,I wish I saw more of them, and about the $70 save, lol, I have to stop over rating cards, but I thought those Dragonites were worth about $90? But, I'm probably wrong....
    Jeeezz, you sure know how to find a error cards owned by saps. I should look for some more often
  20. Dangerblade

    Dangerblade New Member

    Well hey I can't be certain. I'm just weighing up an average for prices I've seen for it. Maybe someone else can give a more reliable sum.

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