Great Encounters hits La Crosse, WI 2/10/08

Discussion in 'Prerelease Tournaments' started by TLesky, Jan 23, 2008.

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  1. TLesky

    TLesky Active Member

    Ok everyone. Its time for another great Prerelease in Western Wisconsin. The Great Encounters Prerelease will be on Feb 10th. Store and registration will open at 12:00pm. Packs will be craked at 12:30pm. We will only be having a main evemt challenge, no Pre Con decks. Sorry. $25 bucks is all it takes to get over $40 dollars in brand new merchandise. In addition to the regular 8 packs, and other merchandise everyone gets, there will be additional packs for the 4 top finishers in each age division. So, come on down to River City Hobbies=504 Cass St. La Crosse, WI. Any other questions, feel free to PM me right here on the Gym. Look forward to seeing you there!!:thumb:

    SLOW DECK New Member

    I am in Dells for Superbowl weekend again. I won't make it there the next week end.
  3. TLesky

    TLesky Active Member

    I actually was going to run it Superbowl weekend too. But with the Packers having a shot at it when I booked, I opted for the following weekend. Too bad. We would have loved to have you here again.:frown: I guess we will have to wait till stated to see you.:thumb:
  4. PokeMama

    PokeMama New Member

    Hope you have great weather up there! If the snow can hold off, I'm sure you'll have a nice turnout!

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