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Discussion in 'City Championships' started by Pokeplayer, Feb 22, 2004.

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  1. Pokeplayer

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    Hello all....Pokeplayer here....

    I went to the Gresham City Championships with my son BJ and my daughter Desi. Desi played a beefed up R/S Blaziken Deck with better trainers and better pokemon. Let's say she had fun.....
    BJ played a Flygon/ Beautifly/Dustox Deck he made on his own. He went 3-3.
    I was tired of playing Blaziken/Eggucute or Blaziken/Delcatty type of decks so I decided to play a fun rogue deck at the tournament.....

    Here is my deck

    3 Bulbasaur
    2 Ivasaur
    2 Venusaur (Expedition Harvest Bounty)
    3 Numel (Dragon with Kindle attack)
    3 Camerupt (R/S with Fire Spin attack)
    2 Magneton Dragon
    2 Magnetite (Dragon)
    2 Dunsparce
    1 Ditto Sk

    2 Tv Reporter
    2 Copycat
    2 Oracle
    2 Bills Maintenance
    4 Oaks Research
    2 Rare Candy
    3 PETM
    2 Switch
    2 Seer

    4 Multi
    12 Fire
    2 Warp

    Stragety Get Camerupt active, with Venasaur and Magenton on bench. Play two fire energy on Camerupt for 100. Next turn use Magenton to get the two energies from the discard pile in my hand. Lay the two energies back down and do 100 again... Great in theory but hard in reality...
    Now for the report...

    First round I played a Crawdant /Volbeat grass variant deck.. He went first

    I had dunsparce, He poisoned dunsparce. I collected a magnemite, numel and bubasaur with my Dunsparce and placed magemite active. He took out magnemite with volbeat.

    I got Camerupt active and Venusaur on the bench. I torched the volbeat.

    He confused my Camerupt. I oracled for a switch and added to energy to Camerupt.. I left him confused in the active position with four energy, I should have attacked and tried to get a prize.... but I didn't

    His turn he evolved into Crawdant an KOed my Camerupt... The game went down hill after that.
    I lost . 0-1. 0 points

    Second Round I played a Rayquaza EX/Blaziken Deck.

    I got a good start with Venusaur on the Bench Camerupt active. I took out two Rayquaza Ex with Camerupt and koed two other pokemon and won. 1-1. 3 points

    Third Round

    I went up against Jim L. from my league. Jim was playing a Muk Ex/Absol/Mighteyena deck.

    The prizes went back and forth. He took out my Pokemon with Muk Ex. I took out two Muk Ex with Camerupt. He brings up a fully powered Mighteyena and takes out my Camerupt. The prizes are now
    1-1 left each. I am in a bad spot. His Mightyena can take out any of my lowly Pokemon. I put up Numel and Kindle his darkness energy away just as time is called. We tie. 1-1-1. 4 points

    Fourth Round

    I go second. He has only skitty that does 30 damage for two energies. I start with Ditto and a good hand with Copycat and Oaks Research. He attaches an energy and passes. I use copy cat and get nothing but energies and evolutions. I attach an energy and pass. He attaches an energy and does 30 to ditto and 10 to himself. He has no bench. I draw an oracle. I have no other pokemon on my bench. I attach an energy and do 30 to Skitty. I lose next turn due to no bench. I lose. 1-2-1 4 points.
    Of course we played for fun afterward and I beat him......

    Fifth Round

    I win due to forfeit. 2-2-1 7 points

    Sixth Round

    I play against a Gyrados deck. I get Camerupt up with Venusaur on the bench and bench him.

    I win. I finish 3-2-1 or 10 points. I ended up tied with Jim L (same tie breaker percentage). He went 3-2-1. I think I finished 8 or the 15+ division....

    I had fun. BDS ran a smooth tournament and PROPS to the venue location. The comic store is a really great place....

    See you next month at the Seattle area City Championships....

  2. Pokeplayer

    Pokeplayer New Member

    I would like to say thanks to the Oregon PTO/TOs for holding 4 outstanding CC events.

    Your events had huge attendance and even attracted several players from Wash State.....

    Continue your good work!!!!!!!!!


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