Ground & Pound, part II

Discussion in 'Deck Help and Strategy' started by EHLERZ5, Apr 7, 2008.

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  1. EHLERZ5

    EHLERZ5 New Member

    I was told with my last deck idea with Groudon was pretty bad, here's a 2nd idea....

    16 Pokemon

    4-2-4 Togekiss (all GE)
    3 Groudon EX
    3 Pachi

    17 Fighting Energy

    27 Trainers/etc.

    4 Rare Candy
    2 Strength Charm
    2 Plus Power
    2 Scott
    3 Holon Circle
    2 Castaway
    2 Rosanne’s
    3 Celios Network
    1 Copycat
    2 Warp Point
    2 Super Scoop
    1 Windstorm
    1 Night Maintenance

    Strategy is simple…. Call it nutty but I can’t get my head off of Groudon EX and the possibility of multiple 100 shots en route to a fast game win…. I know he’s only a 100 HP and a x2 penalty… But it seems like it would work so smooth to put 4 on a Groudon Ex, which takes :fighting::fighting::colorless to deliver 100, then you have to discard 2, then add 1 your next turn and hit for another 100. If you get lucky enough with a Kiss to get an extra 2 on your 2nd G-EX, then you can hit for 100 the 3rd time….

    Reason for certain cards in here….
    Rare Candy – Most important card in the deck… Like a teenage kid at the drive inn… Must get to the kiss asap or the whole night you’re watching the chick flick.

    Strength Charm/Plus Power – I need the extra 10 to KO the Gardevoir & Magmorter, enough said in today’s meta.

    Holon Circle – May seem out of reason. But I think this is the second most important card here. If I’m in trouble – energy drought, or stuck in Psy Lock Grrrrrrrr where I can’t use a Kiss. Slap the HC down, hope they can’t windstorm or counter stadium out of it. Everyone I have ever played this card on attacks it to knock it out…. No one ever seems to let it sit. I think this would be the right play here, if what I’m saying is wrong, please say so.

    The rest you can see……

    I was wanting to see if the Fishing engine would work better here, but I’ve never ran it before… I’m too chicken! I’m still learning this game.

    Please tweak away and if you think this deck is a dud…. I can take it….. Let me know the problems you see in it….
  2. MarchenHG

    MarchenHG New Member

    I think it looks really cool and original, have you tested it at all ??
  3. BloodDraek

    BloodDraek New Member

    See if you can fit in a 1-0-1 swampert to take the extra energy to attach to groudon later on
  4. stalkerex

    stalkerex New Member

    I really like the idea of this deck.
    I myself like that groudon, I used it when it was new and
    fresh, but of course kiss wasn't out then...
    The low Hp and the fact of being an Ex could cause some problems,
    so i would suggest some buffer piece, (Play test them) and see how they
    fit into your deck. Keeping him alive for as long as you can could make
    big problems for your opponent.

    Another tech comes to mind...
    Dugtrio from Crystal guard.. Its body prevents sniping to your bench. With
    Magmortar everywhere, I think it would be smart to add a 1-1 of it.
    Of course that is up to you.

    On another note, looks good ^^
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