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  1. wolfroke

    wolfroke New Member

    PKMN: 20

    3-3 Gyara
    4-3-4 Amphy Prime
    3 Pidgey TM/CoL

    T/S/S: 24

    3 PKMN Collector
    3 Elm's
    2 Seeker
    2 PONT
    1 Flower Shop Lady
    1 Interviewer's

    3 SSU
    3 Candy
    2 PKMN Communications
    2 Switch
    2 Lost Remover

    Energies: 16
    6 Lightning
    6 Water
    4 DCE

    Strategy: You know, grab as many amphys for their ability using pidgeys and all other pokemon searchers, Bring out gyara for its awesome Hyper Beam and discard their energy, forcing them to take damage from attaching energies from poke-bodies of ampharos.

    It has its check on Umbreon, cuz gyarados has no body or power, and Ampharos can go and lead an attack if push comes to shove.

    Lost removers are to get rid of those pesky DCE's and whatever thing i may come across :p

    I find it very hard to switch cards out so that i can perhaps get more draw power :( and thinking of taking out an elm for either a PONT or the lady professor. and i also want a spot for another Interviewer's questions

    but idk, it's a bit lacking in the cards in my hand department :p

    Plus i'd love to see someone smeargle my hand with the lady professor xD
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