H: Beta Codes!!! and B.W. W: RDL Top and Shuckle Promo.

Discussion in 'Trading Post' started by Alex(charm)ander, Apr 30, 2011.

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  1. Alex(charm)ander

    Alex(charm)ander New Member


    I do check lists.
    Be respectful.
    Ref rules.


    BETA CODES!!! x3


    Sawk RH
    Swanna RH
    Sawsbuck RH
    Woobat RH
    Basculin RH
    Pignite RH
    Blitzle RH
    Dewott RH
    Darmanitan x2 (x1 PR)
    Zebstrika (rare)
    Ducklett RH
    Deerling RH
    Munna RH
    Lilipup RH
    I also have most commons and uncommons.

    Big Stuff:

    Flygon X
    Dialga G X x2
    Mew Prime
    Cinccino x2 (x1 RH)
    Lost World

    Medium Stuff:

    Cities/States/Regionals Promos from last two years.
    Broken Time Space x4
    Cynthia's Feelings
    Charizard AR
    Blaziken FB X x2
    Staraptor FB X
    Absol G X
    Hitmonchan SR PL
    Dialga G LP x3
    Tangrowth LV X
    Lucario COL RH
    Fan Rotom
    Frost Rotom x2
    Red Gyarados GS
    Machamp SF (x1 RH)
    Electrode Prime
    Crobat Prime
    Typhlosion Prime
    Blissey Prime
    Ability Samurott
    Kingdra Prime
    Nidoking TR RH
    Non-Ability Serperior
    Gengar SF (x2 RH)
    Solrock TR
    Vileplume UD

    Small Stuff:

    Multiples of B/W Basic Energies
    Absol G x2
    Staraptor FB
    Crobat G x2
    Blaziken FB x2
    Drifblim FB RH
    Spiritomb TR x2
    Tangrowth COL
    Victreebel TR x4 (x1 RH)
    Magmortar COL
    Aggron TH RH
    Porygon-Z TR
    Mamoswine TR
    Spiritomb LA RH
    Slowking GS x2
    Blastoise UL PR
    Dusknoir SF RH
    Weavile G
    Gardevoir PL RH
    Tangrowth AR x2 (RH x1)
    Arcanine GS x2
    Toxicroak AR
    Xatu UN
    Octillery UN x2
    Hitmontop GS x2
    Wobbuffet GS x2
    Gyarados GS x3
    Quagsire GS
    Magmortar TR RH
    Nidoqueen TR RH
    Bronzong TR RH
    Raichu GS RH
    Sudowoodo UN RH
    Clefable GS RH
    Politoed UN x2 (x1 RH)
    Azumarill GS RH
    Shuckle GS RH
    Mothim AR RH
    Gliscor Promo
    Metagross UN x2
    Metagross SV
    Snorlax COL PR
    Leafeon UD
    Forretress COL
    Dragonite TR x2 (x1 RH)
    Rotom UD
    Mime Jr. COL xX
    Gyarados COL
    Venomoth TR x3 (x1 RH)
    Gliscor UD x2
    Pichu GS PR
    Pidgeot COL/TR xX (x1 RH)
    Palkia COL
    Dialga COL x3 (x1 RH)
    Scizor UD
    Gallade 4 RH
    Palkia G x2 (x1 RH)
    Abomasnow SF x2
    Ditto TR
    Noctowl GS x2 RH


    Energy Gain
    Aaron's Collecton
    Pokemon Contest Hall
    Twins x3
    Junk Arm x3
    Black Belt xX
    Super Scoop Up
    Energy Exchanger
    Legend Box
    Plus Power
    Emcee's Chatter RH
    Good Rod RH
    Dual Ball
    Cheerleader's Cheer


    Cinccino x2
    Zoroark x1
    Machamp Prime
    Magnezone Prime
    Ninetales HGSS or COL x1 +
    Pokemon Reversal x2 +
    HGSS Shuckle Promo
    Pokemon Collector x1
    RDL Top
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  2. zaeden906

    zaeden906 New Member

    please cml for the:
    x1 samurott holo (ability)
    x1 serperior (ability

  3. Gamer1oo

    Gamer1oo New Member

    please cml for a mew prime
  4. Alex(charm)ander

    Alex(charm)ander New Member

    Zaeden - Do you have any of my wants?

    Gamer - I am interested in your Zekrom and Reshiram, do you have any of my other wants? (Shaymin especially)
  5. zaeden906

    zaeden906 New Member

    x2 juniper
    x2 judge
    x3 energy retrieval

    lmk if this will cover it
  6. PrimeDelusion

    PrimeDelusion New Member

    Plese cml for serperior and samurott both ability
  7. iamapwnda

    iamapwnda New Member

    Judge, Shaymin, Energy Retrieval for Suicune COL
  8. Kabigon_Jr

    Kabigon_Jr New Member

    Can you cml for the following and let me know on my thread?

    Mew Prime
    Electrode Prime
    Typhlosion Prime
    Kingdra Prime
    Ampharos Prime
  9. Alex(charm)ander

    Alex(charm)ander New Member

    Zaeden - Those cards aren't all that hard to get, that Emboar you have listed, is that the ability one?

    Prime - I want off of your list:

    Zekrom x2 Holo
    Professor Juniper RH
    FullArt Zekrom x1


    Iamapwnda - You're going to have to up the ante a little more.
  10. Cobolt

    Cobolt New Member

    Heyas, can you CML for:
    Suicune COL Shiny
    Ability Serperior
  11. Alex(charm)ander

    Alex(charm)ander New Member


    BTS x2

    For your:

    Professor Juniper x2 (1 RH)
  12. Politoed666

    Politoed666 New Member

    1x Pokémon Collector
    2x Judge

    1x Suicune SL11

    Let me know how that sounds, thanks.
  13. Colts8729

    Colts8729 New Member


    20x judge
    zekrom promo

    mew prime
  14. Alex(charm)ander

    Alex(charm)ander New Member

    Politoed - I'm going to have to pass.

    Colts - You did mean to type x20 Judge, yes?

    What all do you have from my wants?
  15. Colts8729

    Colts8729 New Member

    Yes x20 judge

    I also have the energy retrevial and shaymin un.
  16. kd0220437

    kd0220437 New Member

    Full Art Reshiram
    Zekrom Promo
    Professor Juniper

    Mew Prime
    Jumpluff HGSS x4 (x3 RH)

    LMK or make a counter offer thanks!!!
  17. TyranitarTyrant

    TyranitarTyrant New Member

    I want:
    Swanna RH
    Sawsbuck RH
    Pignite RH
    Blitzle RH
    Dewott RH
    Ducklett RH
    Deerling RH
    Lilipup RH

    I have:
    x3 Judges for those RH's
  18. Zard1111

    Zard1111 New Member

    cml for mew prime. thanks.
  19. DeadlyAbsol

    DeadlyAbsol New Member

    CML for Suicune COL Shiny

    I have lotsa judge too.
  20. Alex(charm)ander

    Alex(charm)ander New Member

    I don't really need 20 Judge, how many Shaymin do you have?

    ---------- Post added 05/01/2011 at 10:01 PM ----------

    I would consider Mew Prime and two Jumpluff for that offer.

    ---------- Post added 05/01/2011 at 10:02 PM ----------

    How about:

    Swanna RH
    Blitzle RH
    Ducklett RH
    Deerling RH
    Lilipup RH

    for x3 Judge?

    Also, do you have any of my other wants?
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