H: DEX & ND EXs..W:Golden Catcher, Pikachus

Discussion in 'Trading Post' started by TLesky, Oct 15, 2011.

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  1. TLesky

    TLesky New Member

    Simple rules:
    1-I want only my wants. I will not check your lists. Sorry.
    2-I expect cards to be in at least playable shape. They dont have to be totally mint but I dont want junk either. My cards are adult owned. Some have been played. If condition is a priority, please ask to make sure I have the condition you want. I only want English cards unless worked out prior to finalizing (except Pikachus. They can be any language).
    3-Usual other Gym rules like lower refs sending first, etc.
    4- I really dont want to split up sets for a few cards, so please dont ask. I will consider trades of smaller items grouped together for full sets if its a fair deal.
    5- USA trades only.

    - My haves


    Kyogre EX
    Raikou EX
    Entei EX
    Archeops shiny


    Reshiram EX FA
    Kyurem EX FA
    Zekrom EX FA
    Regigigas EX FA
    Shaymin Ex
    Reshiram Ex
    Kyurem EX
    Regigigas EX
    Zekron EX (promo and reg)

    Full Arts

    Zekrom (black)

    Complete Sets

    Crsytal Guardians- Complete Rev holo set-all ultra included plus prerelease card
    Great Encounters-complete set rev holo- including ultra rares except Dialga Lvl X
    Secret Wonders- complete rev holo set minus #115 Trapinch- includes all ultra rares and prerelease card
    Mysterious Treasures- complete rev holo set- includes ultra rares and TSD
    Diamond and Pearl-complete rev holo set minus #91-includes all ultra rares
    Emerald- complete rev holo set- includes all ultra rares, holo energies, and Farfetch'd
    Hidden Legends-complete set rev holo- includes all ultra rares and Groudon
    Aqua/Magma-complete rev holo-includes all ultra rares and Absol and Jirachi
    Platinum-complete rev holo set-includes all ultra rares and shineys
    Majestic Dawm- complete rev holo set-includes all ultra rares

    Again, please dont ask me to split up the sets above, but do offer things from my wants list for them.

    other cards

    Venesaue ex (frlg)
    Shining Mewtwo 1st ed (not mint but decent condition)
    Secert Meowth
    Ninetails Ex
    Vileplume Ex
    Groudon Ex (older one-HL?)


    Dark Explorers

    Darkari EX (either)
    Golden Catcher-big want
    Groudon EX(either) low want
    Tornadus EX (either)

    XX Pikachus- any and every one you want to part with. Language, condition, rarity, etc are not important. If its a Pikachu card, my daughter wants it. (high want)

    Thanks for reading and happy trading!!:thumb:
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  2. mr_tech

    mr_tech New Member

    What kind of emerald energies do you have?
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  3. benomac7

    benomac7 New Member

    I really wish I could get the RH poochyenas from those sets I have fa tornadus and Goths...
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  4. TLesky

    TLesky New Member

    Have one of each energy in the set.

    I could split up the sets. Let me know exactly what you would like and from which sets. Also make an offer from my wants please and we will see what we can do to work something out.
  5. Rambo

    Rambo New Member

    Looking for all the ex's in Crystal Guardians.


    Full Art Tornadus
    Full Art Reshiram
    Pokemon Catchers
    I have a few Pikachu cards, my brother's a big fan too, you looking for any in particular?

    RH Pachirisu
  6. TLesky

    TLesky New Member

    No Pikachus in particular. She is just trying to make her collection as big as possible. She has just topped 13,000 and any and every Pika helps that number.

    i have all the Ex's from CG. Could you please put together an offer from what you have there?
  7. Rambo

    Rambo New Member

    Can I value them on the T&T prices?

    If so would you do:

    Blaziken ex - $12
    Exploud ex - $4
    Kyogre ex - $5
    Sceptile ex - $4
    Shiftry ex - $3.50
    Swampert ex - $7


    Pokemon Catcher x 1 - $10
    Reshiram x 1 - $9
    Shaymin - $15

    Total: $34

    And I'll throw in something if you want.
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  8. mr_tech

    mr_tech New Member

    Would you do a Cather for all the emerald energies?
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  9. funmonkey54

    funmonkey54 New Member

    I have 1x Catcher and 1x Typhlosion Prime.
    Pikachus: 2x from Platinum Arceus, 5x from Undaunted,
    I need your Team Magma vs. Team Aqua Raikou ex and Suicune ex. I also need the other ex's from that set, but those two especially.
    Let me see what more I can get together. Also, let me know if there are ANY other cards you need.

    I would obviously do this deal:

    1x Catcher
    1x Typhlosion Prime
    7x Pikachu

    Raikou ex
    Suicune ex

    Please, counter or let me know what else you might need.
    Additionally, let me know the condition of the various ex's. Condition is a priority for me.
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  10. TLesky

    TLesky New Member

    just an update to my wants. i no longer need catchers. sorry for any inconvience gang. :thumb:
  11. funmonkey54

    funmonkey54 New Member

    How about this then:

    Typhlosion Prime
    9x Pikachu (Found 2x more of a different kind)

    Entei ex
    Suicune ex
    Raikou ex
  12. Jaeger

    Jaeger New Member

    You got any Double Rainbow Energy from Crystal Guardians?
  13. TLesky

    TLesky New Member

    i will consider it. also want to confirm condition.

    ---------- Post added 10/17/2011 at 12:46 AM ----------

    i will look tomorrow.
  14. funmonkey54

    funmonkey54 New Member

    All are extremely Near Mint.
  15. Rambo

    Rambo New Member

    Blaziken ex - $12
    Exploud ex - $4
    Kyogre ex - $5
    Sceptile ex - $4
    Shiftry ex - $3.50
    Swampert ex - $7


    Pachirisu RH x 1 - $20 [T&T values at 25, but I value at 20]
    Shaymin - $15

    Total: $35

    Lmk or counter?
  16. TLesky

    TLesky New Member

    Thank you all for your responses and patience. My son has traded locally for all of our other needs. Looks like I am down to just the Tropical Beaches if anyone has them.

    I do apoligize to everyone waiting for responses from me. I guess my boy trades faster then I get back to people.:thumb:
  17. TLesky

    TLesky New Member

    gotta get back to the top of the list!!:thumb:
  18. TLesky

    TLesky New Member

    Updated with Legend halves and other stuff.
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  19. TLesky

    TLesky New Member

    More Stuff added. Rev holo commons and uncommons from HGSS-on.:thumb:
  20. TLesky

    TLesky New Member

    Updated with more cards to trade and more wants.:thumb:
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