H:Dice Bags, Sleeves and Deck Boxes, Flygon X, Rotoms, Pikachu N: INFERNAPE 4 X !!

Discussion in 'Trading Post' started by ice_brakerz, Oct 14, 2007.

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  1. ice_brakerz

    ice_brakerz New Member

    • Person with less refs sends first no exceptions
    • Once the trade has been confirmed (exchange of address) there is to be no backing out, any one who does will be given a BAD REF
    • I Do check list but not often
    • I only trade for my wants


    Extreme Low Wants ( Throw-Ins)
    1* Neo Genesis Typhosion (Must be Mint)
    1* Neo Genesis Feligatr (Must be Mint)
    1* Expedition Typhosion Holo
    1* Expedition Meganium Holo
    1* Expedition Charizard Holo
    1* Expedition Blastoise Holo
    1* Prelease Armaldo
    1x Promo 027 Tropical Tidal Wave Trainer
    1x Promo 028 Championship Arena Trainer Stadium
    1x Promo 036 Tropical Tidal Wave Trainer Staff
    1x Promo 040 Mew

    4x Uxie Rare
    3x Infernape 4
    1x Infernape 4 X

    Tons of ROTATED STUFF, just ask me if you need any
    1x Infernape Lv X
    2x Torterra Lv X
    1x Empoleon Lv X Tin
    3x Lucario Lv X
    7x Magmortar Lv X
    1x Electivire Lv X
    1x TSD
    3x Gardevoir Lv X
    3x Hunchkrow Lv x
    6x Dialga Lv X
    6x Palkia Lv X
    2x Leafeon Lv X- Japanese version
    2x Glaceon Lv X (One Japanese, one english)
    1x Azelf Lv X
    1x Uxie Lv X
    1x Mewtwo Lv X
    3x Raichu Lv X
    1x Dusknoir Lv X
    2x Charmender
    2x Charmeleon
    2x Shiny Voltorb
    3x Shiny Duskull
    3X Shiny Drifloon

    Diamond and Pearl
    5x Electivire (2 RH)
    15x Empoleon (2 Japanese)
    9x Infernape
    11x Lucario (one Japanese)
    3x Machamp
    2x Palkia
    1x Magnezone

    Mysterious Treasures
    5x Blissey (1 RH)
    1x Lumineon
    2x Garchomp RH
    10x Feraligatr (1 RH)
    1x Magmortar
    1x Walrein
    2x Whiscash
    2x Toxicroak ( 1RH)
    1x Celebi RH
    2x Toxicroak (1 RH)
    5x Kricketune (1 RH)
    1x Araidos
    1x Nidoqueen RH
    1x Ambipom RH
    1x Alakazam
    2x Mr Mime
    1x Crobat
    1x Rampardos
    1x Slaking
    1x Chimecho

    Secret Wonder
    6x Gardevoir (3 RH)
    3x Gallade
    3x Ho-oh RH
    3x Charizard
    2x Flygon (1RH)
    2x Lickilicky (1 RH)
    3x Roserade (1 RH)
    1x Entei
    1x Ludicolo RH
    1x Gastrodon
    3x Suicune
    1x Mew
    2x Venusaur (1 RH)
    4x Magmortar (1 RH)
    1x Salamence
    4x Electrode (1 RH)
    2x Blastoise (1 RH)
    1x Sunflora
    3x Mothiam (1 RH)
    1x Unown N RH
    2x Golem (1 RH)
    2x Weavile (1 RH)
    1x Xatu 1RH
    2x Lugia RH
    1x Electivire RH
    2x Wormadam plant clock (1 RH)
    3x Nidoking
    3x Unown S (1 RH)
    3x Minun (1 RH)
    3x Banette
    3x Arcanine
    1x Jynx
    2x Sharpedo
    1x Dugtrio
    1x Pidgeot
    4x Wormadam Sandy Cloak (1 RH)
    3x Absol (1 RH)
    3x Wormadam Trash Cloak
    2x Suicune (1 RH)

    Great Encounters
    2x Cresselia
    3x Porygon-Z (1 RH)
    1x Rotom
    4x Swampurt
    4x Tangrowth (1 RH)
    2x Pachirisu (1 RH)
    1x Blaziken
    3x Darkrai -Reach Over
    4x Slowking (2 RH)
    4x Mawile (2 RH)
    3x Wigglytuff (2 RH)
    3x Latias (1 RH)
    2x Latios (1 RH)
    4x Kingler (2 RH)
    2x Weezing (1 RH)
    4x Milotic (1 RH)
    1x Palkia
    1x Beedrill
    3x Primeape
    5x Unown H (2 RH)
    2x Lapras
    3x Butterfree (1 RH)
    3x Wailord
    2x Altaria
    1x Hypno
    3x Exploud
    1x Houndoom
    3x Dialga (1 RH)
    2x Sceptile

    Majestic Dawn
    1x Bastiodon
    3x Infernape (1 RH)
    4x Jolteon (1 RH)
    4x Bronzong
    2x Omastar
    2x Umbreon
    2x Flareon (1 RH)
    4x Zapdos (1 RH)
    3x Espeon
    2x Unown P
    2x Toxicroak
    1x Plusle
    3x Leafeon (1 RH)- spiral drain
    2x Scizor (1 RH)
    2x Hippowdon RH
    2x Phione - Charm
    1x Vaporeon
    1x Articuno
    4x Leafeon (2 RH) - Bind Down
    4x Mewtwo
    2x Dialga (1 RH)
    2x Rotom
    1x Moltres RH
    2x Phione - Evo Wish
    2x Manaphy (1 RH)

    Legends Awakened
    3x Glisgor (2 RH)
    3x Kingdra
    3x Rayquaza
    2x Froslass (1 RH)
    1x Yamega
    1x Metagross
    1x Dragonite
    1x Mewtwo
    2x Bellosom RH
    1x Regigigas RH
    1x Jirachi RH
    2x Lopunny (1 RH)
    2x Forrestress (1 RH)
    1x Armaldo
    4x Shedinja
    1x Unown !
    2x Victreebel
    1x Registeel
    1x Heatran
    1x Torkoal
    2x Vilemplume
    1x Mesprit
    1x Groudon

    1x Lumineon
    1x Magnezon
    2x Rapidash (1 RH)
    1x Bronzong RH
    1x Tangrowth
    1x Vespiquen
    1x Gyrados
    1x Drapion
    1x Salamence
    1x Skuntank

    Rising Rivals
    1x Flygon Lv X
    1x Alakazam Lv X
    1x Snorlax Lv X
    1x Pikachu
    1x Wash Rotom
    1x Frost Rotom
    1x Charons Choice

    2* 006 Torchic
    1* 009 combusken winner
    1* 020 ludicolo (sealed)
    4* 026 Tropical Wind

    Notable Holos/Rares
    1* 1st ed Team Rocket Dark Vilemplume (error weakness)
    1* Shadowless Pokemon Center
    1* Jungle Clefable (no jungle sign)
    1* Jungle Kangaskhan (no jungle sign)

    Heatram Deck Box
    Regigigas Deck Box
    Giratina Deck Box
    Giratina/ Dialga Deck Box
    Giratina Binder
    Shaymin Sleeves
    Shaymin Deck Box
    Electivire/Magmortar Deck Box
    Glaceon Leafeon Deck Box
    Cresselia Deck Box
    Darkrai Playmat sealed
    Christmas Dice Bags
    Pikachu/Pichu Dice Bag
    Charizard and Friends Dice Bag
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  2. L00p_H01eS

    L00p_H01eS New Member

    i got magmortar lv X, promo mew (bad condition), 3 dodrios.

    i want ur mew*
  3. Hatter™

    Hatter™ Active Member

    what would you trade for: 6 PlusPower, 3 Night Maintenance, 3 Dodrio, 3 Kricketune?
  4. tylerG

    tylerG New Member

    I have these:
    2x Plus Power
    2x Night Maintenace
    1x Palkia MT Reverse Holo
    1x Raichu MT Reverse Holo
    3x Dodrio MT

    Also see my list.

    I like these:
    1x Electivire (Not Reverse Holo)
    2x Lucario
  5. ice_brakerz

    ice_brakerz New Member

    ok guys first things first i am from UK.... so if u can't trade overseas plz let me know but plz note that i have like 38 refs on gym

    loop holes- sorry pal but that won't get you the mew star since i have way better offers that that for that guy

    madhatter- what do u need from my list?

    tyler g- is that an offer??? PM me
  6. Hatter™

    Hatter™ Active Member

    I just need lucario's and vire's and vire x. ya know the usuals people want : /
    I also have a :4-2-2 line of garchomp for trade
  7. Cipher_Admin

    Cipher_Admin New Member

    Have 4 Kricketune (1 RH), 3 Dodrio MT, 4 Gible MT, 2 Gabite MT. Need your Ray d ex.
  8. pokemonmike

    pokemonmike Active Member

    Good day Ice! I was reading over your rules and had a little chuckle over this one:

    I would ask you just edit it as you are far from third on the refs list here.:biggrin: Infact there are around 30+ people with more refs listed then you from this site.:thumb: Just thought it was misleading info to post you are one of the top 3 traders on the site.:wink:

    Last edited: Oct 14, 2007
  9. ChubbyChilupa135

    ChubbyChilupa135 New Member

    hey I got these
    2x Raichu mt
    2-2-4 line of Garchomp
    1 Prerealese Armaldo
    R u looking for 3 sets of the Lucario and electvire or 3 individual sleeves??
    Anyway I'm intrested in
    2x Electvire DP
    2x Lucario
    and do u have any Buzz D or Elekid DP??
  10. ice_brakerz

    ice_brakerz New Member

    madhatter can u plz pm me what u want and what u have thanks

    cipher- lol.... that won't get u the ray

    mike- sorry as u would have notice i copied it directly from another site :p

    chubbychilupa- i need 3 packs of sleeves what do u have ?? PM me if u want to sell them and i can give u 2 vire for 2 raichu what do u think?
  11. ChubbyChilupa135

    ChubbyChilupa135 New Member

    I have just 3 sleeves of each but yeah I could do 2 raichu for 2 electvire
  12. xleftranx

    xleftranx New Member

    I have 3 Dodrio MT, 2 Kricketune MT. Need ur 2 empoleon RH, and 2 Delcatty PK RH.
  13. ice_brakerz

    ice_brakerz New Member

    updating my list guys
  14. ice_brakerz

    ice_brakerz New Member

  15. dtrain

    dtrain New Member

    Cml for 4 Feraligtr and a Honchkrow thanks
  16. Pinsir52

    Pinsir52 New Member

    I have 1 Charizard d, Japanese, mint. Please CML if you want to trade.
  17. ice_brakerz

    ice_brakerz New Member

    i need 8 great balls i will trade anything for it lol!!!!!
  18. millionkp

    millionkp New Member

    i'll give you 10 great balls for a Catty EX.
  19. ice_brakerz

    ice_brakerz New Member

    look pal i am not going to be that desperate.... if u want to find such deals its not availble here... i only do fair trades... bye
  20. ice_brakerz

    ice_brakerz New Member

    updated wif all new stuff
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