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  1. Tolan

    Tolan New Member

    • I live in the US. I only ship to the US.
    • Some of my cards aren't mint. I'll inform you if they're not.
    • I'll ship with the card in a penny sleeve in a top loader in a paper envelope. If it's a more costly deal I'll use a bubblewrap mailer.
    • Just because me and you are talking about a trade, other people might snatch the cards you want away. Get the trade done so that that doesn't happen.
    • Don't scam/trade fake cards. I waste my time and money on this game, so you have to too.
    • I accept both English and Japanese cards. Japanese cards are preferred.


    To CYT


    1x Gameboy SP
    1x Gameboy Micro
    1x 3DS
    1x Pokemon Emerald

    Xx [Rev. Holo] TV Reporter - DR
    1x [1st Edition] Light Jolteon - NR

    Xx [Shiny] Pokemon Catcher - DEX

    Xx Mudkip* - TRR
    Xx Torchic* - TRR
    Xx Treecko* - TRR
    Xx Rayquaza* - DX
    Xx Umbreon* - POP5
    Xx Espeon* - POP5

    Random Stuff:
    3x Sealed CoL Energies Pack
    1x Pink DS Lite

    Japanese Promos:
    1x 2004 Silver Victory Metal
    1x Cool Porygon
    1x Lucky Stadium Kyoto
    1x _____'s Chansey

    2009 Japanese Movie Premier Pack Cards:
    1x Chikorita
    2x Beautifly
    2x Heracross
    1x Cyndaquil
    1x Heatran
    1x Totidille
    1x Piplup
    1x Dialga
    2x Croagunk
    1x Girantina
    2x Bronzong
    1x Dialga
    2x Meowth
    1x Starvia
    1x Buneary
    1x Holo Arceus

    English Promos:
    1x Arcainine WotC 6
    1x Mewtwo WotC 14
    1x Sealed Cool Porygon WotC 15
    1x Meowth WotC 18
    1x Surfing Pikachu WotC 28
    1x Entei WotC 34
    1x Unown WotC 38
    1x Sealed Ancient Mew WotC 54
    1x Sealed 1st Edition Machamp
    1x Unstamped 2004 Tropical Wind
    1x Entei POP2 1
    1x Bulbasaur POP2 12
    1x Luvdisc POP2 14
    1x Minun POP3 4
    2x Deoxys POP4 2
    1x Mew Southern Island 1
    1x Pidgeot Southern Island 2
    1x Onix Southern Island 3
    1x Slowking Southern Island 14

    1x Kingdra - DR
    1x Crawdaunt - HP
    1x Hariyama - DX
    1x Aggron - CG
    1x Metagross - PK
    1x Shiftry - CG
    1x Typhlosion - UF
    1x Groudon - Promo
    1x Hitmonchan - RS
    1x Kabutops - SS
    1x Tyranitar - POP1
    1x Golem - DR
    1x Rayquaza - Promo
    1x Skarmory - PK
    1x Swampert - TATM
    1x Tyranitar - DF
    1x Zapdos - Promo
    1x Aerodactyl - SS
    1x Espeon - UF

    Lv. Xs:
    1x Palkia - Promo

    1x Umbreon - UD

    Misc. Secret Rares:
    1x Alph Lithograph - UD

    1x Rev. Holo Golem

    2x Double Colorless Energy - BS
    Xx All Basic energies. Ask about which sets.
    1x [Holo] Electric Energy - PK
    2x [Holo]Grass Energy - Em
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  2. Chaos0

    Chaos0 Active Member

    Please CML for Espeon ex, if mint. Thanks!
  3. Vablakes

    Vablakes New Member

    CML for JPN Silver Victory Medal, Crystal Golem RH and Lucky Stadium,and what are your values on each?
  4. Tolan

    Tolan New Member

    It's not mint. It has writing on it, but other then that its mint.
    Crystal Golem $18.00
    Silver 2006 Victory Metal (mint) $7.00
    Lucky Stadium Kyoto (mint) $13.00

    I saw:
    Shiny Gardevoir
    Shiny Zoroark
  5. Vablakes

    Vablakes New Member

    How about:
    Shiny Zoro

    Victory Medal
    Lucky Stadium Kyoto
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