H: FA Darkrai EX, Dark Explorer stuff, Mewtwo EX + stuff W: Bulk and other stuff

Discussion in 'Trading Post' started by juniormccracken, Apr 17, 2012.

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  1. juniormccracken

    juniormccracken <b>BR Autumn 11 WWWW Leader</b>

    Simple thread just got more complex.

    Pending trades:
    Solarbane*- My FA Mewtwo EX for his 700 C/UC and Mewtwo EX (address exchanged - he sends first)
    martin99tenis - My FA Mewtwo EX for his 2,222 C/UC (address exchanged. he sends first).
    [DEL]ChubbyChilupa135[/DEL] - trade canceled
    EQcrushedu - My 3x sealed SSU/Collector packs for his 1750 C/UC (cards received, I sent cards out)
    benomac7 - COMPLETE

    1 C/UC = 1 pt.
    1 RH C/UCA = 1.5 pts.
    1 H or RH Rare = 3.5 pts.

    * in the instance of a .5 point, they will round down for the total value

    FA Darkrai EX (really hard for me to trade but I will put it here on my list. Offer has to be amazing for me to trade as I just made a dark deck with it. will trade for C/UC autotrade)
    2x Kyogre EX
    [DEL]1,999[/DEL] 1,799 pts - 1x FA Mewtwo EX (I just picked a silly number tbh...I need Mewtwos like everyone else so I will only trade this for an amazing deal)
    [DEL]FA Kyogre EX[/DEL]
    [DEL]2x Entei EX[/DEL]
    [DEL]Secret Rare Gardivour[/DEL]
    more Dark Explorers to come (ask if you want something unlisted - no Tornadus EX, no Darkrai EX, no Raikou EX)
    [DEL]3x Sealed Super Scoop Up / Pokemon Collector (2 of each per pack[/DEL]) - traded to EQcrushedu.
    400 pts. - 5x Magnezone Prime
    450 pts. - 2x FA Kyurem EX
    150 pts. - 4x Kyurem EX
    225 pts. - 2x Reshiram EX
    200 pts - 9x Electrode Prime
    125 pts - 9x Yanmega Prime
    350 pts - 7x Mew Prime
    225 pts - 6x Gengar Prime
    200 pts - 3x Kingdra Prime
    225 pts - 8x Donphan Prime
    275 pts - 4x Pokemon Collector
    350 pts - 4x Player Reward Pokemon Collector (opened)
    ...more to come.

    If you don't agree with the points, feel free to politely barter. This is supposed to be a happy place. :D

    :::UPDATE::: Dark Explorers stuff...I'm going to hold of until this weekend to trade anymore of this.

    Last edited: May 14, 2012
  2. GUERO51

    GUERO51 New Member

    MY: 2222 BULK

    Posted with Mobile style...
  3. juniormccracken

    juniormccracken <b>BR Autumn 11 WWWW Leader</b>

    Confirmation PM sent. Thanks! I have 2 FA Mewtwos left for trade. :D
  4. ChubbyChilupa135

    ChubbyChilupa135 New Member

    My 2222 Bulk C/UC

    Your Mewtwo Ex FA

    PM to confirm?
  5. juniormccracken

    juniormccracken <b>BR Autumn 11 WWWW Leader</b>

    PM sent to confirm.

    Only one left...
  6. PokemonTrader

    PokemonTrader Active Member

    bulk rates??.......17
  7. Civarc

    Civarc New Member

    Do you want only current format bulk? LMK because I have TONS of bulk and I'm very interested! :)
  8. juniormccracken

    juniormccracken <b>BR Autumn 11 WWWW Leader</b>

    What do you mean? PM if you want (once I empty my inbox). lol

    out of format is fine - just as long as most of it is not T/S/S and NM to M.
  9. Solarbane

    Solarbane New Member

    I wish I had more bulk, I'd make this offer in an instant...

    Would you be willing to do the bulk I have (700+, not sure exact count) plus one of my Mewtwo EX reg?
    Last edited: Apr 19, 2012
  10. basketballboy

    basketballboy New Member

    i have 1000 all holo bulk rares. do they count more than commons uncommons? pm me please!
  11. flygon_frank_66

    flygon_frank_66 New Member

    Got anything else you want bulk for???
  12. EQcrushedu

    EQcrushedu New Member

    Please tell me you have other stuff you're willing to trade for bulk and what are your values on bulk rares, Rh c/uc, RH rare, etc?
  13. juniormccracken

    juniormccracken <b>BR Autumn 11 WWWW Leader</b>

    Offer looks good...let me look it over and I will let you know.

    I can do 1 Holo bulk = 3.5 C/UC.

    I do. I will update the OP soon (and let you know when I do).

    I will update the OP with other stuff I will trade for bulk. I think this is how my value is going to be.

    1 C/UC = 1 C/UC
    1 RH C/UCA = 1.5 C/UC
    1 H Rare = 3.5 C/UC
  14. Civarc

    Civarc New Member

    do you have any catcher? also do you accept rares (non holo). And how much for RH rares? Thanks.
  15. flygon_frank_66

    flygon_frank_66 New Member

    How much bulk for 1x SR Meowth & 1x FA Virizion listed in the thread from your signature?
  16. juniormccracken

    juniormccracken <b>BR Autumn 11 WWWW Leader</b>

    Same as holo rares...3.5x (see OP)

    I think I can 300 for the FA Virizion and 200 for the SR Meowth.
  17. Civarc

    Civarc New Member

    So do you have catchers for trade? lol
  18. juniormccracken

    juniormccracken <b>BR Autumn 11 WWWW Leader</b>

    Oops..forgot about that. Sorry. No, I do not at this time.
  19. Solarbane

    Solarbane New Member

    Are you still considering my offer for your Mewtwo FA? If it is not adequate, I do have my trade thread you can have a look at.
  20. flygon_frank_66

    flygon_frank_66 New Member

    I will give you 200 for Virizion.
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