H: HGSS, Call Of Legends, B&W-On W: Zekrom EX FA, FAs, Mewtwo EX FA, many others

Discussion in 'Trading Post' started by PN0iB0i21, Apr 7, 2012.

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  1. PN0iB0i21

    PN0iB0i21 New Member

    Here are my Trade Rules:
    1) I can ship both US and Canada only
    2) You make offers first.
    3) Please try to send in any way to protec the cards.
    4) I have some LIMITED wants, so if you see anything that you want let me know.
    5) I do a thorough background check on everyone I wanna trade so if you are a SCAMMER, watch out!
    6) If you have a trade tread and want something of mine, but do not have anything I want (or Via Versa). just post the link to ur thread.
    7) I will not trade with those who have a bad refs.
    8) If there is a dispute, lets figure it out before refs are left.
    9) If there is no dispute, please leave a ref ASAP.
    10) I know I am new to posting here....Most of my trading is done via Youtube so Look at the Channel down on the signature!
    11) Any questions, just ask.

    - Zekrom EX FA
    - Mewtwo EX FA
    - Regigigas EX FA
    - Shaymin EX FA
    - RH Trainers or Supporters
    - RH Commons and Uncommons that I need

    Haves (HGSS - On):
    - Primes
    - Rares
    - Commons and Uncommons
    - Trainers and Supportes

    Other cards I HAVE that was not included in the Binder Collection (HGSS-On Cards):
    - 4x Pokemon Collector (HGSS Trainer Kit - still legal)
    - Weavile RH (NXD)
    - Scrafty (RH & HOLO)
    - Zoroark BLW
    - Lucario (2x RH & 2x HOLO)
    - Gigalith EMP (Crystal Shard)
    - Gliscor HOLO
    - Landrus HOLO
    - Roserade RH
    - Whimsicott (3x RH)
    - Serpirior Ability (2x HOLO)
    - Vanilluxe Ability (3x HOLO)
    - Articuno NXD (HOLO)
    - Beartic EMP (3x HOLO)
    - Manaphy (3x HOLO)
    - Simipour NXD (HOLO)
    - Samurott Ability (HOLO)
    - Ditto (3x HOLO)
    - Noctowl (2x RH & 1x HOLO)
    - Braviary (HOLO)
    - Togekiss (HOLO)
    - Persian NXD (HOLO)
    - Cinccino NXD (3x HOLO)
    - Klinklang EMP (2x RH)
    - Moltres (HOLO)
    - Chandelure NXD (HOLO)
    - Ninetales COL (HOLO)
    (More to come...)

    Interested look at my Youtube Channel at the Bottom! I am TOO lazy to put all what I have so look at my Youtube channel to see what I have! If you are interested in any of my cards/collection...Let me know and post on this forum! We will make the trades here and any personal information shall me don via PM!


    Down here!! Thanks for lookin'!! Have fun!!

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  2. Zekrom_24

    Zekrom_24 New Member

    do u have any ex emerald energies
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  3. PN0iB0i21

    PN0iB0i21 New Member

    So far I got water...But I do not think I wanna trade it...If you are interested in other cards look at my trade binder!!
  4. Zekrom_24

    Zekrom_24 New Member

    I saw u had a fire Ex emerald
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  5. Chaos0

    Chaos0 Active Member

    Is your Mewtwo EX for trade?
    If so, please CML for it. Thanks.
  6. PN0iB0i21

    PN0iB0i21 New Member

    I might have to keep that too...

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    As of right now no...I am waiting for another Mewtwo EX via mail..so once I get it... I will trade it...
  7. meghanchu

    meghanchu New Member

    Do you have any of this

    Mewtwo EX (Regular or FA)
    Terrakion Full Art
    Elektrik RH
    Tynamo RH (30 HP/free retreat)
    Reverse Holo Catchers (will also take offers with non holo)
    N Full Art
    Reverse Holo Double Colorless Energy (HGSS)
    any type Holon Phantoms Energy
  8. Zekrom_24

    Zekrom_24 New Member

    awwww okay that's cool well I did see the FA Reshiram and Regigigas ex
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  9. PN0iB0i21

    PN0iB0i21 New Member

    The only thing I can trade is probably...
    - 1x Pokemon Catcher
    - 4x Double Colorless Energy RH
    - 1x Tynamo RH (30HP)

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    Reshiram FA and Regigigas EX are not for trade at the moment...
  10. meghanchu

    meghanchu New Member

    Okay, so what specific Supporters/Trainers, commons and uncommons are you looking for in RH?
  11. Bilbo Baggins

    Bilbo Baggins New Member

    cml for the catcher. Thank you!
  12. Zekrom_24

    Zekrom_24 New Member

    And a catcher thank you
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  13. PN0iB0i21

    PN0iB0i21 New Member

    - 1x Pokemon Catcher - $12
    - 4x Double Colorless Energy RH - $2.50
    - 1x Tynamo RH (30HP) - $2
    For your:
    - Zekrom EX non-promo - $6
    - 2x Professor Juniper RH - $2 each
    - Rare Candy RH - $8

    ---------- Post added 04/07/2012 at 10:56 PM ----------

    I looked at what you have and I do not see what I need... Sorry, man.

    ---------- Post added 04/07/2012 at 11:07 PM ----------

    If you want the energy I might be able to trade one of each...
    - Pokemon Catcher - $12
    - Fire Energy HOLO (EX Power Keepers) - $2
    - Water Energy HOLO (EX Power Keepers) - $2
    For your:
    - 2x Virizion FA - $7 each
    - 2x Rocky Helmet RH - $.50 each
    - 2x Cilan RH - $.50 each

    Let me know if you are okay with this...=)

    ---------- Post added 04/08/2012 at 06:14 PM ----------

    There will be a TRADE UPDATE! So stay tuned. Do not for get to check my channel!
    Last edited: Apr 8, 2012
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