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Discussion in 'Trading Post' started by GengarsNitemare, Jun 27, 2016.

  1. GengarsNitemare

    GengarsNitemare New Member

    Hey everyone I am back with a new trade thread. Looking to boost my WOTC up a little bit so currently I am only looking for WOTC cards besides the Current secret rares listed.

    1. Pokegym Rules trump any rules.
    2. Cards MUST BE NM/M unless stated before trade.
    3. Once addresses are exchange, the trade is official.
    4. Have Fun.

    Mega Mewtwo (Vanishing Strike)
    Raticate Break
    2x Charizard EX (from 20th box)
    Seismitoad EX
    Malamar EX
    Hoopa EX
    2x Lugia EX FA (Aero Ball)
    Emboar EX
    Manaphy EX FA
    2x Thundurus EX
    Mega Houndoom EX FA
    Mega Alakazam EX
    Alakazam EX FA
    2x Pikachu EX
    2x Gyrarados EX FA
    Gyarados EX
    Glalie EX
    Mega Glalie EX FA
    Mega Glalie EX
    Mega Altaria EX
    Golem EX
    Umbreon EX
    Umbreon EX FA

    Play set of EVERY Ancient Trait card
    2x Memories Mew
    1x Item Lock Trevenant
    Starburst Jirachi
    3 Vaporeon/3 Jolteon/3 Flareon Ability
    Xerneas (Geomancy)
    3x Bide Wobbuffet
    2x Bodyguard Marowak
    4x REgice
    3x Yveltal (Oblivion Wing)
    3x Magnezone

    Just ask, I'll more than likely have it... (only 1 playset of supreme victors VS Seekers, will not trade singly)


    Neo Destiny/Revelation Shinings
    ALL WOTC Promos, the more the better
    Southern Island Set
    ALL Charizard Cards from Skyridge and Earlier
    Gengar cards from Neo Destiny and before

    Current Secret Rares:
    Charizard (Plasma) Big want
    Dialga - Silver
    Reshiram - Gold
    Zekrom - Gold
    Rayquaza Gold
    Kyogre Gold
    Groudon Gold

    More will be added to my Haves list periodically!
  2. konor

    konor New Member

    Hello i have near mint Empoleon SR, we can make deal if you trade overseas.

    Lmk i want some cards from your have list.

    Have a nice day!
  3. GengarsNitemare

    GengarsNitemare New Member

    sure what did you want?
  4. konor

    konor New Member

    Im interested in:
    Mega Alakazam EX
    Alakazam EX FA
    Jirachi stardust
    Yveltal oblivion wing (2-3)

    I also found one Raticate from southern island set but is sightly played if you re interested :)

    Pm me pls :)
  5. x0blacklabel0x

    x0blacklabel0x New Member

    i have a sealed southern islands for trade and more. im interested in
    umbreon ex
    umbreon ex fa
    both mega glalie

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