H: Mewtwo, EXs, FAs, Primes, Video Games! W: A few things! Will CYL!!

Discussion in 'Trading Post' started by Puckstopper20, May 14, 2012.

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  1. Puckstopper20

    Puckstopper20 New Member

    1. Pokegym rules apply.
    2. Lower refs will send first.
    3. Once addresses are exchanged, the deal is sealed. If you back out, or try to cancel, I WILL leave a negative/neutral ref.
    4. I ONLY want English, and MINT/NM cards. No fakes, world championship cards, or different language cards unless I ask for them.
    5. My cards will be in Mint/NM, unless I say so. I can send you a picture of the card and let you decide.
    6. I will send my end of the deal in toploaders. Depending on the size of the trade, I will send by regular envelope, bubble mailers, and in high value trades, I will use small flat rate boxes from USPS.
    7. NO RIPPING. I will file mail fraud. Period.
    8. PLEASE-- try to make an offer, then ask me to CYL. Cool


    Darkrai EX
    Tornadus EX
    Raikou EX


    For the most part, I'll be taking Commons/Uncommons, but let me know about bulk rares, reverse holos, or any others you would like to trade. The bulk trade ins will be done in points.

    For the sake of trading, I'll list the cards I have at the moment, and I'll begin to add values as I improve the thread.

    1 Common/Uncommon = 1 Pt.



    Pokemon Fire Red
    Pokemon Emerald
    Pokemon Sapphire
    Pokemon Diamond
    Polemon Pearl
    Pokemon Soul Silver
    2 DS Lites: Lime Green (Custom)
    Yellow with Pikachu on the front


    Mewtwo EX
    Kyurem EX, Non FA (Set)
    Regigigas EX, Non FA
    Reshiram EX, Non FA (Set)
    Reshiram EX, FA
    x2 Zekrom EX, Non FA (Set)
    Shaymin EX, Non FA
    Shaymin EX, FA

    Secret Rares

    Meowth NVI


    Virizion FA
    Cobalion FA
    Victini FA
    Tornadus FA
    x5 Landorus FA


    DCL Top
    REL Bot


    x2 Absol Prime
    x2 Donphan Prime
    x2 Kingdra Prime
    x1 Geraligatr Prime
    x3 Raichu Prime
    x4 Typhlosion Prime (1 Promo)
    x1 Magnezone Prime
    x4 Yanmega Prime


    x7 Pokemon Collector
    xX Junk Arm
    x2 Twins RH
    xX Eviolite
    xX Rocky Helmet
    xX EXP Share
    xX More, can't remember them all, just ask.
    xX Rare Candy 1 RH

    Other Pokemon of Interest

    x4 Gardevoir NXE
    x4 Chandelure NVi
    x2 Jirachi COL & UL
    x2 Reuniclus BW
    x2 Hydreigon NVI
    x6 Zoroark BW & Promo
    x2 Conkeldurr
    x3 Cobalion
    x2 Victini (Ability)
    x5 Chandelure NXE
    x1 Reshiram NXE
    x1 Arcanine NXE
    x2 Emboar (Ability) 1 Promo
    x3 Kyurem NVI 1 RH
    x3 Vanilluxe NXE
    x2 Beartic (Sheer)
    x3 Zekrom BW, 1 NXE
    x2 Luxray NXE
    x1 Elektross
    x2 Pikachu HGSS Promo 3
    x3 Druddigon NVi
    x1 Haxorus NVI
    x2 Cinccino NXE
    x2 Jumpluff HGSS
    x1 Virizion NVI RH
    x1 Shaymin UL
    x2 Leavanny NVI
    x3 Vileplume (Trainer Lock)
    x3 Serperior Royal Heal 1 Promo

    Trying to complete your RH Collection?! I have the cards you're missing! Ask for the cards you need, and I'll check to see if I have them! Way too many to list!
    Last edited: May 22, 2012
  2. Civarc

    Civarc New Member

    CML for your terrakion FA. Also do you have any pokemon catchers?
  3. koltonsdragonite

    koltonsdragonite New Member

    CMl for these please.
    4 Landorus FA
    Terrakion FA
  4. poke-j

    poke-j New Member

    cml for pokemon: soulsilver, diamond, & pearl
  5. Vablakes

    Vablakes New Member

    CML for Soul Surfer, Diamond, 4 FA Landorus and Terrakion FA? Thanks!

    Edit: Soulsilver. Not Soul Surfer. Dumb autocorrect.
  6. Puckstopper20

    Puckstopper20 New Member

    Sorry Nothing Kolt. Unless You have any unlisted EXs from DE.

    Interested in your Tornadus EX, and some RH trainers from DE.

    Same, Interested in your Tornadus EX!
  7. Civarc

    Civarc New Member

    I totally got skipped...
  8. Zekrom_24

    Zekrom_24 New Member

    I don't have any of your wants but can you take the time to CML for 4 FA Landorus?
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  9. Puckstopper20

    Puckstopper20 New Member

    You see anything else you like? I like:

    Mewtwo EX
    Tornadus EX
    Raikou EX
    and any RH Trainers from DE

    LMK if you wanna work something out.

    Sorry didn't see anything bro.
  10. Zekrom_24

    Zekrom_24 New Member

    the mewtwo is my auto deal the tornadus and raikou are only being traded towards the FA and I don't have any spare RH T/S/S
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  11. Puckstopper20

    Puckstopper20 New Member

    You can't find anything to get it out of the auto deal spot?
  12. Redbuu31

    Redbuu31 New Member

    I have the bulk you wanted. I am interested in these, let me know what you think, thanks:

    Pokemon Fire Red
    Pokemon Leaf Green

    Kyurem EX, Non FA (Set)
    Regigigas EX, Non FA
    Reshiram EX, Non FA (Set)
    Reshiram EX, FA
    Zekrom EX, Non FA (Set)
    Shaymin EX, Non FA
    Shaymin EX, FA

    Secret Rares
    Pikachu BW
    Meowth NVI

    Virizion FA
    Cobalion FA
    Terrakion FA
    Victini FA
    Reshiram FA
    Zekrom FA (Black BG)
    Thundurus FA
    Tornadus FA
    'N' FA
  13. Puckstopper20

    Puckstopper20 New Member

    Is the bulk mostly HGSS-On? Do you have more?
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  14. Akimbo

    Akimbo New Member

    cml for:

    gigas ex
    N FA
    terrakion FA
  15. Puckstopper20

    Puckstopper20 New Member

    Do you have any RH DE trainers/supporters?

    I liked 2 Tornadus FA

    EDIT: I only have the gigas ex left btw
    Last edited: May 15, 2012
  16. Akimbo

    Akimbo New Member

    i have a juniper. i can do 1 tornadus and the juniper RH for the gigas?
  17. Puckstopper20

    Puckstopper20 New Member

    Nah I can't do it for just one tornadus man, sorry..
  18. Puckstopper20

    Puckstopper20 New Member

    BUMP! Updated with some cards!
  19. Zekrom_24

    Zekrom_24 New Member

    I can do a raikou ex and tornadus ex plus something for mewtwo ex
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  20. Kashmaster

    Kashmaster New Member

    CML for 1x Landorus FA please
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