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  1. LimitedCy

    LimitedCy New Member

    Server Name:pokemonFireRedServer
  2. BelgianExtralarge

    BelgianExtralarge New Member

  3. persian111

    persian111 New Member

    hamachi server for 3rd gen poke

    hey everybody there my hamachi server for 3rd gen poke ID-pokemon-persian1 PW-123 ill make more if this 1 is full :)

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    new server :)... ID-pokemon-persian3 PW-123 inactive =kick out

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    another hamachi server for ya ID-pokemon-persian3 PW-123
    and -ID pokemon-persian1 PW-123
  4. ShinyHaxorus

    ShinyHaxorus New Member

    If anybody wants to do Battles come here.

    IDs: ShinyHaxorus3rdGen
    PW For All Of Them (Changed): 1234

    Hope you enjoy all your battles here :D

    I will do all Tiers. I will also do custom LC if you want. :wink:

    EDIT: Change of plan guys, since my IDs are old i decided to do some new ones, and they are right below here.

    New IDs: Poke3rdGenBattles

    Pasword for all Servers: 12345
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  5. Gen3Fan

    Gen3Fan New Member

    Dec 18 2013


    All 3 networks have the password: 123

    Looking forward to battling (I'm using Pokemon Emerald)!
  6. Most wanted

    Most wanted New Member

    hi guys.

    I'm really sick of entering one hamachi server and no one is there or who is, never answers. So, I have created my own hamachi server, but there are two major rules that anyone who wants to join has to follow: always be nice to the other members of the network and be active. I'll be very strict with the latter. Anyone who joins and is inactive for more than 3 entire days, will be immediately kicked. I wish a very good time to those who join, so here it is:


    My battle rules: just level 100 pokemons (if anyone hasn't got a team level 100, i can provide my save though), every pokemon is permitted bar ubers. I just battle in fire red or leaf green.
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  7. fotul

    fotul New Member

    PLease !! Join!
    and it will continue Emeraldo4 and if it they will be full I will make other server Emeralddo5 e.t.c.
    and password 123
    generation 3
  8. ninjawalter

    ninjawalter New Member

    id = WalterIsNotMe
    password = ninjawalter
  9. ninjawalter

    ninjawalter New Member

    ID = RedsharkNetworx
    password = 123
  10. Omarvelco

    Omarvelco New Member

    PW: 123 for all of them

    pls join >:D!
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  11. CowSaw210700

    CowSaw210700 New Member

    id: pok210700

    pass: 123

    - - - Updated - - -

    id: pok210700

    pass: 123
  12. hotdogsrule

    hotdogsrule New Member

    id: efjkl
    password: dogeatham
  13. fotul

    fotul New Member

    ID:phokemon or Phokemon1 or Phokemon2 or Phokemon3 etc PASS : 123 please join for battles in pokemon emerald with pokemon level 100 . advanced players. Also, watch this video :https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FLVduzRVkGk . It will help the speed of the link battles.Thank you in advance!
  14. Vikash445

    Vikash445 New Member

    ID:Vikash's 3rd Gen Wifi
    Pass:123 Plz Join
  15. Gnupf

    Gnupf New Member

    Does anyone have any active servers? Please keep posting them.
  16. fotul

    fotul New Member

    Hello xD ! 256 SLOTS HAMACHI NETOWORK FOR POKEMON EMERALD Network ID: 256-727-009 and the password :pro Enjoy xD My username in hamachi is Pokemon Spirit Fighter!
  17. Punishment

    Punishment New Member

    Oi ^^ I have made a new server for pokemon Battles|Trades Server name is jeffo12345 and password 123 come join =D
  18. FiliHP

    FiliHP New Member

    If anyone want to battle me on Leaf Green / Fire Red / Emerald just message me and I'll set up a server :)

    EDIT: Still looking for battle? ID: fireredz Password: 123
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  19. William2706

    William2706 New Member


    ID: Pokêmon_Fire_Red_Battle

    ID: Pokêmaniacos_2706

    To logado quase todo dia, se vcs querem uma batalha pokemon ?

    Jogo no Fire Red
    WathsApp:(51)8159-3857 (só pfv não me liguem)
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  20. AngusMiozzo

    AngusMiozzo New Member

    New network 2016!

    Id: Pokemozzo
    password: 123

    Pokemon Fire Red, Leaf Green and Emerald. Trades also!

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