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Discussion in 'Prerelease Tournaments' started by ugly psyducky, May 11, 2008.

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    It's Mother's Day so I'm surprised when my wife indicated her interest in playing last week, so who am I to look a gift horse in the mouth. I spend the morning planting flowers in the garden, weeding the lawn while we wait for her to get home from Girl Scout Camp (One must make sure that minds are not changed). So we (me, my wife, my two sons 6 and 9) pack up an head off to Hamilton. We arrive just as registration opens, get that done and head out to the local bakery to eat cannoli before the tourney starts. We arrive back to the store and its absolutely packed.

    Registration closes and packs are handed out. I open my first pack -- Pory Z Lvl X, Phione (Wish) and a Call Energy. Rest of the packs are not as stellar, but I pull a suprising number of Supporters and Trainers as well as Empoleon, Kabutops, Vapreon. I try to make Kabutops work, but with only one Dome Fossil and no Excavator I'm thinking that its a mistake. So I go all water with 3 (all CFF) - 1Vapreon, 2-2-1 Empoleon, 2 Bunnery, Phione (1 of each),

    Game 1: vs. David John E.

    I start Eevee, he starts Amber. First turn I Call and get 1 more Eevee (no reason to get the second and plug up my bench). T2 I evolve to Vapreon, he get's Aerodactyl up T2 and starts hitting for 30 and fails to confuse. I Top deck a Bunnery and attach energy. I do the math, if he confuses me it's a short game, so I retreat for Bunnery, attach and Extend Ears. He benches a Bunnery and hits for 30 but fails to confuse. I top deck a recover energy so I retreat Bunery, and hit Aerodactyl with Vapreon for 30. He retreats for Bunnery, Extend Ears. I attach the 3rd energy to Vapreon and sweep Bunnery and the damaged Aerodactyl

    Me: 1-0
    Janice: 1-0 (Tortera, Hippo)
    Quinn: 1-0 (Articuno, Glaceon, Umbreon)
    Patrick:1-0 (Flareon, Empoleon)

    Game 2: vs. Girl with a plethera of Eevee

    I get perfect start, Piplup, Prinplup and Empoleon with 2 Mama and 2 Water Energies. T3 I am Dual Splashing and T5/6 I have all 5 prizes.

    Me: 2-0
    Janice: 1-1
    Quinn: 1-1
    Patrick: 2-0

    Game 3: vs. Jeanette

    Open my hand 6 Energies and the non-wishing Phione. OK that's what you get after a perfect hand the game before. To start with this game looks terrible, I top deck a Bunnery, get call energy. She using Drifbloom and hits for 20. I attach to Phione and Charm. We dance for a while and it look bleak, after searching my deck I find both Piplups are prized. Fortunately I get one out and a call energy that allows me to get Phione. I sacrifice Phione for Prinplup (I'm down 3-1). I eventually get Empoleon out and wipe out her Toxicroak, but only after having 110 damage (we're 1-1 at this point). She has 1 energy for Driftbloom and that it

    Me: 2-1
    Janice: 2-1
    Quinn: 2-1
    Patrick: 3-0

    Game 4: vs. Robert

    I have OK start with Helix. He starts with random basic and attaches Call and benchs Zapdos and Moltres (OK now I know why he's 3 and 0). Turn 2, I draw Eevee bench it attach energy to get Omanyte and hit for 20 + 10 to both birds. I eventually get Vapreon out on my bench, but we dance as I can't bring it up as if I do, he's going to hit it with Zapdos. Similarly if he brings up Zapdos, I've hit it enough with Omanyte to take it down in one hit. Finally I get Prinplup up and after Omanyte goes down. I bring it up and let him sit with Eevee as active and hit Moltres on bench. He brings up Motres and knocks out Prinplup. Unfortuneatly I already have another Piplup on my bench and Empoleon and Prinplup in my hand. So with a stranded Moltres, I Dual Splash his Zapados for the KO (I miss that I could end the game by choosing Motres as the second target), but next turn I can dual splash again for 2 KOs. GG


    Me: 3-1 (2nd)
    Janice: 2-2 (6th)
    Quinn: 3-1 (3rd)
    Patrick 3-1 (2nd)

    As a family this is our best finish ever. We pull pretty much everything from MD other than the Lvl X's (no NH Leafeon, Crogunk or Tortera).


    My wife -- for asking to go on Mother's day!
    Ted / Rick / Jeanette for hosting
    6 Call Energies
    4 Wishing Phione's
    4 MD Empoleons


    The rain storm that soaked everyone on the 10 minute walk back to the car

    OK Oakville next weekend
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    Great job, those are some solid numbers:)

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