Have Mewtwo, Raikou, Darkrai, Charizard EX, Shinings and much more....

Discussion in 'Trading Post' started by pacman213, Mar 19, 2012.

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  1. pacman213

    pacman213 New Member

    Hey guys here is a new trade thread just look through and let me know if you see anything you want. Please make the first offer I don't like to check lists.

    Here are bulk trade in values

    .5 points: any non-holo basic energies
    1 point: commons & uncommons
    1 point: non-holo promos: 1 point each
    1 points: non-holo rares
    2 points: RH commons & uncommons
    2 points: holo rare promos
    4 points: RH rares
    4 points: holo rares & holo energy
    10 points: 1st ed. holo rares
    25 points: any ultra rares or secret rares [Primes, Lv. X, ex ultra rares, cards numbered like 148/147...]


    Qty. Bulk values

    New Exs
    7 Darkrai 1250
    2 Tornadus 800
    2 Groudon 400

    FA Exs
    2 Mewtwo 1000
    1 Entei 400

    2 Gengar 125
    4 Mew 225
    6 Feraligatr 75
    2 Kingdra 100
    4 Steelix 75
    4 Scizor 75
    3 Donphan 125
    3 Machamp 75
    2 Typhlosion 50
    3 Absol 75
    1 Meganium 50

    2 RDL full 300

    Secret rares
    1 Gardevoir 500
    1 Shining Emboar 500
    1 Shining Hydregion 350
    1 Alpha Lithograph (look at your prizes) 125
    1 Palkia 125
    1 Lugia 125
    1 Meowth 125

    Full arts
    1 Zekrom 125

    Old Exs.

    1 Charizard 2000
    1 Blastoise 1000
    1 Venusaur 800
    1 Salamence (dragon frontiers) 250
    1 Zapdos (Fire red leaf green) 375
    1 Moltres (Fire red leaf green) 425
    1 Articuno (Fire red leaf green) 375
    1 Gyarados (Fire red leaf green) 500
    1 Electrode (Fire red leaf green) 150
    1 Gengar (Fire red leaf green) 425
    1 Sharpedo 200
    1 Umbreon 400
    1 Shiftry 150
    1 Absol 175
    1 Gardevoir (sandstorm) 250
    1 Mew (Holon phantoms) 625
    2 Jirachi 150
    1 Mewtwo 350

    3 Tyranitar 750
    2 Raichu 675
    3 Mewtwo 875

    Gold star
    1 Charizard 1800

    Xx Shining charizards
    Xx Charizard star
    Xx bulk
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  2. aznsens8ion54

    aznsens8ion54 New Member

    Please CML for mewtwo EX
  3. doubleaintx

    doubleaintx New Member

    CML for YOUR
    Mewtwo EX
    N FA

    Last edited: Mar 24, 2012
  4. Madchamp

    Madchamp New Member

    got about 10,000 bulk...do you have any old exs or gold stars??
  5. meghanchu

    meghanchu New Member

    Interested in your:
    x2 Mewtwo EX
    x3 N FA

    Some old cards such as Mewtwo ex and Tyranitar ex.
    A lot of meta (Shaymin EX, Kyurem EX, x3 Magnezone Primes, etc)
    Please, CML for any of my interests. Thanks! :)
  6. Glaceon

    Glaceon New Member

    Do you want RH Bulk? If so, my

    70 UC/C RH
    80 UC/C

    Your FA N
  7. DeadlyAbsol

    DeadlyAbsol New Member

    I need full art N and all of the ex's besides kyurem. I also need secret rare hydreigon and meowth.

    I don't have any of your wants cause I suck, but I do have merch like binders, sleeves and figures.

    Dont like that? I also have tons of trainers holos and whatnot. got rid of all my bulk though o_O got DCE and more holo energies if you are interested, like the players rewards COL energy pack.
  8. platinumwaiter

    platinumwaiter New Member

    I have Magnezone Prime, Shaymin EX, Zekrom EX FA, and 3100 Bulk.

    for starters:
    1100 Bulk
    Magnezone Prime
    Shaymin EX
    Zekrom EX FA

    2x Mewtwo EX

    LMK/counter. I can settle for one Mewtwo if possible.
  9. waynegg

    waynegg CotD Editor<br>Forum Moderator

    Mewtwo EX
    Mew Prime

    Mewtwo EX FA
  10. Gamer1oo

    Gamer1oo New Member

    will u do 3 fa Reshirams for 3 FA N's

  11. Zekrom_24

    Zekrom_24 New Member

    CML for your FA Zekrom and 2 FA N's Thank you
  12. Mjf06

    Mjf06 New Member

    I'm interested in your Mewtwo EX....i have a shining charizard (neo destiny) for sale
  13. The Purple Pro

    The Purple Pro New Member

    My $76
    1 Mew Prime TM $15
    5 Donphan Prime HS $40 Total
    1 Ursaring Prime UL $3
    1 Blissey Prime HS $3
    1 Suicune & Entei Legend (TOP) UL $4
    1 Suicune & Entei Legend (BOTTOM) UL $4
    1 Alph Lithograph #4 TM $8
    Your $60
    Mewtwo EX $60
  14. Medix

    Medix Active Member

    Hi man,

    Id like to ask you, if you can trade:
    Tyranitar 1x
    Raichu 1x
    Mewtwo 1x

    for my collectors and junk arms? (thats part of your "good stuff" wants IMO ;-) )

  15. benomac7

    benomac7 New Member

    How much bulk for mewtwo ex??
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  16. zaeden906

    zaeden906 New Member

    Hi, I am interested in these cards:
    MagiKarp 1x
    Tyranitar 3x
    Raichu 2x
    Mewtwo 1x

    I have
    x1 mewtwo ex FA
    cml as well and we can go from there? :3
  17. pacman213

    pacman213 New Member

    Make offer then we can go from there

    Make offer then we can go from there

    Have some old exs I will type up a list and pm you.

    Please make an offer

    Gonna pass thanks though

    I am up for trainers and just a make an offer and we can go from there

    I dont need any more FA mewtwos

    Gonna pass thanks though

    Make an offer then we can go from there

    Make an offer, but I am interested in the shining charizard

    Really dont need 5 donphans or any of those actually, thanks for the offer though.

    How many collectors?


    I can do
    3x Shining tyrantars
    Mewtwo ex FA

    other then that make an offer.
  18. The Purple Pro

    The Purple Pro New Member

    Can you CML for M2?
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  19. Medix

    Medix Active Member

    How many collectors free for trade? 8...and 6 junk arms.
  20. Zekrom_24

    Zekrom_24 New Member

    well I have FA's and Player Reward Collectors I just really need 2 FA N's please if there's anything you would do for them let me know ASAP!!! thank you
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