Have some Boundaries Crossed,Lots of EX's,Bulk/ Want:HP Energy,Darkrai EX FA

Discussion in 'Trading Post' started by Mainejuggalo, Jan 31, 2012.

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  1. Mainejuggalo

    Mainejuggalo New Member

    All forum rules apply.Please make me an offer, I have very specific wants so I don't want to CYL.I will only ship to the US and Canada. US cards only.Mint/Near Mint only.Have Fun!

    Bad Traders-MagnEels


    Boundaries Crossed

    Ultra Rare,Holo Rare
    3x Celebi EX
    3x Cresselia EX
    2x Cresselia EX FA
    3x Landorus EX
    1x Landorus EX FA
    1x Keldeo EX
    1x Cheren FA
    2x White Kyurem EX
    1x Black Kyurem EX
    1x Black Kyurem EX FA
    1x Bianca FA
    1x Shiny Terrakion
    1x Shiny Golurk
    1x Shiny Altaria
    1x Shiny Rocky Helmet
    2x Crystal Wall
    2x Crystal Edge
    2x Gold Potion
    4x Computer Search
    6x Blastoise
    4x Dusknoir
    4x Flygon
    4x Ditto (2 RH)
    4x Scolipede

    Dragon Vault
    8x Dratini 1/20
    6x Dratini 2/20
    6x Dragonair 3/20
    2x Dragonair 4/20
    6x Bagon 6/20
    2x Shelgon 7/20
    5x Salamence 8/20
    2x Latios 10/20
    5x Rayquaza 11/20
    5x Axew 12/20
    5x Axew 13/20
    2x Fraxure 14/20
    4x Fraxure 15/20
    3x Haxorus 16/20
    3x Druddigon 17/20
    6x EXP Share 18/20
    2x First Ticket 19/20
    6x Super Rod 20/20
    2x Haxorus Promo
    3x Rayquaza Promo
    1x Latias Promo

    Dragons Exalted
    6x Devolution Spray (2 RH)
    8x Giant Cape (4 RH)
    6x Rescue Scarf (4 RH)
    8x Tool Scrapper (4 RH)
    4x Blend Energy GFPD
    6x Blend Energy WLFM

    Holo Rare DRE
    2x Milotic
    3x Garchomp (Mach Cut) (4 RH)
    4xHydreigon (Dark Trance) (4RH)
    2x Ampharos
    4x Ninetales
    2x Golurk
    3x Sigilyph
    3x Garbodor (3 RH)
    3x Gigalith
    5x Altaria (2 RH)
    3x Wailord

    Ultra Rare DRE
    1x Ho-Oh EX
    1x Giratina EX FA
    3x Giratina EX
    2x Registeel EX FA
    2x Registeel EX
    2x Terrakion EX FA
    1x Shiny Reuniclus
    1x Shiny Krookodile
    1x Terrakion EX
    1x Rayquaza EX FA

    Dark Explorers


    8x Rare Candy (4 RH)
    12x Old Ember (4 RH)
    12x Cheren (4 RH)
    12x N (4 RH)
    12x Jim and Cas (4 RH)
    10x Twist Mountain (4 RH)
    12x Enhanced Hammer (4 RH)
    10x Random Receiver (4 RH)
    12x Dark Patch (4 RH)
    8x Dark Claw (4 RH)
    10x Ultra Ball (4 RH)
    12x Juniper (4 RH)

    Holo Rare DEX
    3x Volcorana Promo BW40
    7x Venusaur 3/108
    6x Empoleon 29/108
    1x Zoroark 71/108 (Theme Deck)

    Reverse Holo DEX

    3x Venusaur 3/108
    3x Empoleon 29/108
    1x Leafeon 6/108
    3x Zoroark 71/108

    Ultra Rare DEX
    3x Groudon EX
    1x Groudon EX FA
    2x Entei EX
    3x Tornadus EX
    1x Tornadus EX FA
    1x Entei EX FA
    2x Kyogre EX
    1x Kyogre EX FA
    1x Raikou EX
    3x Raikou EX FA
    2x Darkrai EX (Set)
    2x Shiny Archeops

    Next Destinies and More

    1x Mewtwo EX FA
    2x Mewtwo EX (Set)
    2x Zekrom EX
    3x Shaymin EX FA
    5x Regigigas EX
    2x Regigigas EX FA
    2x Kyurem EX Promo
    3x Reshiram EX FA
    3x Zekrom EX Promo
    5x Zekrom FA BW
    3x Reshiram FA BW
    1x Pachirisu CL
    2x Jirachi UL
    1x Tyrogue HS RH
    1x Victini FA
    4x Cobalion FA
    3x Tornadus FA
    3x Thundurus FA
    3x Magnezone Prime
    3x Tyranitar Prime
    3x Gengar Prime
    3x Yanmega Prime
    1x Mew Prime
    4x Celebi Prime
    1x Electrode Prime
    4x Shaymin UL
    2x Smeargle UD (1 RH)
    5x Durant (5 RH)
    3x Tornadus Promo
    3x Thundurus Promo
    2x Zoroark Promo (Foul Play)
    2x Zoroark BW
    5x Hydreigon NVI
    6x Samurott (Ability) NVI
    4x Kyurem NVI (2 RH)
    6x Virizion NVI (2 RH)
    2x Terrakion FA NVI
    1x Hydreigon Shiny NDE
    3x Shiny Pikachu BW
    3x Landorus Full Art Promo
    6x Zorua DEX
    6x Sableye DEX
    20x Double Colorless NDE (4 RH)
    18x Prism Energy NDE (4 RH)
    18X Heavy Ball NDE (8 RH)
    12x Experience Share (4 RH)
    8x Skyarrow Bridge NDE (4 RH)
    1x Reverse Holo Rare Candy UL
    1x Reverse Holo Rare Candy (Holon Phantoms)
    2x Reverse Holo Rocky Helmet BC
    8x Pokemon Collector HGSS
    6x Rare Candy UL
    5x Switch (5 RH) BC
    12x Super Scoop Up BW
    2x Max Potion (2 RH) EPO
    3x Pokemon Catcher (3 RH) EPO
    Tons of unlisted Trainers and supporters. Lots of reverse holo. Just ask.


    Darkrai EX FA
    Pokemon Catcher (Medium Priority Value at $15)
    Holon Phantoms Energy (Water,Electric,Fighting are High Priority)
    Full Art EX's
    Terrakion FA NVI (I value these at $15)
    Shiny Rayquaza DRE ( I value these at $30)

    Last edited: Dec 26, 2012
  2. Politoed666

    Politoed666 New Member

    Would you by any chance have any *s, Shinings, or old exs?
  3. Mainejuggalo

    Mainejuggalo New Member

    I do have some older EX's. Looking for anything in particular?
  4. Politoed666

    Politoed666 New Member

    Celebi UF

  5. C-U elite

    C-U elite New Member

    I have the 3x magnezones
    I like Shaymin Fa ex
    Terrakion FA x 2 NM
    Virizon FA NM
    Cobalion FA NM

    LMK and Offer
  6. Mainejuggalo

    Mainejuggalo New Member

    Gengar EX 108 (small crease bottom right corner)
    Rayquaza EX 039 (promo) NM
    Absol EX 92 (2 very small creases right edge)
    Deoxys EX 93 NM
    Tyranitar EX Delta Species 99 x2 (1 NM, 1 small very small crease right edge)
    Kingdra EX Delta Species 94 x2 NM

    ---------- Post added 01/31/2012 at 09:48 PM ----------

    I'm sorry elite, but what is LMK?
  7. C-U elite

    C-U elite New Member

    Let me know. Just shoot me an offer
  8. Hotwings

    Hotwings New Member

    3x Magnezone

    1x Mew Prime
    1x Victini FA
    1x Cobalion FA
  9. Aymara

    Aymara New Member


    FA Tornadus X 1
    FA Shaymin EX X 1


    Magnezone Prime X1

    Please feel free to CML/counter. Thanks!
  10. Mainejuggalo

    Mainejuggalo New Member

    Hotwings what condition are your magnezone primes?

    ---------- Post added 01/31/2012 at 10:30 PM ----------

    If I can't get all three in one shot I'll let you know!

    ---------- Post added 01/31/2012 at 10:53 PM ----------

    C-U Elite and I worked out this deal:

    His: 3x magnezones

    My: Shaymin Fa ex
    Terrakion FA x 2 NM
    Celebi Prime NM
    Cobalion FA NM
  11. Mainejuggalo

    Mainejuggalo New Member

    Bump, I changed my wants, and added EX cards.
  12. raxl

    raxl New Member

    I have all of your wants. Would you do your:

    Shaymin EX
    Regigigas EX FA

    for my:

    2x Pokemon Collector
    1x Samurott
    1x Hydreigon
    2x Rare Candy

  13. zaeden906

    zaeden906 New Member

    Hi, any chance we can work something out? I have these:
    x3 Samurott BW 32/114
    x4 Hydreigon NV 79/101 1rh
    1x Rare Candy UL Rh
    1x Pokemon Collector HS
    5x Pokemon Catcher EPO
    4x Revive BW

    im interested in the 2 ex's
  14. poke-j

    poke-j New Member

    im interested in shaymin EX

    i have samurott(BW/32)(RH i think), hydreigon(NV), rare candy(UL), 4x revive cml for more
  15. Mainejuggalo

    Mainejuggalo New Member

    If you could do 3x collector and 3x rare candy I would do that deal.
  16. raxl

    raxl New Member

    Sorry, that's too much. I could maybe grumblingly throw in another candy, but not both.
  17. Mainejuggalo

    Mainejuggalo New Member

    Would you do:
    3 Samurott
    1 Hydreigon
    1 Rare Candy
    1 Collector
    3 Catcher
    4 revive

    ---------- Post added 02/05/2012 at 01:13 AM ----------

    Ok. I just don't value Samurott and Hydreigon that highly. Thanks anyway.
  18. zaeden906

    zaeden906 New Member

    hmm.. maybe if I dropped
    x1 catcher
    x1 rare candy

  19. Mainejuggalo

    Mainejuggalo New Member

    What if you drop samurott and catcher down to 2 and left the candy?
  20. poke-j

    poke-j New Member

    correction i have 2x samurott(BW/32)(1x RH), hydreigon, rare candy(UL), 4x revive and im still interested in shaymin EX lmk whatelse u need from my list
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