haves:exs and everything!!! wants:next destinies & stormfront!!

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  1. richkafbsfinest11

    richkafbsfinest11 New Member

    I have a little of everything...I am looking for next destinies cards to complete my set...and stormfront and crystal guardians...thanks...send me what you have.

    next destinies:
    shaymin ex
    arcanine(12) r
    reshiram ex
    lapras(26) uncommon
    kyurem ex
    zekrom ex
    mewtwo ex
    regigigas ex
    shaymin ex
    reshiram ex
    kyurem ex
    zekrom ex
    mewtwo ex
    regigas ex

    crystal guardians:
    ludicolo h
    luvdisc h
    mawile h
    dusclops nh
    kingler nh
    loudred nh
    marshtomp nh
    medicham nh
    venusaur nh
    skitty uncommon nh
    pokeball trainer uncommon nh
    aggron ex h
    blaziken ex h
    sceptile ex
    shiftry ex
    swampert ex
    alakazam shiny star h
    celebi shiny star h

    raichu H
    magnezone h(6)
    gengar nh
    machoke uncommon nh
    dusknoir lv x h
    heatran lv x h
    machamp lv x h
    regigigas lv x h
    drifloon sh1
    duskull sh2


    reshiram lv x
    zekrom lv ex
    kyurem lv ex
    alakazam h
    blatoise h
    charizard h
    gyarados h
    machamp h
    ninetales h
    poliwrath h
    raichu h
    venusaur h
    zapdos h
    beedrill nh
    dragonair Nh
    electabuzz nh
    electrode nh
    clefable h
    kangaskhan h
    scyther h
    snorlax h
    vaporeon h
    victreebell h
    electrode nh
    flareon nh
    scyther nh
    vaporeon nh
    venomoth nh
    victreebel nh
    vileplume nh
    wigglytuff nh

    ditto h
    hitmonlee h
    kabutops h
    lapras h
    moltres h
    muk h
    aerodactyl nh
    ditto nh
    gengar nh
    haunter nh
    hitmonlee nh
    hypno Nh
    kabutops nh
    lapras nh
    magneton nh
    moltres nh
    raichu nh
    zapdos nh

    pikachu (4)
    entei h(34)
    hitmonchan best of(2) h
    electabuzz best of (1) h
    dark venusaur best of(7)
    rockets sneasel best of (5)
    ancient mew h(x2)
    rainbow energy h

    dp promos:
    garchomp c lv x h(46)
    arceus lv x h(56)
    regigigas lv x h(30)
    heatran lv x h(31)
    giratina lv xh (38)
    darkrai lv x h(19)
    charizard lv x h(45)
    shaymin lv x h(39)

    hgss promos:
    raikou h(19)
    suicine h(21)
    entei h(20)
    latias h(10)
    meganium h(08)
    typhlosion h(09)
    jumpluff h
    ninetales h
    shuckle h
    exeggutor nh
    feraligatr nh
    granbull nh
    lapras nh
    Ledian nh
    meganium nh
    pichu nh
    sandslash nh
    typhlosion h
    tyrogue h
    ampharos h(shiny)
    ho-oh legend 112 h

    hidden legends:
    heracross h
    jirachi h
    shiftry h
    chimecho nh
    gorebyss nh
    huntail nh
    relicanth nh

    neo genesis:
    Bellossom h
    jumpluff h
    kingdra h
    meganium h
    skarmory h
    cleffa nh
    donphan nh
    elekid nh
    murkrow nh

    hs triumphant:
    drapion h
    mamoswine h
    spiritomb h
    bronzong nh
    ditto nh
    nidoqueen nh
    sharpedo nh
    Absol h(SHINY)
    darkrai & cresselia legend h(100)

    platinum arceus:
    froslass h
    salamence h
    tangrowth h
    aerodactyl rh
    gengar nh
    glalie nh
    golem nh
    hariyama nh
    manectric h
    pelipper nh
    pichu nh
    porygon z nh
    sceptile nh
    spiritomb nh
    Gengar lv x h
    Arceus Grass form h
    arceus fire form h
    arceus electric form h
    arceus fighting form h
    arceus steel form h

    d & p legends awakened:
    giratina h
    luxray h
    deoxys speed form nh
    forretress nh
    heatran rh
    jirachi nh
    kyogre nh
    regirock nh
    registeel nh
    vileplume nh

    ex delta species:
    latios h
    holons magneton nh
    rain castform nh
    castform nh

    legend maker:
    arcanine ex h
    banette ex h

    mysterious treasures:
    ambipom h
    azelf h
    bronzong h
    honchkrow h
    magmortar h
    raichu h
    abomasnow nh
    bastiodon h
    chimecho nh
    crobat nh
    exeggutor nh
    kricketune nh
    manectric nh
    mantine nh
    mr mime nh
    nidoqueen nh
    ninetales nh
    rampardos nh
    unown i nh
    ursaring nh
    walrein nh
    whiscash nh
    time space distortion h

    dragon frontiers:
    ampharos h
    heracross h
    meganium h
    nidoking h
    nidoqueen h
    pinsir h
    snorlax h
    togetic h
    dewgong nh
    gligar nhj
    jynx nh
    ledian nh
    lickitung nh
    quagsire nh
    tropius nh
    vibrava nH
    xatu nh
    altaria ex
    kingdra ex
    salamence ex

    diamond and pearl:
    electivire h
    empoleion h
    magnezone h
    manaphy h
    mismagius h
    palkia h
    staraptor h
    torterra h
    azumarill h
    carnivine rh
    drapion nh
    drifblim nh
    dustox nh
    floatzel nh
    gengar nh
    machamp nh
    noctowl nh
    pachirisu nh
    steelix nh
    weavile nh
    wynaut nh

    holon phantoms:
    armaldo h
    cradily h
    deoxys h
    flygon h
    gyarados h
    latias h
    latios h
    omastar h
    rayquaza h
    absol nh
    bellossom h
    mawile nh
    mewtwo nh
    regice nh
    regirock nh
    relicanth nh
    sableye nh
    zangoose nh

    supreme victors:
    blaziken h
    drifblim h
    garchomp h
    rayquaza h
    regigigas h
    staraptor h
    claydol nh
    crawdaunt h
    dodrio nh
    exploud nh
    honchkrow nh
    lucario h
    lunatone nh
    mawile nh
    medicham nh
    primeape h
    roserade nh
    sableye nh
    sandslash nh
    spinda nh
    wailord nh
    Absol Lv x

    rising rivals:
    darkrai h
    floatzel rh
    flygon h
    jirachi h
    lucario h
    luxray h
    mismagius h
    roserade h
    beedrill nh
    bronzong nh
    drapion nh
    espeon rh
    flareon nh
    gastrodon east sea nh
    heracross rh
    nidoqueen nh
    raichu nh
    yanmega nh

    power keepers:
    armaldo h
    blaziken h
    cradily h
    gardevoir h
    machamp h
    slaking h
    lanturn nh
    magneton nh
    mightyena nh
    ninetales nh
    omastar nh
    pichu nh
    seviper nh
    zangoose nh
    shiftry ex h
    walrein ex h
  2. Chaos0

    Chaos0 Active Member

    Do you have any Pokemon* (gold star), or any "shining" pokemon? How about any Crystal-Type Pokemon?
  3. Linux

    Linux New Member

    cml for your

    Base set blatoise h
    Base set Venusaur h
    shiftry ex h
    walrein ex h
  4. SMP88

    SMP88 Active Member

    What condition are your cards in? I'm interested in a lot of your ex/dp series holos and rares. I have all of the non-EX or Shiny cards from Next Destinies. Also, are you in the US?
  5. ProfessorJacob7

    ProfessorJacob7 New Member

    can you tell me the condition of these cards? if they're mint condition, or close to it, then here's an offer I have for you:

    my:1x set version zekrom ex (non FA)

    your: 1x fossil ditto holo , 1x dragon frontiers kingdra ex , 1x dark venasaur best of, 1x rockets sneasel best of

    let me know/check my list to counter.
  6. Supe

    Supe New Member

    If you're in the US, I can do:


    Next Destinies
    Arcanine 12 r (is the "r" for reverse holo? I have both regular and RH, so let me know)


    Gengar - Diamond and Pearl
    Pichu - hgss
  7. Madchamp

    Madchamp New Member

    Interested in your arcenine ex, altaria ex, and kingdra ex if mint...have every rare/common/uncommon from next destinies and the reg ex's of all but M2 and the fa gigas, and shiny boar, shiny zo as well. Let me know if we can work something out...thanks!!
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