Haves : japanese..code cards..fates collide..packs wants:xy to fates collide exs and

Discussion in 'Trading Post' started by Rich30rvd, May 10, 2016.

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  1. Rich30rvd

    Rich30rvd New Member

    I also have 200+ unused code cards im willing to trade for the right cards

    Fates Collide
    Alakazam ex #25
    Umbreon ex
    Glaceon ex fa
    Alakazam ex fa
    Mega Alakazam ex full art
    Genesect ex fa
    Mega Altaria ex fa
    Altaria ex fa

    Emboar ex
    Darkrai ex
    Mega gyarados ex fa
    Manaphy ex fa
    Scizor ex fa
    Espeon ex fa
    Skyla fa

    Yveltal ex
    Aegislash 85 h
    Double colorless energy
    Rainbow energy
    Fire energy
    Lightning energy
    Darkness energy
    Metal energy
    Venusaur ex fa
    Blastoise ex fa
    Yveltal ex fa
    Xerneas ex fa

    Flash Fire
    M charizard ex #69
    Charizard ex fa
    Lysandre fa
    Pokemon fan club fa
    M charizard ex fa #107
    M charizard ex fa #108
    M kangaskgan ex fa #109

    Phantom forces
    Manectric ex
    Head ringer
    Az fa
    Xerosic fa
    M Manectric ex fa #120
    M Gengar ex fa #121
    Dialga ex fa #122

    Furious fists
    Seismitoad ex
    Lucario ex
    M Lucario ex
    Dragonite ex
    Heracross ex fa
    Seismitoad ex fa
    Lucario ex fa
    Dragonite ex fa
    Korinna fa
    M heracross ex fa #112
    M Lucario ex fa #113

    Erikas venusaur
    Kogas beedrill
    X2 rockets scythers
    Base nidokingcards
    Blaines charizard
    Blaines moltres
    Houndoom fire
    Typhlosion genesis
    Blaines arcanine
    Dark blastoise holo
    Kingdra genesis
    Azumarill genesis
    Mistys tentacruel
    Mistys gyarados
    Base gyarados
    Giovannis gyarados
    Rockets mewtwo
    Gengar fossil holo
    Misdreavus holo
    Base alakazam
    Houndoom dark holo
    Umbreon holo
    Raichu fossil holo
    Raikou holo vs
    Magneton holo fossil
    Ampharos genesis
    Rockets hitmonchan
    Scizor holo
    Steelix holo genesis
    Lugia holo genesis
    Pidgeot jungle holo
    Dragonite fossil holo
    Porygon 2 holo
    Blissey holo
    Togetic holo

    Shiny gyarados

    English ex's and rares

    Celebi ex bc
    Shymin ex nd
    Dark vileplume holo tr
    Vileplume holo bc
    Serperior nh fc
    Serperior h bw
    Mothim nh fc
    Venusaur h de
    Victreebel nh played jungle
    Beedrill nh neo
    Accelgor rh pb
    Genesect nh pb
    Yanmega nh de
    Sceptile rh arceus
    Pinsir nh jungle
    Masquerain nh pb
    Meganium h bp
    Shaymin rh bc
    Lilligant nh bp

    Chandelure nh nd
    Camerupt nh bp
    Moltres h fossil
    Moltres nh fc
    Reshiram rh nd
    Pyroar h x6 pf
    Delphox h and nh fc

    Golduck break
    Suicine nh neo
    Suicine x2 holos bp
    Glaceon nh ff
    Glaceon nh pf
    Barbaracle rh fc
    White kyurem rh and nh fc
    Manaphy nh ps
    Empoleon nh de
    Mistys tentacruel h
    Kabutops nh neo
    Lapras h fossil
    Articuno rh nd
    Samurott h bc
    Octillery rh bt
    Seismitoad 3 nh and 1 rh bp
    Greninja 3 nh and two rh bp
    Omastar rh fc
    Golduck 4 nh bp
    Floatzel 2 nh flashfire

    Mega mewtwo ex x2 #64
    Ancient mew
    Base mewtwo played
    Nidoqueen nh pf
    Gengar nh expedition
    Jirachi h call of legends
    Giratina x2 holos ps
    Lugia nh neo
    Crobat h ps
    Trevenant x2 nh bp
    Drapion x2 nh bp
    Metagross h pf
    Meowstic 4 nh and 1 rh bp
    Alakazam h Base set 2
    Alakazam ex full art...125/124 fc
    Hypno nh bp
    Garbodor h bp

    Hydreigon x2 h..ultra rare nd
    Hydreigon h nv
    Mandibuzz rh fc
    Mandibuzz nh bw
    Tyranitar h fc
    Krookodile nh pf
    Houndoom nh neo
    Pangoro nh bp
    Shiftry 2 nh and 1 rh bp

    Zekrom nh nd
    Raichu nh magma and aqua
    Luxray 5 nh and 1 rh
    Rotom rh fc
    Zebstrika nh bp
    Electivire h bc
    Dark Magneton h tr

    Kabutops nh fc
    Conkeldurr nh ps
    Claydol nh de
    Zygarde 2 nh fc
    Base dugtrio
    Dugtrio nh xy
    Carbink fc
    Lucario fc
    Marowak break
    Crustle h bc
    Krookodile nh ep
    Marowak nh fc
    Golan nh arceus
    Brocks golem
    Seadra nh df
    Poliwrath nh neo
    Barbaracle nh flash fire
    Excadrill rh de

    Bronzong break
    Lucario h fc
    Klinklang h ps
    Escavalier nh pb
    Scizor h bc
    Aggron rh bc
    Forretress nh played neo
    Magnemite h neo foreign card???
    Ferrothorn 4 nh bp
    Durant nh flashfire

    Dragalge h bp
    Druddigon h ps
    White kyurem rh bc
    Altaria h exalted
    Salamence h pb
    Hydreigon nh exalted
    Haxorus h bt

    Togekiss h full art version rs
    Togekiss nh rs
    Clefable 2 nh bp
    Aromatisse nh bt
    Mr mime nh fc
    Diancie rh pf

    Lugia x2 nh fc
    Raticate 1 nh and 1 rh bp
    Snorlax nh base set 2
    Snorlax nh fc
    Rockets snorlax
    Aerodactyl rh fc
    Exploit nh ps
    Exploud nh fc
    Bouffalant nh bw
    Ambipom nh exalted
    Druddigon nh nv
    Base pidgeotto
    Raticate break

    Lysandres trump card fa pf
    Cheren full art bc
    Team rockets handiwork full art fc
    Base super energy removal
    Base lass
    Random receiver 1 rh 2 nhs fc
    Energy reset 1 rh 3 nhs fc
    Energy pouch 4 nhs fc
    Alakazam spirit link 1 rh 2 nhs fc
    Audino spirit link 2 nhs
    Mega catcher x2 fc nhs
    Shauna 3 nh fc
    Team rockets handiwork 1 rh 3 nhs fc
    Fossil excavation kit 1 rh 1 nh fc
    Fairy drop 1 rh 1 nh fc
    Bent spoon x3 nh fc
    N 1 rh 2 nh fc
    Chaos tower 1 h 2 nh fc
    Power memory 3 nhs fc
    Ultra ball 1 h 1 nh fc
    Old Amber Aerodactyl nh fc
    Lasss special 1 rh 2 nh fc
    All night party 2 nh bp
    Tierno 3 nh bp
    Mistys determination 3 nh bp
    Potion rh bp
    Pokemon catcher 3 nh bp
    Delinquent 3 nh bp
    Bursting balloon 2 rh 2 nh bp
    Max potion 5 nh bp
    Gyrados spirit link x2 nh bp
    Fighting fury belt 3 nh bp
    Prof sycamore nh bp
    Max elixir 3 nh bp
    Psychics third eye 5 nh bp
    Puzzle of time 4 nh bp
    Great ball 3 nh bp
    Scizor spirit link nh bp
    Reverse valley 1 h 2 nh bp

    Mewtwo #3
    Mewtwo #14
    Surfing pikachu another language?
    Flying pikachu another language
    Pikachu #26 another language
    Pikachu #4 another language
    Pikachu #1 another language
    Krookodile ex
    Swampert ex
    Umbreon promo
    Xerneas ex
    Mega absol ex

    Emerging powers near complete set...missing cards #8. 65. 67.77. And #89
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  2. konor

    konor New Member

    Hello :)

    i m interested in:
    Mistys gyarados
    Base gyarados
    Giovannis gyarados
    2x Fighting Fury belt
    1x Greninga brk rh

    i have:
    1x Espeon ex FA (fresh from booster)
    1x DCE XY

    lmk :รบ
  3. Rich30rvd

    Rich30rvd New Member

    hey i don't trade overseas....sorry :(
  4. sylveon_eevee

    sylveon_eevee New Member

    Hi, which sets are Umbreon Promo and Umbreon Japanese from? Thanks!
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