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    So I recently started playing pokemon online and have loved playing it, and was wanting to buy real packs and play at some locals in the near future. I was wondering what packs should/can I buy that are allowed in the tournies amd how often do they come out with new packs? And How do I know when the packs/cards are to old to use in tournys? And what packs that are out in stores that are to old to use in tournys?
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    The new set, Steam Siege, has its prereleases taking place this and next weekend, at least state-side. For your local listings, I would normally suggest checking the Play Pokemon! section of Pokemon.com, though the account servers are being hit pretty hard by Pokemon GO. New (full) sets typically come out four times per year.

    September's Standard rotation will move out all the cards before Primal Clash that have not been reprinted since that set. If you want to invest in packs, look for the sets that have the cards you want, or if you want to play things super-safe for avoiding next year's rotation, you could always try to go in on the most recent two or three sets. Expanded retains everything ever printed or reprinted since the advent of Black and White.

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