BW-on Haxorus

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    Strategy is to get Turn 2 Haxorus for some quick damage. Lots of cards help you dig for Haxorus and Rare candy. He's a tank with 160HP, so lots of healing is included too.

    In terms of attacking, I typically use Sharp Fang if they have between 10-60 or 140-190 HP remaining (to setup Dragon Pulse KO next turn), Dragon Pulse if they have between 70-130 HP remaining, and Dragon Dance if they have more than 200 HP remaining (to set up a 230 Dragon Pulse next turn).

    Pokemon (8)
    4 Axew
    4 Haxorus [BKT]

    Trainers (36)
    3 Professor Sycamore
    2 Professor Birch's Observation
    4 Skyla
    1 Steven
    3 Lysandre
    3 Pokemon Center Lady

    4 Acro Bike
    3 Roller Skates
    4 Rare Candy
    2 Heavy Ball
    4 Ultra Ball
    1 Super Potion

    2 Scorched Earth

    Energy (16)
    4 Double Dragon
    7 Fighting
    5 Metal
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