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  1. treyh37

    treyh37 Member

    can anyone give me a reason to use the fire heatran (6/146) vs the metal one (30/146)?

    i mean they both have 100hp same resist and weakness and their pokepowers are the same except ones for fire and the others for metal energy. but the metal one has 1 less retreat cost and its got a better attack 40 - 100 consistenly vs 40 -120 if you discard all its energy.

    also you think if you had both heatrans out (or two of the same type) you could move 2 energies to the same heatran or will it be ruled as self referencing only
  2. weavile#1

    weavile#1 New Member

    Their pokebodys are referring to themselves so one energy to one heatran.

    I use the fire heatran in my infernape deck.
  3. G-Dog4377

    G-Dog4377 New Member

    It depends on what you are using Heatran with. My Magnezone Lv.X/Heatran Lv.X concept uses the metal one, which is actually really useful early game before I have Magnezone Lv.X in play. Naturally, you wouldn't use the Metal Heatran if you don't run Metal Energy/Pokemon, so the fire one would be your choice.

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