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Discussion in 'Deck Help and Strategy' started by empoleon_13, Jul 21, 2008.

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  1. empoleon_13

    empoleon_13 New Member


    1x Gardevoir lvX
    3x Gardevoir lv55
    2x Gallade lv55
    2x Kirlia lv28
    4x Ralts lv13
    2x Claydol lv45
    2x Baltoy lv11
    1x Dusknoir lv42
    1x Duskull lv11
    2x Pachirisu lv30
    1x Phione lv23


    4x Rare candy
    4x Celio´s network
    2x Rosseane´s research
    2x Night maintenace
    2x Castaway
    2x Cessation crystal
    2x Steven´s advice
    2x Team galactic´s wager
    2x Warp point
    1x Phoebe stadium
    1x Windstorm


    1x Call energy
    2x Scramble energy
    4x Double rainbow energy
    1x Fighting energy
    7x Psychic energy

    Help ..............
  2. Killax

    Killax New Member

    You need help with what?

    It looks like quite a solid deck, it might be wise to add more basic energies, to maximum the effect with roseanne (because to be honest with you atm bebe's and roseanne's are the best supporters, and I think even with the newer sets they will do their job perfectly)

    If you need help with next season, drop the cards that arn't legel at that time, add some more call energies and fighting energies. Drop the draw supporters for bucks (so your gallade can 2hko in later games) and a 1-1 omastar to maximize your wager effect. All this makes your deck a better late gamer so you will once again have a fantastic G&G deck, just watch out for mewtwo's ;)

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