Help to start league in Destin, FL area!

Discussion in 'Pokémon League' started by morganb73, Aug 7, 2009.

  1. morganb73

    morganb73 New Member

    Hey, anyone living in the Ft. Walton, Niceville, or Destin, FL area, I need your help. I recently moved here from Memphis, TN, where they are blooming with Pokemon Leagues, and now live in Sandestin. I looked on for a League and there was none...WITHIN 200 MILES! :eek: I proposed the thought that we should make a Pokemon League! I have serached places and the only places I can think of is Wal-Mart (in Destin), TBS Comics (in Ft. Walton Beach/ Mary Ester), and Comics Direct. I have talked to TBS Comics and they said they would be interested in making one. They also said that they had a league at one point, but many players just kept on going into and out of Pokemon. I haven't contacted Wal-mart, nor Comics Direct. I need help. I can still contact them and hopefully make one. Please help! Thanks! :thumb:​
  2. Tommyboy99

    Tommyboy99 New Member

    Well I'm not anywhere near the FL area (I live in CT) but I've been waiting aroudn 5-6 years now before I turn 18 to start my own league and finally I'm turningof age in a month and am trying to start one up at a Toy's R Us that used to have one back when pokemon wasin it's prime around 10 years ago, so I know exactly what your going through. It helps when you have a group of friends on the sme page wanting to help you.
  3. morganb73

    morganb73 New Member

    Yeah, I figured. I don't have a Toys R Us by me. A group of people would be good so I put this up to see if there were any in the Middle O' Nowheres, FL :p. I am talking to the boss of this place to see if he will hold a Pokemon League. I will know by Tuesday, then I can go advertise for players. ^.^
  4. waynegg

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    before you start advertising for players, you may want to go to go-pokemon and register for a league. after your approval, advertise for players. nothing would kill a league faster than getting a bunch of new people together and having no prizes to distribute.
  5. dragon2pol

    dragon2pol New Member

    is Ft. Walton, Niceville, or Destin close to ocala thats where i live now i just moved from orlando because if so i can help you out

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    lz never mind its to fare now i remember that are sorry cant help
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  6. morganb73

    morganb73 New Member

    Waynegg: I know that I should register online for a league. I am just trying to find a place and some people to help/ hold one. After I get the prizes and "advertising" stuff, I would advertise for players to come in.
  7. morganb73

    morganb73 New Member

    URGG! The guy I need to talk to is NEVER in the store when I call! D:<
    I called today and the staff there said he will be there tomorrow...
  8. morganb73

    morganb73 New Member

    I have a meeting with the owner at TBS Comics, the place where they want to hold the 1st NW Florida league. They need a League Runner and a PTO. NOW its time to advertise! ^_^
  9. TOAMS

    TOAMS New Member


    I know that it has been quite a while since you posted this thread but I was wondering if you ever got anywhere with setting up the league. I live in Niceville, Fl which is not far from you and would be interested in joining up or helping start one up. I also know a few others in the area who play the tcg and video games competitively who would be interested as well.

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