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Discussion in 'Deck Help and Strategy' started by Pok'emaniac, Aug 30, 2003.

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  1. Pok'emaniac

    Pok'emaniac New Member

    These are the cards I have:

    1 Scyther
    Ex 1 Lapras
    Ex 1 Chansey Ex
    2 Taillow (Tcg)
    1 Cleffa (Skyride Or Aquaplolis)
    1 Clefairy
    1 Tauros (Legendary)
    2 Dratini
    1 Farfetck'd (Skyride Or Aquaplolis)
    1 Snorlax (Skyride Or Aquaplolis)
    3 Staryu
    1 Zubat
    1 Carvanha (Skyride Or Aquaplolis)
    1 Shroomish (Tcg)
    1 Goldeen (Skyride Or Aquaplolis)
    2 Seaking
    1 Dark Dragonair (Legendary)

    1 Potion Enregy
    1 Full Heal Energy
    1 Recycle Energy
    1 Rainbow Energy
    2 Potions
    1 Switch
    1 Boss's Way
    1 Juggler
    2 Gust Of Wind
    1 Challenge
    1 Nightly Garbage Run

    12 Water Energy
    11 Grass Energy

    See if you can find another weakness for me!
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  2. dkates

    dkates New Member

    Your post is extremely disorganized, so it's tough to figure our what you have, but let's see. For starters, especially when you count the Special Energies as Energies (which you should), you have almost twice as many Energy as you should. Also, your Pokemon are unfocused and disconnected. You have about the right number -- 20 is a little high, but not outrageous -- you just need to get them focused. I really don't have a starting point from which to give more tips.
    Rules of thumb:
    - Not counting basics, no more than 3 Evolution lines should be in most decks, and at most, one of these may be Stage 2. In Unlimited, stay away from Stage 2's. When you have Stage 2's, count it as if it were two Evolution lines for this rule. In any case, be it Basic, Stage 1, or Stage 2, you'll almost always want at least 2 of the highest stage. Never have more of a higher stage than a lower, unless the Stage 2 is the one with the higher number and you're using Breeders.
    - Unless we're talking about an extremely rogue deck like Dark Vileplume, you'll want about 14-18 Pokemon, 13-19 (preferably 15-18, in most cases) Energy, and 24+ Trainers, preferably 28+. Trust me, this tends to make a deck a lot more reliable.
    - Avoid singles. The only exceptions one should make to this rule are Town Volunteers and Stadium cards. Having 2 of a card actually more than doubles your chances of drawing it compared to a single, and that's even without taking Prizes into account.
    - Always make sure you have ways to: draw cards/change your hand; move cards from the discard pile to your deck/hand; search your deck for needed cards; and disrupt your opponent.
    - Always go for reliability. A deck's no good if it takes a lot of luck to get the strategy going. This means, among other things, that you should avoid effects that rely on a coin flip, unless that's the only way to get that effect.
    - Whenever you put a card into a deck, ask yourself, "How will this card help me? Is there another card that would work better? Is it reliable? How does this card work together with the rest of the deck?"
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  3. Tails

    Tails New Member

    Dkates is right, in MOST cases you want to avoid singles, if at all possible. If you really want lots of singles, make sure that they're absolute BOMBS, otherwise, forget about it. Including lots of singles also makes your deck more unpredictable, which is both a good and bad thing. Opponents can't prophesize (SP?) cards, but, then again, neither can you.

    You have 3 EX. Lots of power, but don't forget the price.

    Rainbow Energy: Drop it. With two colors like that, an Energy Search is much more efficient, and without the damage, to boot.

    Looking at your Poké, Farfetch'd, Shroomish and Zubat aren't doing you too much. Maybe dropping Farfetch'd and Zubat for a pair of Breloom, or another Shroomish and a Breloom? Or you could go the Zubat line.

    Tauros. I know that one... Old card... In any case, with one, trust me on this... you're never gonna see it. Even if you do, it's not all that reliable... Maybe drop that one too, for another Dark Dragonair or Seaking?

    Speaking of Dark Dragonair, if you're adamant about running this many lines, get more of it. Its Evolutionary Light is gonna be a clincher in this kind of evo-happy deck.

    Jugglers are really handy, 'specially with that much energy. Maybe drop your Spec energy, save for Recycle, for more?

    One last note. For the E-sets, you'll find a code on most cards that looks like, say... E-15-#. When naming cards from those sets (Expedition on), please list these codes as well, or the card number in the set, if they don't have 'em. :)

    My 2 Warp-tokens.
  4. )v(ajin_ipg21

    )v(ajin_ipg21 New Member

    2 cards short no?
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