Hiddnens Trades DCL and Ho-oh Full and more! updates coming soon!!

Discussion in 'Trading Post' started by hiddnen, Jun 10, 2011.

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  1. hiddnen

    hiddnen New Member

    *** my list is WAY out of date... will hopefully add more cards very soon once i get everything organized and listed!! thanks for looking!!***

    - Will be outta town between oct 7-11. i have mailed out all of my ends of trades and only have ones waiting for their half first. thanks everyone will remain in contact, just not as frequent. -

    The Rules

    1. Thanks for stopping by!!
    2. All pokegym rules apply
    3. US only for now! (unless GREAT offer)
    4. Lowest Feedback will ship first of course and in sleeves and toploader for rares.

    Gyarados 4/123
    Snubbull 82/123

    Wailloard 31/102
    Bronzor 58/102
    Lickitung 66/102
    Ponyta 72/102
    Porygon 73/102

    Murkrow 59/90
    Pineco 63/90

    Hitmonlee 58/95

    Poliwhirl 37/95
    Seadra 40/95
    Horsea 49/95

    Normal Holo Rares
    Mamoswine 5/102
    Victreebel 12/102 x2
    Manaphy 3/95
    Gliscor 4/90
    Aggron 1/102

    Magby 41/102 x2
    Ditto 17/102


    *** High \ ** Med \ * Low

    Current needs:

    GE Prerelease SLEEVES ***
    Darkrai MD ***
    Absol Prime *
    Umbreon Dark Energy (hgss or col)
    Pidgeot RG
    Shaymin UL ***
    Pachi col **
    Unknown Dark ***

    McD Promos (throw ins welcome)
    Which ever you dont need

    Machamp ***
    Magnezone ***
    Tryanitar ***
    Espeon **
    Umbreon **
    Other primes *

    Lvl x (let me know what you have)

    RH Needed x
    Pokemon Collector
    Fisherman (will trade 2 for one rh!)

    Check my deck list. would perfer rh.

    if you have something else you think i might want... let me know!! no problem checking ur list!!



    Primes: (will be hard to get rid of fyi, due to being decked and values increasing)
    Machamp (only for a very very nice trade)
    Slowking Prime
    Blissey Prime
    Celebi Prime
    electrode prime
    ampharos prime
    umbreon prime
    espeon prime

    Lvl X

    cressilia x
    arceus dp56 and 95/99
    digalga g
    palkia g

    Lots and lots of Topps Pokemon Cards. Havent been able to make a list yet

    DCL full x1
    Ho-oh Full x1

    Zekrom RH x3 (will trade towards Grey FA)

    HGSS-On Holo's and Reverse Holo's (sorted by pokemon then number, will try to get sorted by set when i can!)
    lots of hgss on rh unlisted now!! let me know what u need!!

    audino 87/114 Rh
    bayleaf 40/95 rh
    caterpie 57/123 rh
    cubone 60/102 rh
    darumaka 23/114 rh
    delibird 39/123 1x rh 1x lp
    draganite 18/102 rh
    Drapion 4/102 H x2
    emboar 19/114 h x2
    flaaffy 43/95 rh
    groundon 6/65 2x h 1 x rh
    hitmonchan 57/95 rh
    hitmonlee promo 3x h
    Houndour 53/90 RH
    Ho-oh 9/95 H

    latias promo H
    leafeon 13/95 H RH
    luvdisc 31/102 rh
    magmortar 2/95 h
    mawhile 56/90 rh
    Mismagius 28/95 RH
    Nidoking 6/102 H x2
    oshawatt promo H
    pineco 68/95 rh
    quilfish 50/123 rh
    rapidash 8/102 h x2
    reshi 26/114
    samurott 31/114 H
    serperior 5/114 h
    simisage 8/114 rh
    simisear 22/114 rh
    slugma 67/90 rh
    snivy 1/114 rh 1 lp
    Stunky 69/90RH
    totodile 74/95 rh
    typhlosion 32/123 h
    Umbreon 10/90 H x2
    vulpix 75/95 rh
    weepinbell 53/102 rh
    weezing 38/95 rh
    Wobbuffet 13/123 H
    zangoose 39/95 rh
    zebstrika 42/114 rh

    Neo Genesis (lots unlisted)
    33 Electabuzz
    75 Spinarak
    81 Totodile

    Neo Discovery (lots unlisted)
    25 Kabutops
    37 Corsola
    50 Unown N
    52 Xatu
    53 Caterpie
    55 Hoppip
    59 Natu
    60 Omanyte
    64 Spinarak
    65 Teddiursa
    66 Tyrogue
    67 Unown E
    68 Unown I
    69 Unown O
    70 Weedle
    71 Wooper

    Neo Revelation (lots unlisted)
    30 Graveler
    35 Parasect
    45 Goldeen

    Neo Destiny (lots unlisted)
    21 Dark Ursaring
    28 Unown H
    34 Dark Flaaffy
    42 Hitmonlee
    45 Light Dewgong
    58 Unown P
    60 Unown Z
    64 Exeggcute
    66 Girafarig
    71 Ledyba
    77 Pineco
    81 Seel
    83 Sunkern
    85 Totodile
    86 Unown L
    88 Unown T
    89 Unown V
    90 Venonat

    BW mcD promos that i have extras of:
    (will trade even for others i need) ask about mcD toys, have a few spare...
    snivy x3

    T/T/S -
    have lots of staple hgss trainers unlisted! will trade 2 for 1 rh for most of them!

    ancient tomb
    battle tower
    broken time space
    burned tower
    celadon city gym
    cerulean city gym
    cinnabar city gym
    cursed stone
    desert ruins
    energy staium
    full flame
    galatic hq 1 rh
    giant stump
    holon lake
    holon ruins
    ingio plateau
    island cave
    lost world
    miasma valley
    mt. moon
    narrow gym
    no removal gym
    pewter city gym
    pokemon contest hall
    power tree
    rocket's hideout
    ruins of alph
    strength charm
    team aqua hideout
    vermilion city gym
    viridian city gym

    fossil egg
    lucky egg
    old amber

    amulet coin
    balloon berry
    counterattack claws
    curse powder
    energy root
    fluffy berr
    item finder
    memory berry
    metal cube
    protective orb
    sistrus berry
    solid rage
    technical machine ts-1

    Energy related
    energy ark
    energy exchanger
    energy flow
    energy pickup
    energy recycle system
    energy removal
    energy removal 2
    energy restore
    energy retrieval
    energy returner
    energy search 4 rh
    energy switch 2 rh
    interviewer's question
    super energy removal

    black belt
    boss's way 1 1st
    mail from bill
    blaine's gamble
    blaine's last restort
    brock's training method
    cyrus's initiative
    cynthia's guidance
    cynthia's feelings
    cheerleaders choice 1 rh
    department store girl
    erika's maids
    erika's perfume
    fossil excavator
    felicity's drawing
    flint's willpower 1 rh
    pokemon collector
    bebe's search 5 lp
    engineer's adjustments
    emcee's chatter
    professor oak's visit
    holon adventurer
    holon researcher
    holon farmer holo stamp
    secret mission
    lady outing
    lt. surge's treaty
    lanette's net search
    mary's impulse
    mr. fuji
    mary's request
    mom's kindness 1 rh
    misty's duel
    misty's wrath
    misty's tears
    mr. briney's compassion
    minion of team rocker
    rocket's sneak attack holo
    here comes team rocket
    rocket's mission
    the rocket's trap holo
    team rocket's evil deeds
    team rocket's trickery
    imposter oak's revenge
    imposter professor oak
    professor cozmo's discovery
    professor rowan
    professors elm's training method
    professor oak
    palmer's contribution
    roseanne's research 6 lp
    sabrina's gaze
    sabrina's ESP
    sage's training
    team aqua ball
    team aqua belt
    team aqua technical machine 01
    team aqua conspirator
    team aqua schemer
    tv reporter
    volkner's philosophy
    underground expedition
    wally's training

    arcade game
    beginning door
    clefairy doll
    computer error
    devolution spray
    hyper devolution spray
    digger 1 1st edition
    gambler 1 1st edition
    goop gas attack 1 1st edition
    gust of wind
    good manners
    night maintenance
    nightly garbage run
    night teleporter
    power spray
    pokemon circulator
    pokemon breeder
    ruin wall
    pokemon breeder fields
    pokemon center
    pokemon communication
    pokemon retriever
    pokemon personality test
    pokemon reversal
    Pokedex 1 rh
    poke radar
    pokemon flute
    pokemon trader
    pokemon march
    research record
    sleep! 1 1st edition
    tickling machine
    trash exchange
    transparent walls 1 1st edition
    vs seeker
    warp point 4 lp

    balls and pokemon finders
    master ball
    luxury ball
    quick ball
    dusk ball
    premier ball
    dual ball
    old rod
    super rod
    scoop up
    super scoop up
    experbelt 2 lp
    pokemon rescue

    full heal
    heal powder
    moomoo milk
    super potion
    revive 1 rh
    life herb

    trades in progress:

    Freudinio - 1x Espeon Prime, 2x Arceus Lv X, 1x Typhlosion Prime, 3x Flower Shop Lady, 1x Prof. Juniper; the not nm stuff: 2x Darkness Energy,2x Metal Energy, 1x Chansey ex, 1x Clefable ex, 1x Shiny Raikou , 1x Regigas LV.X, 1x Giratina LV.X, 2x Machamp, 3x Sableye, 1x Machamp LV.X, 1x Dialga LV.X, 1x Blissey Prime, 4x Rare Candy - Holo Stamped - Spanish, 1x Expert Belt, 1x Psychic Energy (sending 7-9)
    my - 296 cards from fossil to gym challenge (received, issue with my cards, sending asap)

    mdizzle91 - Absol Prime (sent 8/12)
    My - rh zeki plus 1x dual ball (awaiting cards)

    Shadowleone - Donphan prime (sent 8/12)
    My - honchkrow x2, 2x zora, 2x vullaby, mandibuzz, Horsea ul and seadra ul (awaiting cards)

    Brustwarzen - Gengar Prime (sent 8/12)
    my Base Set 19 cards, MCD zora (awaiting cards)
    Last edited: Oct 6, 2011
  2. Aphotic

    Aphotic New Member

    Please cml for these:

    06/102 Gyarados
    10/102 Mewtwo

    19 Dark Arbok (W Rare)
    14 Dark Weezing

    Lt Surges Fearow

  3. hiddnen

    hiddnen New Member

    Donphan prime, 2x fisherman. Maybe more. Still working on my have and want list. Have some Jpn and other foreign cards you may be interested in also.

    ---------- Post added 06/10/2011 at 10:00 PM ----------

    ***added neo sets***
  4. Swordfish1989

    Swordfish1989 New Member

    bebe search x4 (all the holographic cool looking league promo ones)
    lux ball x2
    Warp Point x5 (4 arel league promo, 1 isn't)
    VS Seeker
    Expert belt x2 (1 I think is league promo)
    Premier Ball

    #13 Raikou?
    Last edited: Jun 10, 2011
  5. Wicked Hunter

    Wicked Hunter New Member

    Hi, are any of the Base Set, Jungle & Fossil Sets 1st Edition?
    If so witch of them are?
  6. hiddnen

    hiddnen New Member

    Let me ponder on it, it's tempting...
  7. hiddnen

    hiddnen New Member

    Updated list with 1st editions.
  8. Swordfish1989

    Swordfish1989 New Member

    I can add:
    Pokemon Circulator
    Potion x2
    Roseanne's Research

    The Raikou is the last card I need to finish my Neo rev set :D
  9. Monkeylad

    Monkeylad Active Member

    bebe searchx4
    lux ballx2
    vs sekkerx1
    junk armx6
    potionx5 or so
    warp pointx2

    Jungle Set
    11 Snorlax 1st edition
    12 Vaporeon 1st edition

    Neo Revelation
    13 Raikou

    Lmk what we can work out, also feel free to check my list for others. Thanks!
  10. hiddnen

    hiddnen New Member

    Very similar to other guys offer... Let me check ur list cause EBay completed auctions are showing snor at 2-3, vaporeon at 15 and raikou from 15-20...
  11. Swordfish1989

    Swordfish1989 New Member

    I still have to check the rest of my collection, but I found these I can also add:

    2 more Warp Points
    1 Night Maintenance
    1 Pluspower
    1 Defender

    Which brings my total offer to:

    bebe search x4 (all the holographic cool looking league promo ones)
    lux ball x2
    Warp Point x7 (4 arel league promo, 3 are normal)
    VS Seeker
    Expert belt x2 (1 I think is league promo)
    Premier Ball
    Pokemon Circulator
    Potion x2
    Roseanne's Research
    Night Maintenance

    Just for the Raikou
  12. CardCollector101

    CardCollector101 New Member

    i have


    2x Potion
    1x Dual Ball
    1x Energy Retrieval
    1x Expert Belt


    Lt. Surge's Electebuzz (JPN)(Gym Heroes)
    Raikou (Neo Revelation)
  13. BlastBurn

    BlastBurn New Member

    Bliss prime

    #13 Raikou
    And maybe a couple more cards I like
    Posted with Mobile style...
  14. hiddnen

    hiddnen New Member

    You wanting me to add to raikou (>$15) for a $3 prime? Thanks but I'll pass...
  15. hiddnen

    hiddnen New Member

    no thanks.

    I'm liking ur offer the best... Anything else u can find? Mime jrs, wife wants cards related to an eevee deck??, and whatever u think u can do.
    Last edited: Jun 11, 2011
  16. CardCollector101

    CardCollector101 New Member

    what about just the Lt. Surge's Electabuzz
  17. hiddnen

    hiddnen New Member

    Check your pms please.
  18. hiddnen

    hiddnen New Member

    Check pms. U have counter
  19. DeadlyAbsol

    DeadlyAbsol New Member

    Neo Revelation
    13 Raikou

    please CML

    Trainers: (wanting to keep most trainers hgss-on) but local leauge is also unlimited.
    tgi power spray
    cynthia's feelings
    tgi poke turn
    cyru's conspiracy
    bebe search
    lux ball
    plus power
    dual ball
    vs sekker
    moonlight stadium
    junk arm
    copy cat
    engineeers adjust
    premier ball
    warp point
  20. hiddnen

    hiddnen New Member

    Thanks. Deal currently pending for it. Will let u know if it doesnt go thru!
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