High Point NC and Fort Mill SC reports ... Family Style & with decklist!

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    9-23-2007 High Point NC

    So all week I’m planning on playing FlyVire. My sons, Will & Jon, are set on their decks as well with Magmortar & Walrein respectively. The Mortar deck is nice and the Walrein deck is flippy ... with couple of double heads on Freeze-Up it’s can win against literally anything IMHO ... and even without that it’s good.

    However I end up doing a ton of testing on Mario and a few other things and my slapped together on Thursday Blissey deck just seems to do really well against everything I test it against. So on Friday night I decide that Blissey is what I’ll be playing. I stay up late & type all the decks up in the editable decklist.

    So Saturday rolls around & we take off. It’s just the boys and I since my wife is visiting her folks. We roll out of Charlotte around 9:40 and arrive in High Point around 11. Turnout is good. Juniors are playing 4 rounds and have a top 2 cut. Masters have 5 rounds and a top 4.

    Round 1

    I play one Kevin Nance & he’s running DuskQueen. I get an early Blissey going, hit heads on an ER2 or two, use WP to disrupt him, and just steamroll his deck. He literally has no chance to set up. However it was a real pleasure playing him and he was kind enough to wish me luck much later on in the day. I have nothing but the greatest respect for both Nances.

    Both boys win their matches as well. Everyone is off to a good start.

    Records me 1-0, Will 1-0, & Jon 1-0

    Round 2

    I play Adam W who is running a Lucario-Empoleon variant. I start Mime Jr. of all things, and don’t want to attack because I’m holding Boost and some nice trainers. But I probably should have as it turns out since I didn’t have much of a bench and he gets TGW on T2 or 3. The slow start plus loosing two games of RPS, including that critical first one, doomed me. This was the only game where weakness came into play. I take 3 prizes, mainly due to early Boosts, but he just wins. Good game!

    Will lost his game as well, but Jon got the win.

    Records me 1-1, Will 1-1, & Jon 2-0


    Wendy’s ... Frosties for the WIN!

    Round 3

    I play Chelsea B. Last season she T2ed me with Latias ex d at Regionals, so I was hoping to give her a better game this time around. She was running Empoleon. I got off to another really strong start and just rolled through her basics one by one for the most part. I take all 6 prizes.

    Both Jon and Will loose. Will isn’t very happy with the way things are going for him, but Jon is still doing OK even with the loss. Will and I have a little pep talk and he feels a bit better after that.

    Records me 2-1, Will 1-2, & Jon 2-1

    Round 4

    I’m facing a fun deck featuring Mr. Mime and Mismagius. The strat is to use Mime to force your foe to load up on energy and then just pound them with ‘Magius who does damage based on the amount of energy attached to the opponent. Sadly I didn’t get my opponent’s name. I hadn’t tested against the deck but had seen the idea & knew that it could be a potential problem for Blissey who can easily end up with 5+ energy attached for the auto ‘Magius KO. However my deck’s speed, and more than a bit of luck, overwhelms the other deck. He never gets a Mismagius set up and gets precious little energy to stick due to bad draws and ER2. Most frustrating for him, I think, was that he just couldn’t draw into supporters. I tear through Mimes and Misdreavus FTW.

    Will gets the bye, and is more than happy to sit the last round out. He has fun just looking around the store and talking to some of his friends as they finish their games. Jon wins and makes top cut! His first!

    Records me 3-1, Will 2-2 (for #6 of 9), & Jon 3-1 (top cut)

    Round 5

    Another Empoleon, and a REALLY nice one being run by Jacob B. He’s 4-0 at this point so I get ready for a tough matchup. However early boosts & hitting one of my two ER2s really put him in the hole and I tear though a lot of basics. When he finally gets an Empoleon up and KOs my first Blissey I have another one with energy already attached and boost in hand FTW.

    We have four folks who are 4-1 and we all make top cut. I’m seeded #2. It’s my first time as well.

    Jon is still playing but by my quick glance it appears that things aren’t going well for him just based on prize count. Will is having loads of fun with his other poke-pals.

    Top Cut #2 seed vs #3.

    I’m paired with Ben T who is running a very creative Luxray deck. Game 1 I get off to a strong start and take 5 quick prizes. Ben concedes to move on to game 2. In that one I get a Mr. Mime start and have incredible trouble getting a hand. I get little energy and less Pokemon. I have Mime & 2 Chanseys for the longest time and frustrate Ben with something like 4-5 heads rolls on Scrunch up. But all my Scrunch rolling was basically useless. He sets up in the absence of a credible threat from my deck and just steamrolls me later in the game. We start game 3 with 15 minutes left on the clock. I get a really strong start and take 3 quick prizes but just stall out after that. He’s set to KO my active Blissey on his turn and I have two Chanseys on the bench but nothing useful in my 3 card hand ... and time is called. He KOs the Blissey but still gets the loss due to my prize lead. No idea how this would have turned out if we had had more time. I think that he might have been able to pull out the win, but it’s hard to tell. Anyway I had lots of fun with these three games and was glad to have played Ben and seen his really unique deck in action.

    Jon looses both games against his top cut opponent but is still really happy to have finished second. He’s only 5, and I’m both amazed and proud that he has done so well, as young as he is.

    Records me 5-1 & Jon 3-2 (for 2nd place overall)

    Top Cut – for all the marbles

    I’m facing Jacob B again & he’s looking to get payback for his earlier loss. I mentioned that my deck seemed to “stall out” in game 3 above. Both games 1 & 2 were like that for me here. I couldn’t draw many supporters or get much of anything going in either game. I think that I saw 1 or 2 of my boost cards ... apparently all my good karma go burned on rolling heads in the previous round. I had nothing here and was 0-2ed very quickly. Still it was really fun to see his deck in full action. He has a super slick build and I can easily see how he got to the final round.

    Final Record 5-2 for second place

    9-30-2007 Fort Mill SC

    Early in the week I decide to play Mario and do a lot of testing ... but on Thursday Will tells me that he wants to use Mario after doing so poorly with Magmortar. I’ve ripped apart my Flyvire deck so I debate going with Blissey or a fun Gengar deck that I had thrown together. In the end I go with Blissey. Instead of Mime I have Claydoll (hp) as a 1-1 tech in this one. He’s OK vs Mario and can do spread damage for just one colorless energy. My wife is playing this one and she grabs a Bastadon deck that we’ve used mostly for fun and testing. She just likes the way it works.

    We get there in good time but find out that major traffic snarls have delayed a bunch of folks and end up getting started a bit late, but it all worked out well in the end scheduling wise.

    Round 1

    I’m paired against Robert R. who has been away from the game for a while. I’m not really 100% sure how his deck worked but it had Geodude and T-Tar in it. The weakness is a bit of an issue, and get’s him one KO, but I’m in control all game and mostly just sweep him.

    Jon wins too, but Sue and Will both start off with losses.

    Records me 1-0, Sue 0-1, Will 0-1, & Jon 1-0

    Round 2

    Tatiana M. flips over a Riolu and I know that the odds are against me. Sure enough she’s running a very well built Mario. I misplay early by ER2ing a Pokemon I’m about to KO but I don’t think that it matters to the end result. She had lots of draw power trainer wise and nearly always had what she needed Pokemon and energy wise. She also used a key Strength Charm for a KO that might have altered the game quite a bit. I needed luck to win and didn’t have it here. Props to her and her deck.

    Well this was the mirror of round 1. Sue & Will win but Jon lost.

    Record 1-1 all

    Round 3

    I didn’t get my opponent’s name but he was running Infernacatty and did a nice job with it. I KO some apes and Chars but am unable to prevent him from getting some Delcatties on the bench. Late game he evolves his last & damaged Ape into Ape X and 150’s my active Blissey to bring the prize count to 3-1 in his favor. His Catty ex on the bench is hurt pretty bad and it looks like he has nothing else left Ape wise. I promote a Chansey with energy. I have Boost and TVR in hand but no Celio’s. If I can topdeck a Blissey I think that I have the game. Top card? Nope. TVR ... 1 . 2 . 3 ... I get the Celio’s but no Blissey! It’s basically game at that point. He isn’t able to get 8 fire in the discard for the win that next turn but Flare Blitz's and on the following one he KOs by Blissey for the last prize. Good Game!

    Sue looses too but Jon and Will both manage to win!

    Records: Sue & I 1-2, Will & Jon 2-1.

    Round 4

    I knew that I had no shot at the top cut but I wanted to keep playing and see who else was having a tough day. I end up playing another Poke-Dad and we both have lots of fun chatting with each other. He’s running a rogue Magnezone / Raichu deck and has major energy issues after I KO his first Pokemon ... basically the only one he was able to get energy on. He does get plenty of evo’s though so I have to burn 3 Boosts for quick KOs to prevent him from getting back in the game. His final Pokemon is a Raichu ... with 2 energy but I have the 4th Boost for the sweep. Nice game with a super nice guy!

    Sue & Jon loose but Will is still going strong with Mario.

    Records: me 2-2, Sue 1-3, Jon 2-2, & Will 3-1.

    Round 5

    Well as it turns out Will makes top cut! He gets his deck checked as I’m starting my match. I don’t remember much about this one. I was more focused on Will at this point but the match was REALLY quick. I think that we only went 2-3 turns before I KOed his lone active for the win.

    Sue’s game goes to time but she wins too against the same gentleman I played in round 4.

    I actually step outside the store with Jon to get away from some of the noise and crowding but I can see Will’s game though the glass. His opponent is running Garchomp. Will quickly looses game 1, but comes back strong for a quick game 2 win. Game 3 lasts a while but Will isn’t able to get out his Cess Crystals or Shards fast enough and quick Chomp KOs eventually force him to promote a Lucario with no energy and he ends up loosing.

    Still it was a GREAT day even with my middle of the pack finish. I’m proud of Will for doing so well with a deck he hadn’t played a whole lot with.

    Final Records: Will 3-2 (for 2nd place overall), Jon 2-2, Sue 2-3, and me 3-2.

    High Point Decklist

    Pokemon (12)

    2 Happiny
    4 Chansey
    4 Blissey

    1 Mime Jr.
    1 Mr. Mime

    Trainers (30)

    2 Scott
    2 Holon Mentor
    3 Celio’s Network
    2 Mr. Stone’s Project / Prof. Rowan
    4 TV Reporter

    3 ER2
    2 Night Maintenance
    3 PokeNav
    4 Warp Point
    2 Windstorm

    3 Drake’s Stadium

    Energy (18)

    4 Boost
    4 Holon WP
    6 Psychic
    4 Water

    What I was going for was
    1) speed ... maxing the boosts, TVR, and playing PokeNav generally let me get stuff out fast and start doing good damage early...
    2) disruption free retreat + WP got me a lot of KOs...
    3) the ability to recover from TGW ... Blissey’s power + PokeNav is just SO helpful when you loose.

    Warp Point was also helpful for benching Cess and Drakes + Windstorm was for Battle Frontier & Crystal Beach.

    Mr. Mime was there mostly for stall. The Warp Points helped get him back to the bench without making me attach energy to him. I put Mime Jr. in there because I was afraid of seeing a lot of Gatr d & other Pokemon with attacks that change out the active. I figured that he could make a good staller, Mr. Mime, into a great one. Overall I was less than happy with the Mimes though. They came in handy once or twice but proved to be as much of a hinderance as a help in actual play in High Point. I changed him out for Fort Mill but as it turned out that was a mistake. I think that Mime would have helped a bit more vs the Infernape game than Claydoll did & Claydoll didn’t do much in the Mario matchup even with weakness.

    The final games in High Point indicated just how badly my deck needed some sort of hand refresh. I had more at Fort Mill and it definitely helped even though my record wasn’t as good.

    I picked Scott over Castaway mostly because I had stadiums but no tools & enough energy + draw to not need much searching for it. Stone’s was there mostly to get energy out of the discard in the event that most of my basic energy ends up there and I need some back for the next Blissey ... or if I start a bit slow energy wise ... but I dropped it for Fort Mill and didn’t miss it much.

    * The Reynolds for putting on the events and being great folks
    * M. Reynolds in particular for loaning me a Lucario for Will’s deck.
    * Jon for having great days and playing well in High Point
    * Will for never giving up and doing well in Fort Mill.
    * Great sportsmanship from everyone all day long both days.
    * Monster!

    * Traffic ... stuck, not moving, for nearly an hour on the interstate on the way home from High Point and then all the mess on 77 for Fort Mill. Ugh!
    * Decksleeves
    * Dirty bathrooms (when you drink the monster you have to visit them frequently)
    * My memory. I really wanted to do more play by play but didn’t have a chance to take good notes and was just too tired to remember after both days.
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    vanderbilt_grad great report and very good job!!! It would have been interesting to see how the match with Jake would have gone had you had better start. I think it would have been a slug fest. It is amazing how good a player Jon is for only being 5. Congrats to your kids for both making top 2 cut. It was great seeing all of you in High Point and Fort Mill.

    Your opponent in High Point in Round 4 was Josh W from Winston-Salem area. He showed me the deck a few weeks ago. I was curious to see how well it would do against the current metagame.

    I-77 in Charlotte FTL...LOL!!!
  3. (TYranitarFReak)

    (TYranitarFReak) New Member

    nice report!

    GO blissey!
  4. NoPoke

    NoPoke New Member

    Nice Report! Congratulations to you and your family.

    I'd have changed out the Mimes too, though probably for something with a smudge attack. Piplup/Prinplup would be my first choice just because you are running W energy.
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  5. vanderbilt_grad

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    Thanks everyone!

    One of the reason that I picked Claydoll was that he was a psychic type and all my testing indicated that Mario would be my toughest matchup since I wasn't running Holon FF. I would get to hit weakness this way. Also, like Prinplup, Claydoll spreads for one ... but it can be any type of energy. If I had an emergency and only had water or a holon energy either would work just fine ... whereas I would have to have water for Prinplup. Further if I did manage to actually give Claydoll a psychic energy then later on I could use a boost on him for his second attack. In some of my test matches that worked REALLY well ... but it didn't play out like that in the one game where it would have mattered.

    Not running FF was something of a gamble on my part. I'm convinced that Blissey + WP works better in most matchups but Blissey + FF clearly is better vs Mario & other fighting decks. I went for the overall advantage vs the tech for the bad matchup. Claydoll was along those lines too. I figured that he would be useful against most decks even if he wasn't a total game changer.
  6. fchangus2

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    thanks for a great report. I also have 2 boys both in juniors where they ended up facing each other in round 3 both with 2-0 record. that was tough, for me, that is..... good news is that both made top cut and didn't have to face each other in the playoffs. sounds like your boys didn't have to face each other in these 2 brs?
  7. Prime

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    I have NO idea who you are! lol

    I was there with Tom W. at Fort Mill. If you could describe yourself, I might be able to match your name with your face. :p

    Either way, give congrats to your son for me. It's always nice to read a report from a fellow NC player, and good luck at the future tournaments.
  8. vanderbilt_grad

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    Not these two. They've played each other a few times, most notably in the Southeast Regional last year. It's funny. They both like playing but they hate playing each other.

    Thanks! How's this?

    End of a long day: http://good-times.webshots.com/photo/2896133730059241966DVxToZ

    Mario crushes Blissey: http://good-times.webshots.com/photo/2118466650059241966frdYKH
  9. Prime

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    I thought so. Okay, wow, didn't know you had a Pokegym name. I was the big guy in the blue shirt who said hey to you before the tournament briefly.

    I'm happy I can put a face with the online name now.

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