Holo POP promo list?

Discussion in 'Cards: Strategy and Rulings Discussion' started by Shukuen Shinobi, Nov 4, 2007.

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  1. Shukuen Shinobi

    Shukuen Shinobi New Member

    I was curious if anyone had or compiled a list of all the POP promos that have been made in Holo form.

    I'm trying to get them all, so having a list would be a big help.

    Thanks in advanced. :)
  2. Quatra

    Quatra New Member

    Well i've been working on one. As i keep a list of everything that comes out in the U.S.A. Mind you i'm missing a fair amount, but i do have a lot so far. Here is my current list of the POP's and what's been made holo so far.
    POP 1
    #1) Blaziken (Holo and Non Holo)
    #2) Metagross (Holo and Non Holo)
    #3) Rayquaza (Holo and Non Holo)
    #4) Sceptile (Holo and Non Holo)
    #5) Swampert (Holo and Non Holo)
    #6) Beautifly
    #7) Masquerain
    #8) Murkrow
    #9) Pupitar
    #10) Torkoal
    #11) Larvitar
    #12) Minun
    #13) Plusle
    #14) Surskit
    #15) Swellow
    #16) Armaldo EX (Holo and Non Holo)
    #17) Tyranitar EX (Holo and Non Holo)

    POP 2
    1. Entei (R) (Holo and Non Holo)
    2. Pidgeot (R) (Holo and Non Holo)
    3. Raikou (R) (Holo and Non Holo)
    4. Suicune (R) (Holo and Non Holo)
    5. Tauros (R) (Holo and Non Holo)
    6. Venusaur (R) (Holo and Non Holo)
    7. Ivysaur (U)
    8. Mr. Briney's Compassion (U)
    9. Multi Techninal Machine 01 (U)
    10. Pokemon Park (U)
    11. TV Reporter (U)
    12. Bulbasaur (C)
    13. Cacnea (C)
    14. Luvdisc (C)
    15. Phanpy (C)
    16. Pikachu (C)
    17. Celebi EX (R) (Holo and Non Holo)

    POP 3
    1. Blastoise (Holo and Non Holo)
    2. Flareon (Holo and Non Holo)
    3. Jolteon (Holo and Non Holo)
    4. Minun (Holo and Non Holo)
    5. Plusle (Holo and Non Holo)
    6. Vaporeon (Holo and Non Holo)
    7. Combusken
    8. Donphan
    9. Forretress
    10. High Pressure System
    11. Low Pressure System
    12. Ditto (Mr.Mime)
    13. Eevee
    14. Ivysaur
    15. Marshtomp
    16. Pichu Bros.
    17. Ho-Oh ex (Holo and Non Holo)

    POP 4
    1. Chimecho d
    2. Deoxys d (Holo and Non Holo)
    3. Flygon (Holo and Non Holo)
    4. Mew (Holo and Non Holo)
    5. Sceptile
    6. Combusken (Holo and Non Holo)
    7. Grovyle
    8. Heal Energy
    9. Pokemon Fan Club
    10. Scramble Energy
    11. Mudkip (Holo and Non Holo)
    12. Pidgey
    13. Pikachu (Holo and Non Holo)
    14. Squirtle
    15. Treecko d
    16. Wobbuffet (Holo and Non Holo)
    17. Deoxys ex (Speed)

    POP 5
    1. Ho-Oh (Holo and Non holo)
    2. Lugia (Holo and Non holo)
    3. Mew (delta) (Holo and Non holo)
    4. Double Rainbow Energy
    5. Charmeleon (delta)
    6. Bill's Maintenance
    7. Rare Candy
    8. Boost Energy
    9. Delta Rainbow Energy
    10. Charmander (delta)(EX CG attacks, different artwork)
    11. Meowth (delta)
    12. Pikachu (Holo and Non holo)
    13. Pikachu (delta)
    14. Pelipper (delta) (Holo and Non holo)
    15. Zangoose (delta) (Holo and Non holo)
    16. Espeon*
    17. Umbreon*

    Some i'm sure will be holo in time, but so far. I haven't seen or heard proof yet. Also, some listed with holo versions are based on what i've seen being posted here. But haven't gotten in hand yet.
  3. Skitty

    Skitty New Member

    Where and when did the holo versions of Armaldo EX and Ho-oh EX come out? I have all of the others you listed but not those.(In holo version)
  4. Jason

    Jason New Member

    armaldo ex holo was released not long ago, ask Aggy&Co

    hooh ex was released in europe as the tins
  5. Quatra

    Quatra New Member

    You can sometimes find the Ho-Oh Ex holo on E-bay, Armaldo Ex holo i have yet to see on E-bay yet. Like i mentioned, they are available, but i have yet to get either in my hands. Same with Blastoise, which if i recall was released in a TRU package???? I really wish they'd make them easier to get.

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