Houston, Texas TCG & VG Regional Championships - Oct. 2-4, 2015

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    Houston Regionals October 2-4, 2015

    Oct. 2 (Evening) - Open play and 8-Man tournaments, different prizing, info coming soon
    Oct. 3 - TCG Regional Championship Swiss Rounds / VG side event during evening hours & 8-Man tournaments
    Oct. 4 - VG Regional Championships / Top Cut for TCG / Afternoon TCG League Challenge & 8-Man tournaments


    Marriott Hobby South (Same hotel as last year)
    9100 Gulf Freeway (I-45 South)
    Houston, Texas 77017

    Pokemon rate is $92.00+tax per night / Hotel # 713-943-7979, mention Houston Pokemon Regional Championships for the Pokemon rate or you can book on line. Click below link.


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    We'll have a hotel room raffle drawing for staying at the MARRIOTT HOBBY SOUTH. IF you booked in the Pokemon room block, your name is in the drawing. IF you booked online BUT not in the block, send me an email at Houstonpokemon@aol.com, let me know the name that you used to book your room and I'll add you to the raffle. ONE NAME PER ROOM, THE NAME THAT BOOKED THE ROOM ONLY. If you haven't booked your room, scroll up, all the information is posted in the first post. AND YES, the Marriott is also where we'll be playing, we have all the downstairs ballroom space, like last year.
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    DEADLINE to secure a hotel room night or nights at $92.00+tax at the Marriott Hobby South (where we'll be playing also), is SEPTEMBER 25. Scroll up to the first post for all the information.

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    FAST PASS INFORMATION AND LINK, take advantage of this and stay out of potential long lines.

    TCG FAST PASS LANE will be open Friday Oct. 2 from 5:00pm-9:00pm and Saturday Oct. 3 from 8:00am-9:00am


  5. Team Cook

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    3 things:

    1. Fast Pass closes Wednesday around noon time. Get a Fast Pass, just scroll up one post.

    2. Pokemon block at the Marriott is CLOSED, however you can still book a room at $92.00 if they have availability. I know we've booked about 230 nights for our weekend already.

    3. We have 7 vendors at Houston Regionals:

    >>>>> Space Cadets Collection Collection <<<<<
    "We will have tons of Pokemon plush, as we have Pokecenter and Tomy plush in bulk arriving soon. We will have Pokemon cards, packs, sleeves, deck boxes, books, complete sets, binders, t shirts, toys , coins, dice, games and rare vintage items".

    >>>>> Torta's Rare Finds <<<<<
    "We are back at Houston Regionals for a 3rd time! Vast array of Pokemon goods straight from Japan. TCG sleeves/deck boxes, plushes, 3DS accessories, stationery, apparel and much much more. Also we buy/sell singles as well as purchase bulk pokemon (common/uncommon) cards. Rates are as follows

    .04 common/uncommons...
    .10 rares
    .06 rev holos
    .15 holo rares
    See everyone there!"

    >>>>> Legacy Cards <<<<<
    "Legacy Cards sells all sorts of products such as booster packs, singles, accessories, and also items from the Pokemon Center in Japan. We will also be selling plushies as well for those who are interested. We will also be buying cards as well (prices available at event) and will be having a raffle for up to $50 of in store credit to our booth! If you have any questions or requests on items please feel free to email us at legacycardshop@gmail.com"

    >>>>> Troll & Toad <<<<<
    "Mostly buying singles and in bulk but will also have a few things for sale. See buy list below.
    Pokemon Commons and Uncommons - .05 (could change depending on how many I purchase).
    Pokemon Reverse Commons/Uncommons - .05
    Pokemon Rares - .08 ...
    Pokemon Holo Rares - .15
    Reverse Holo Rares - .08
    Pokemon Ultra rares - 1.50
    Pokémon Energies - .03 (1000 for $30.00)"

    >>>>> Brent Siebenkittle <<<<<
    "We will be carrying Pokemon plushies, Japanese deck boxes, Japanese sleeves, single cards, and other Pokemon related product.
    My assistants and I will be buying NM/MINT bulk for ALL rarities including basic energy. There also will be an exact buy list posted for EVERY English set ever printed!... We look forward to seeing familiar faces and meeting new ones as well. See everyone at Regionals!"

    >>>>> DrifterPTCG's Card Shop <<<<<
    An online card shop specializing in competitive/meta Pokemon Cards. We carry a variety of cards to help you construct winning decks and strategies! Join our streams for live un-boxings, gameplay discussions, giveaways and much more! www.Twitch.Tv/DrifterPTCG www.youtube.com/DrifterPTCG www.twitter.com/DrifterPTCG

    >>>>> Jeremy Borchardt <<<<<

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