How can I change a PM to text and on a word document page?

Discussion in 'Random Topic Center' started by PorygonX, Jul 22, 2008.

  1. PorygonX

    PorygonX New Member

    Can anyone tell me? I tried Marking it as text and the page said done but nothing showed on the screen. Can someone tell me? Apparently my mom needs proof to the person I'm sending cards to and she wants me to print a copy of the final message in the trade deal.:confused::confused::confused:
  2. Lawman

    Lawman Active Member

    Copy the text (holding down left mouse button and going from start to end of document) and open a Word page and paste it. Then print.

  3. Mew*

    Mew* Active Member

    Select text (it will probably turn blueish on Windows XP), then copy (CTRL + C), then move cursor to the document and paste (CTRL + V).


    Or you can just take a screenshot... press the "Print Scrn SysRq" button on your keyboard (found in top row to the right, near the Delete, Insert, and Scroll Lock keys). Then open up Paint (Start>All Programs>Accessories>Paint) and paste. As long as you didn't copy anything after hitting the Print scrn button, it will paste whatever your monitor was displaying when you hit the print scrn button! This method will work ok for backing up on the computer, but it would be a pain to print out. You could try to crop it though.

    good luck, and if you need any more help or run into problems just ask!
  4. Phazon Elite

    Phazon Elite New Member

    Perhaps I missed something, but you can just print the PM directly from the File menu when you're viewing the PM.
  5. drmario

    drmario New Member

    Yes you can but then you get all the extra junk. By copying it to MS word you just get the text.
  6. Phazon Elite

    Phazon Elite New Member

    Well, it would certainly look more authentic than just copying the text.

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