How do I fix bent cards?

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  1. QD4U

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    I ordered a couple Magnezone Prime from trollandtoad a while back and when I got them I noticed they were pretty bent. I don't have a picture to show you but if I would put them face down next to some other face down cards I would easily notice which ones are the Magnezone. I'm afraid they won't be legal for play.

    Anyone got any ideas on how I can "unbend" them? I currently have them sleeved inside a toploader and I'm hoping that will help.
  2. PidgeyCornerFTW

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    Trapping them in a toploader doesn't help, unfortunately. I've tried it myself. What I do is bend them in the opposite direction, but not too rough that I end up leaving a dent.
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  3. bullados

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    Two ways that I can think of...

    1) Press it in the middle of a big book. Think textbook or bigger. Something with some real weight.

    2) If it's bent like "n", bend it like "u" and it should be fine.
  4. hampuse1

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    If you went to a tournament with the card, and the judge thought the card is too bent, I think you are allowed to use a proxy in that case. Can anyone confirm this?
  5. NoPoke

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    Close but not quite right. If you go to the HJ/TO and show them the card that you are concerned about before the start then the HJ may create a proxy for you to use so that you are not knowingly playing with a marked deck. If you just play with the card and wait for a judge to spot the problem then you will have been playing with a marked deck. Worse you know that it is marked which can push the penalty up :(

    If a card becomes damaged during play call a judge.

    Players are not allowed to create proxies for use during a tournament.
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  6. Pikabruce

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    I keep a cardboard from an empty toilet paper roll for that purpose. With the bent card inside a sleeve, put the card inside the roll, in the opposite direction of the current bend. Press it flat against the roll, and leave it for about a minute, then take it out. I find that this works pretty well, at least for a while.

    It's relatively easy to determine which of your cards need to be counter-bent: Hold your deck of cards loosely, with the bottom edge on the tabletop. Look at the deck top. If any cards bulge out from the deck (even slightly), they are too bent.

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