How does this point system work?

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  1. Not sure about wins and losses when it comes to points.

    Lets say someone at 2000 points wins against a 1600 point player at state. How many points would they win?

    Now lets say the same 2000 point player loses to a 1600 point player at State . How many points will they lose? Thanks for anyone that can help me with the math.
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    Wasn't there a REALLY nice explanation of this somewhere on the Gym? I think it was an old News or Feature post. Too tired to find it...
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    The stake is determined by the loosing player's relative rating. The K value is a multiplier (ie a scaling factor).

    for a 400 point difference if the higher rated player looses then 10/11 of the K is transfered.

    for a 400 point difference if the lower rated player looses then 1/11 of the K is transfered.

    Given that there is luck in Pokemon it was no surprise that several high rated players decided to sit out some tournaments last year. The ELO system that we use presumes that outcome is 100% determined by skill.

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