i am looking to buy some cards

Discussion in 'Buyers House' started by modis, Sep 7, 2007.

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  1. modis

    modis New Member

    hello everyone its been a while since i hae been on

    i need to buy cards

    i need mostly modified cards and i willing to pay cash checl or money order, but if you want to sell me something it may be a week or so before i get the money and as soon as i get it we will work from there.

    here is what i am looking for

    any Lv.x
    infernape x2
    infernape lv.X x2
    any playable modified trainers like draw, search, and rare candy
    any playable EX's that are modified
    any cards that are good and playable in general
    blaziken firestarter PK x3

    i just can't think right now but if you like give a list of what you got and we will go from there

    but i do have some money at the moment but i am waiting on a friend to pay me back a lot of money and it may take him a week to get the money

    so if we make a deal please hold on to the cards until i get the cash then we will go from there

    thank you
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    How much will you buy two infernape lvl x's for?

    And how much wil you pay for torterra and empoleon x?
  3. modis

    modis New Member

    i am not sure how much you lookng to get for them


    15 a piece lmk or counter
  5. modis

    modis New Member

    so i can buy the two infernape lv.X for 30, sounds good i i was wondering who was going to send first i will pm you my refs

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