I finally win something bigger than a states! (much bigger)

Discussion in 'National Championships' started by Xtreme Pillow Fighter, Jul 2, 2008.

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  1. So yeah, the morning before origins we go to cedar point as usual... where i dislocated my knee and got to ride in an ambulance (again). Where i got to finally confirm that i am (unfortunately) completely and totally immune to any sort of pain killer... They put me under and relocate it and stick a huge brace on me.

    Oh well... im in a wheel chair for nats...

    I played eevees with no glaceon or magmortar which basicaly has a 80-20 Vs emp and a 50-50 Vs GG

    Round 1

    Clint A. (GG with furret)

    Clint is a good friend of mine... 207 people... play my friend, sweet...
    Well i he gets out a t-2 furret and i use my mew* to copy that furret and set myself up for when he attacks with gallade i espeon lake boundary scramble plus power KO. But he MAJORLY outplayed me by attacking with furret. So i retreat and go agro Jirachi ex, he 40's it, i hit him to 60 he plus powers and killed me CRAP it just went completely sour from there.


    I was crushed, i knew i had no chance of making cuts now with only 1 bad hand/GG loss keeping me from t-32.

    Round 2

    ??? Empoleon gyarados

    As i said im 80-20 Vs emp and the gyarados didnt really pose a problem. i got t-2 claydol and he attacked me first which let me start tearing into him with scrambles. This game didnt take long.


    The Jrs pairings were delayed due to decklist issues and they started to gather and chant "WE WANT PAIR-INGS... WE WANT PAIR-INGS" it went on for about 5 minutes before they finished the issues it was kinda funny.

    Round 3

    Charles D. Sceptile Tangrowth Togekiss

    I went first and called for family and he got t-1 sceptile and attacked me with tangela for 30. Luckily i got t-2 flareon which got me 3 prizes before he killed it, then i went aggro verdant dance and tore up the rest of his pokemon.


    Round 4

    ??? Emp zong or edgar or w.e you call it...

    Once again, it was empoleon so i destroyed it with yet another t-2 claydol ownage. This one didnt last long


    Round 5


    Wow garbage hand Vs t-2 torterra MD. I mighta had a chance but i miscalculated leaf guard so he killed me and i lost horribly.


    Round 6

    Chelsey B. Emp Zong

    Somehow after this game the rumor got spread i said i hated her... I dont recall saying that o_O

    She hadnt played in a year i heard so she misplayed allot and i have an amazing matchup. I dont think yet another description is needed for how this matchup goes.


    LUNCH yummm i went up to the hotel room and consumed a nicely prepared turkey sandwich =D (thx mom)

    Round 7

    ??? Magnezone Meganium D

    I had already beaten this kid in an 8-man side event and i was recently informed i mixed out games up. He gets phion and draw passed till i won =/ sry man

    At this point i was pretty nervous bcuz i knew like 90% of the 5-2's as friends, not to mention allot of them were playing GG, i misplay/bad draw and i lose against them. Luckily i played.

    Round 8

    Geoffery S Emp... with idk (As i said, i knew i was gonna have to play one of my friends D=)

    We both got pretty strong hands, but hes weak to lightning, im not weak to water. I get quick jolteon, he gets quick emp, he dies, i dont. He uses celio and gets another empoleon and then proceeds to smack himself in the head for not getting a claydol. He then draw-passes until i win.

    6-2 YES in cut! =) I had to beat my friend out =(

    I go up to the room, take off my brace and bend my leg some, watch TV and just lay around until 12:30 ish. Then we all lay down and as soon as were all about to fall asleep.. my brother and Chris come into the room and start talking to us and we dont get to sleep till about 1:30

    I get up and put on extra deodorant since it takes me about an hour to shower since im injured and i dont have that much time... I dont think i smelled bad... ok not THAT bad...

    Well i found out the night before i was playing my friend who i was told was using pl0x which depressed me.

    Top 32 Mike D Empozong

    He flips over piplup and i internally exclaim YES!!!

    Game 1

    This game was actually really close, he gets t-1 candy emp scramble pass and i call for family. He starts spreading and i start electrocuting penguins. Unfortunately i didn't get a TSD/night maintenance till like turn 10 or something ridiculous so i couldn't get back jolteon oh and i had 2 eevees prized. It comes down to us both having one prize and his Emp LVX ready to rumble and i only have 1 energy on jolteon i got back the previous turn. So i warp point while his whole bench has 2 retreat and pray he doesn't play 4 warp points. He brings out an empoleon which i try to paralyze incase he has a DRE to retreat. I get tails and he has no Dre or warp point so i claydol for 6 and need to hit 1 energy... Claydol...umbreon...espeon...flareon... WOW will i actually miss an energy?!... ANOTHER espeon... ENERGY yes!! GG mike

    Game 2

    I dont really miss out on anything i need and its 4-2 prizes and time is called so i win

    WOOT top 16, i always lose in top 32 at worlds/nationals!


    Eric (i think thats the name) hes playing pl0x

    I hear hes playing pl0x so im worried. When i sit down he tells me due to deckcheck problems he played no psychic energy, only water. So i think, nice, only DREs and scrambles to attack me with.

    Game 1

    I get a very strong hand and i dont think lack of psychic hurt him much... idk i could be wrong.

    Game 2

    Wow another god hand, this time its t-3 claydol espeon espeon lake boundary umbreon with a castform on espeon. I do 120, bounce castform to other espeon, retreat.. 120 bounce back casty ETC GG Erik

    WOW t-8 YES!

    I look over to see who i am going to play next round and see its either my friend kevin with GG, or someone i dont know with empoleon. I hope empoleon wins (sorry kevin, can you blame me?)

    Yeah so kevin loses and im against another emp zong deck

    T-8 Alex Emp zong

    Game 1

    I do the usual and just shock the fishies and win fast. Nothing out of the ordinary happened this game.

    While shuffling i look over to see who i will play if i win. I can't see their deck only who they are. Someone i dont know (at that point), and garret. Garret has basicaly been my rival all season and i know hes play sausage aka blissey banette. Which is a harrrd matchup for me especialy considering garrets skills and determination.

    Game 2

    I start with jirachi, he tells me to go first and i call energy for baltoy eevee. He gets rare candy emp scramble, im worried. I get claydol and psychic to start psychic locking him and luckily he draw, plays claydol that he cant use cause i pl0x'd him, and passes with his 1 card, no water hand. i attach a PP and 40 him. He passes. I hit him up to 100 now... He gets roseanne for piplup water and 30-30's my eevees. i KO him and the rest is just cleanup. GG

    T-4 OH YEAH!!! and as far as my odds of winning goes I har garret lost and that made me happy (once again, as far as odds of winning goes only)


    Aziz Empzong

    He flips over piplup and i think, YES im i top 2 guys!

    Game 1

    Like most Emp games, nothing interesting occured.

    Game 2

    Once i pull ahead in this game i start asking the judges (who are friends with my mom) if they can spread the rumor i lost, if i won. So they agree (even my opponents says he will help) and the judge holds up that i lost game 1 and everyone was apparently watching by standing on chairs and such so they know hes wrong and they are like... what? i saw him win... So when i win i tell them i lost and they are like w.e i saw you win and im unhappy my joke didnt work D=

    Now im in top 2 =D

    I am once agian informed by friends hes playing gardy gallade so i am even extra worried.


    I have 5 judges watching my game and Mike liesik (hope i didnt destroy his last name there...)
    comes up and tells 2 to go away and makes some joke at my expense which i dont find funny in the least cause i wasnt really in the mood for jokes when i was playing (what i thought to be) a 50-50 matchup in top 2

    Steven Emp zong

    I see a piplup and think, wow... do they really find it that funny to keep lying to me about what my opponents playing?

    Game 1

    I could tell he was nervous due to making many simple misplays, but i dont think they effected the game much.

    Game 2

    After we both shuffle the judges say they need to "Judge shuffle" and there will be no cutting. Great... he gives me my first and only castform start of nationals...

    He basicaly gets a t-4 empoleon and i scoop after drawing blank.

    Game 3

    I ask the judge politely if he would try not to give me a castform start this time, he says he will try hard.

    He gets a small lead on prizes when theres less than 10 left, so i know its not time for games. I kill him with a jolteon to tie the prizes and he comes back with a bronzong which i KO with a verdant dance so now im up a prize and have field control and times nearing its end. After i take one more prize and he sees he has nothing, im 2 prizes up, and times about to be called, he scoops GG steven


    Winning the Sr division

    Having the eeveelutions winning me something after pouring my soul into them last season with speed spread/absolution/eeveelutions/w.e you wanna call it

    Seeing my friends

    I finaly met krazykevin OMG hes amaizng

    Wheel chairs...


    Being in a wheel chair

    Some random drunken guy thinking im his friend since he got the door for me... talked to me for like 15 minutes

    Beating 1 friend to make him get 33rd and beating another in t-32
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  2. mca3

    mca3 New Member

    AWESOME job, Orion! It was Awesome meeting you and the times we had Dissing each other, lol!!!
  3. secretsof2113

    secretsof2113 Moderator Trader Feedback Mod

    Congrats Orion. It was fun judging you and Mike in Top32. I hope things didn't get too sour between you guys. I hope your leg gets better as well! And I hope to not hear about another mishap at worlds!
  4. KrazyKevin 1121

    KrazyKevin 1121 New Member

    wow great reaport u played too many empo's though i should be in ur props be like i finaly met KrazyKevin OMG he is amazing
  5. Bobby

    Bobby New Member

    Ironic that Florida is so good in "Seniors"...

    Great job! ILY
  6. garchompx12

    garchompx12 New Member

    GJ man you deserved it although you did seem to score some pretty favorable matchups in top lol. BTw, its alex, the guy you played in top 8
  7. poke_master2008

    poke_master2008 New Member

    Gosh orion your so good at this little game....

    I can only say one thing.....

    Your grandpa looks good in short shorts!!

    Good luck at worlds!!
  8. Raichu2063

    Raichu2063 New Member

    Bobby malec 1st place nats garrett 2nd at nats then orion 1st at nats. Is florida not the best?
  9. mca3

    mca3 New Member

    Yeah Florida is BEAST, but dont Down side NC, lol!

    I hope to possibly soon make a Indension on the Nats List come the Next Year or so!

    Orion, I am proud that you ran something DIFFERNT other than G/G, that takes HUGE ones, bro!!!

    Good Luck at Worlds, I hope to possibly see you there!
  10. TheDancingPeanut

    TheDancingPeanut New Member

    Is that like a paper cut or something? And why is it capitalized? I don't think I like the sound of this Indension thing.

    Great work, Orion! Rock it!
  11. mca3

    mca3 New Member

    I mean to make my name shown, dude!

    Please, chill! Bobby knows I am Legit!!!
  12. amphyrules

    amphyrules New Member

    Props lil one!

    'you are in the presence of a national champion' :rolleyes:
  13. Shino Bug Master

    Shino Bug Master Front Page News Editor

    Nice job! Your Round 3 was against my Friend Charles D.
  14. metalbird

    metalbird New Member

    Gratz, don't feel terrible that my lil bro got 33rd....... its happened before too, and atleast he gets to try to grind in this year without having to play you. Gratz and cya in Flordida.
  15. luigamaster

    luigamaster New Member

    lol my names spelled eriC XD
    anyway good job winning =]
  16. The Gorn

    The Gorn Active Member

    GJ Orion. You need to seriously rub it in on Eric that you won Nats before him.
  17. Jaeger

    Jaeger New Member

    Congrats, Just remember to Smile.
  18. jrwaxman

    jrwaxman New Member

    Great Job Orion!! Nice deck choice. Maybe Graf can keep the streak going next year when you and Garrett start beating up on me. Hope the leg gets better by Worlds so you can get back to pillow fighting.
  19. BloodDraek

    BloodDraek New Member

    Congratz man, but that was total nonsense that they took you out of your wheelchair for Top 2. And Nice Job Going rogue!
    Last edited by a moderator: Jul 8, 2008
  20. Team Cook

    Team Cook New Member

    Wheel chair, crutches, wheel chair, crutches, wheel chair, crutches? Wheel chair. Orion is so dang good, all he has to do is decide on will it be wheel chair or crutches.

    The drunken guy you were talking about was Vince. Was he short and stubby?


    See ya at Worlds.

    Oh yeah, get a haircut.

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