I HATE Losing at Rock-Paper-Scissors!

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    1st SA Battle Roads, Saturday

    I don't get to use my bro's car anymore since he's back from college so he drops me off at Gamelot.
    Horrible turnout, I think like 6 people in Masters, only enough for 3 rounds and top 2, but whatever. Anyway the only deck I ever play, Speedrill, had been doing pretty good at league and I was too lazy to test other decks so I played that one.

    Here's the list:
    Pokemon (15)
    4 Beedrill
    3 Kakuna
    4 Weedle
    2 Claydol
    2 Baltoy

    Trainers (35)
    4 Bebes
    3 Stevens
    2 Island Hermit
    4 Rare Candy
    4 Great Ball
    4 Quick Ball
    4 Dusk Ball
    4 Master Ball
    3 Night Maintenance
    2 Warp Point
    2 Pluspower

    Energy (9)
    2 Multi
    7 Grass

    So yeah, Me, Frank, Robert and David were the only decent players there I think and here it goes.

    Round 1 vs. Frank (Empoleon/Omastar)
    I go 1st, with a good hand, 3 Quick Ball, Weedle, Baltoy, energy, and Claydol.
    I just CFF to get the Baltoy and end. He goes, and T1 WAGERS ME! And of course, I lose the wager and draw 3 cards none of which helped me. He draws 6 and then uses Phione to setup a Claydol. He ends up slowly getting setup while I get a Kakuna out. Eventually I ended up getting a Claydol, but the next turn, Empoleon Lv. X sniped it and I proceeded to lose miserably.

    Round 2 vs. Torterra/Ape
    Nothing special. I get out Claydol and Beedrills fast and even though he had my weakness with Flareon he couldnt really do anything.

    Round 3 vs. Azuril.dec
    All I saw was an Azuril and I had 2 Beedrills and Claydol out like T2.

    So I end 3rd or 4th I think and I get a free pack.
    Then I go with David and Frank to Cicis and we chill and eat pizza.
    Overall, it was calm and fun even though I grew to hate Wager due to my loss.

    2nd SA Battle Roads, Sunday

    Anyway, I rush over to Heroes and Fantasies and am too lazy to try out my Blissey/Chatot deck so I play Beedrill again, same exact list. Better turnout today and more competition

    Round 1 vs. Ben (Lucario Beatdown)
    OK, so I go 2nd and get a Claydol in hand with Baltoy on bench and some Weedles too. SO, it looks like I can get setup. Well, he goes ahead and TURN 1 WAGERS ME JUST LIKE YESTERDAY!! And what do you know, I lose! Anyway, from here I was convinced I was cursed and was gonna lose. I decided to play it out and somehow I managed to get setup with like 3-4 Beedrills and a Claydol due to some lucky draws. Anyway, it ended up goin to sudden death and he couldnt do 110 with any of his Beedrills, so I eneded up winning. Not sure how with all those cessations etc.

    Round 2 vs. David (Empoleon/Omastar)
    Don't member much but we both get setup eventually. I had more momentum luckily because I could easily comeback from a lost Beedrill where as he struggled to get multiple charged Empoleons. Time was called and he was forced to use Omastar's Pull Down and bring back 2 of my candied beedrills and another one.
    I ended up winning by getting 2 Beedrill out and Warp Pointing.

    Round 3 vs. Vince (GG/Porygon 2/Furret)
    So yeah, it seems like this would be a really good matchup. I get out some quick Beedrills and start owning. Then he comes back with a Cessation Crystal'd Gallade AND I lose in Rock-Paper-Scissors once again. So I'm left with crap and he proceeds to kill a quick 2 Beedrills ruining any chances of me making a game out of it.

    Round 4 vs. ??? (Random)
    All I member about this was he had some insane luck with Speed Stadium and he started with Moltres. BUT, honestly I have no clue what the strategy was and I set up my 4 Beedrills and 2 Claydols with ease.

    Well, I honestly didn't think my resistance was that high, BUT it turns out to be the highest, so I go to Top 2.
    I play Vince again in Top 2.

    Top 2 vs. Vince (GG/Porygon 2/Furret)
    Game 1
    Honestly, I got crap compared to his T2 Gallade/Gardy or whatever he had, so I just scooped to save a lil time.

    Game 2
    I setup extremely fast and own his Pokemon in the beginning. I had tons of momentum and so I proceeded to win the game by swarming. He scoop'd to save time.

    Game 3
    Egh, he had a bad start, I had a decent one. I get a little swarm going, but I don't play fast enough and can't setup enough Beedrill to overcome his 110 and 130 HP Pokemon.
    SO, time is called and I'm down by 1 or 2 prizes.

    2nd place aint bad though.
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  2. hitmonchan93

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    Better luck next time Kyle.
  3. Adam Garcia

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    KYLE ugh sux u had to play one of the best there round 1 =(
  4. Professor Elm

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    Will add props/slops soon and more battle roads as I go.
  5. PokeMasterFlabface

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    Rock beats Scissors!!! Na jk man, hopefully we get to play again this weekend. :)
  6. Professor Elm

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    you are SO SO FUNNY!
    I swear if you play Wager T1 and win again I'm going to quit this game.

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