I need 1st edition, base set, mint condition, charizard

Discussion in 'Trading Post' started by JasonthePwnda, Jan 31, 2004.

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  1. JasonthePwnda

    JasonthePwnda New Member

    I will trade whatever it takes to get this card. First, a story.
    Well, in 4th grade, pokemon was the hot new toy. everyone wanted pokemon cards, and they were being traded openly in schools. and when i saw them, i thought, these are some ugly monsters on some thin paper. but then i saw charizard. it was the goal of every kid to own one. i tried again and again to get one, but i was not successful. i could not buy boosters of base set. i really wanted the fabled charizard.
    So here i am now, in tenth grade. i still have not touched a base charizard in my life. but i was in my dorm, playing pokemon, when my friend and neighbor (kind of) showed me what remained of his pokemon cards. A deck with 24 energy (this was the "magic number" for wotc), and ponyta, rapidash, and a charizard. many scratches, base set 2, creases like heck, but nonetheless, a charizard. and i knew i needed one. it would complete me. so here i am. i will offer tons.
    rarest cards:
    white star imakuni's doduo
    white diamond chansey
    glossy vending scyther
    almost every single ex
    the mystical southern island collection (just the cards/binder)
    many shining pokemon
    the legendary crystal lugia/ho-oh
    almost any card in english.
    yu-gi-oh secrets, promos, and ultras
    a box of ex: magma vs. aqua after i win the prerelease
  2. pokepop58paulbest

    pokepop58paulbest New Member

    If you message me about this card I will give you an email address of a friend that has 1 of the 1st ed charizards. I should tell you now, that he will NOT trade it. He would want to sell it only. If you are interested, then by all means message me. :)
  3. White Ninja5

    White Ninja5 Member

    I do have an extra 1/e base set charizard, but it's condition is only near mint (some wear on the corner and very very light scratches from someone loading it in a sleeve, removing it and loading it again... probably to show it off. :/ The only problem here being that this card (along with about 95% of my collection) is currently in Colorado, and I'm living in Taiwan right now. The good news is that I'm planning on going back for 3 weeks in May, so if you want to work out a deal of some kind, we could prolong the date when we send. Also, are you just looking for a base charizard or a 1/e base charizard, as I'm a charizard buff and have about 40 mint base charizards in my binder back home. I can offer these for less than the 1/e, but once again, we'd have to wait until May to finalize the trade. Drop me an e-mail or message on my post if you're interested.
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