If the next format is E-On...

Discussion in 'TCG News & Gossip Discussion' started by Gh0st11, Sep 10, 2003.

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  1. Gh0st11

    Gh0st11 New Member

    How are the newer players supposed to get the cards? WoTC will stop printing them, and therefore Nintendo will lose quite a bit of business. As I have been out of Pokemon for ATLEAST 2 years, I've been trying to save up meh babysitting money/allowance for about a month now, and I only have $50. I mean, I can't seriously can't get all these cards. So if the next format is E-On, then me(and quite a bit of other people) are scr3wed.
  2. dkates

    dkates New Member

    WotC probably already did stop printing the last of its sets. Either way, you'll have to either find a store that sells the sets you want, or roll with the punches. Or, you could always trade...
  3. meganium45

    meganium45 Active Member

    Oh, please....

    You send me your $50 and I'll give you everything you need to get caught up in EON.

    There are so many R/S decks coming around that it is not even funny.

    Here's what you need...

    Professor Elm, Copycat, Oak's REsearch, Staryu, Starmie, Scizor, Scyther, Warp Energy, Sentret, Furret, boost Energy and some other cards from these sets to fit your taste in deck building.

    Of ALL of those, only Scyther is a rare (Starmie may be...) and all can be picked up reasonably. Heh, I just traded a bunch of playables for cards nicknamed "izard" that were old tonight....some people still want the old stuff.

    If you are buying packs, yes, you are going to be hosed. But if you go after the individuals, you should be fine.

    Sorry you can't play Sneasel Clefable or Slowking for the 4th straight year. We all would have quit the game if had just stayed unlimited.

    my 2 cents...


    Buy an Echo Deck, get the Copycats, trade for the others, and buy some R/S and SS packs to see what you like......
  4. League Leader Terry

    League Leader Terry New Member

    Elm wasn't in any of the E-sets, was it?
  5. BJJ763

    BJJ763 Trading Mod Supervisor Staff Member Trader Feedback Mod

    No but it was a Best of Promo (# 4 to be exact).
  6. meganium45

    meganium45 Active Member

    cute, but isn't that #3 to be exact???
  7. )v(ajin_ipg21

    )v(ajin_ipg21 New Member

    Be very smart with your $$$. Try to avoid retail BUY singles cards of the STAPLE cards.

    OR TRADE here or with people you know.

    Uh know I don't think I worry for NINTENDO New sets are being churned out... that't the biz GETTING you to shell out more $$ for new sets.
  8. NoPoke

    NoPoke New Member

    Well its just my opinion but even if the next fromat is Eon I don't think it will remain Eon for long.(almost rhymes ;)) There should be three sets published in the EX block very soon..possibly before the end of this year for those in the USA.

    The chance for Eon was really under Wotc and they choose not to take it. The Eon boat left a long long time ago. EXon (RSON ) is in port and taking passengers as we speak. So if you want to spend your money wisely I'd advise you to invest in the RSon (Exon) block.

    You can trade/swap for commons/uncommons from the earlier sets if you wish. Unless you are a collector: Just say NO to the expedition block.
  9. Nintenfreak

    Nintenfreak New Member

    Like the Exon Valdez?
  10. Android17a

    Android17a New Member

    Yeah, I recently got back into Pokemon myself. I'm only buying booster boxes in EX and onwards. I've had the odd Expedition/Aquapolis/Skyridge booster pack, but not many. I'm going to aim to get 100% Nintendo once a few more expansions are available.
  11. Gym Leader Blaine

    Gym Leader Blaine <a href="http://pokegym.net/forums/member.php?u=15

    Professor Elm was Best Promo #3 that was given to the Pokemon Professors first, then given out to players at SBZ, in the last league kits, and Origins and Gen Con.
  12. League Leader Terry

    League Leader Terry New Member

    Hmm, in my League, I'm not allowing any of the Best of Promos because only 3 people at the store have any of them, including myself. The other E-sets are still fairly easy to get, but where are new players going to get stuff like Elm and Base Set Electabuzz?
  13. dkates

    dkates New Member

    They're not that hard to come by. There are even places online that sell singles, and cards like those are probably not hard to get.
  14. bulbasnore

    bulbasnore Administrator Staff Member Trader Feedback Mod

    The local Target has Expedition, Aquapolis and even a couple Skyridge. I'm not going to name names, but essetial cards are available on several websites. How 'bout town volunteers, copycat and other essentials at $0.98. You can probably get them on the side for .50 from people selling rares from on E-Bay.

    $50 is about 16 packs of RS, btw. Then there is Sandstorm and Dragon. The key will be to find a deck you like and trade towards it. If you're around other players and the Internet, those cards are available.

    Example. A friend of ours, age 14, just got back in the game. He traded for 4 Pichu from the Neo Genesis set which seems much less available than Expedition. And he got a good Metal Arcanine going on the cheap. Yah, now he has to save those for his Unlimited decks.

    Getting a viable deck for <$50 can be done without forcing everyone who _has_ been buying cards in 2003 to Mothball the whole E-set. Sets should remain playable in modified for at LEAST a year, no matter if the distributor changes or not.
  15. Charizard19190

    Charizard19190 New Member

    Hey, i've got alot of those in base set, including Electrabuzz! ....but for it, you'll have to give up somethin' good....!:)
  16. Otaku

    Otaku Active Member

    All my cards are still playable... just not in any "big" tournaments. Oh well. Sometimes smaller is better. Big tournaments seem to get a burst of creativity that lasts from the changing of the sets to the discovery of the next big archetype.

    I do find it annoying that a lot of the WotC e-card sets will not get their proper time in the spotlight... which is why I am encouraging some of the locals to switch to "block" formats for the older cards. There are some issues to deal with, but as a whole it makes a lot more cards viable. So what if there will neever be a big trip for it? Most players don't get that anyway.
  17. dkates

    dkates New Member

    "Block" formats? You mean like Base to Fossil; Rocket and Gym; Neos; and E-sets, each as a closed system, with no cards from other groups? If that's what you mean, I think that would be a good set of formats.
  18. League Leader Terry

    League Leader Terry New Member

    I don't think you'll have to worry about the e-card sets not getting the spotlight. As someone said earlier, a set will usually stay in the environment for at least a year. Most likely, the E-sets won't rotate out until after the 3 EX sets at least.
  19. davechri

    davechri New Member

    I was in a store in South Florida that was selling trainers (Copycat, Town Volunteer, Prof Elm's Training Method, etc.) for $0.25 each. Really great deal. I think you can find things around still.
  20. Gh0st11

    Gh0st11 New Member

    Thanks guys for all the help. I just recently spent my $50(on magic, packs are cheaper. don't get me wrong, i only go to MTG tournaments when they're booster drafts, so i'm in no way switching over to MTG.) I am getting a job in about 1 month and a half, so the money I make there should be sufficient to get a few boxes of the Nintendo sets. By then, since I live in Wyoming and there is nothing remotely related to Pokemon anywhere around here, the format will probably be just Nintendo cards.

    By the way, a little off subject though, do any of you guys get Scrye? I just bought my first one tonight, and to me it's a ripoff for $30 a year with 95% of it being freakin' ads. Tell meh what ya think.
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